About Me

About Me

Hi my name is Mike and I am the creator of affiliatemarketinggateway.com.

In the last 10 years that I have worked online, I have seen a host of different techniques, products and services pitched as the solution for people looking to make income online. Most of these products, services and techniques are simply get rich quick schemes that prey upon a lack of knowledge, they offer very little income potential if any. I have also seen many changes to how affiliate marketing is done, the proven method of income generation that I have personally used to make my income online for the past 10 years.

I created this site so that I could offer people legitimate information that they can use as a resource,  allowing them to make informed decisions on products and services related to affiliate marketing.

On A Personal Note….

I am not going to waste much of your valuable time, just enough to let you know a little about myself and why you can trust the information that I provide. I am a proud father of three,  and an equally proud grandfather of two.

I love to fish, golf, play soccer and travel with my lovely wife,  which you will see hints of throughout this website. Affiliate marketing has allowed me to live a truly blessed life, an experience I hope you all can share in.

My Affiliate Marketing Background…

I got my start in affiliate marketing in 2010 with literally zero experience, didn’t even know how to send an email when I first started looking at the internet for income opportunities. Since that time I have created multiple websites in various niches, achieving some pretty good success in the process. I will be honest, for a hands on type of guy like me, meat manager, Excavating company owner, the learning curve was a bit steep, hell it was really steep!  I was fortunate to find some quality training over the years, and even more important, a lot of good support and a few helpful mentors.

I now make a nice income online promoting affiliate products. One common trait that is consistent with all my affiliate sites are, I don’t endorse or promote anything I personally wouldn’t use, nor do I promote or recommend products just to make money. You won’t find any products or services approved or recommended on this site that aren’t useful, have potential, or necessary for making money online. You can be guaranteed that my recommendations stem from a “blue collar mentality”  I  have scraped and worked hard to provide for my family in my years prior to finding affiliate marketing. I don’t take for granted how hard you have worked for your money. My recommendations and approval of products are based on my personal knowledge and experiences of what I feel is truly needed to make money online.

 I believe that dedication, commitment and work ethic played a critical role in my success as an affiliate marketer, something you will need to draw upon if you are looking to find your success online.

Deceptive sales pitches, hyped up techniques and overpriced services will be the obstacles you will need to navigate before you can make your income online. Don’t buy into any push button programs or automated services/products that tell you that making money online should be effortless. I can save you a lot of time and money by saying this couldn’t be further from the truth. Affiliate marketing can and is for many a very lucrative income opportunity, but it takes work, there’s no free ride or coasting.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

One last thing, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get into affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing training and service providers that will want you to believe that they offer a premium product or service, therefore they can charge a premium price, this is a marketing trick.

I have participated online as an affiliate marketer for under $30 a month for years now, earning thousands a month in online income in the process. Included in my monthly fee is everything I need to earn and continue to learn. There are so many self professed “Guru’s” that will charge you a small fortune for mentorship/membership and services, trust me, it’s not necessary to pay high fees. Loading yourself up with high monthly tool and service fees will only lead to your failure online. Keep it simple, don’t buy unnecessary tools or services. I use only a handful of services and tools that I pay for, everything else I source out for free!

I welcome any questions, comments (good or bad). I also offer free help and advice, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help or throw any questions you may have my way, there is no such thing as a stupid question!

Enjoy the site, talk soon Mike.