My #1 Rated Affiliate Training Platform

Today I am doing a quick rundown of Wealthy Affiliate, an Affiliate training platform that gave me my start online and helped me build a lucrative affiliate marketing business that has provided my family with income and a lifestyle that we could only have dreamed of, so lets get started!!!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the leading provider of Affiliate Marketing Training online. WA offers everything you need to find success online all under one roof. Everything from secure website hosting, WordPress website building platform, step by step website building training where they hold your hand from start to finish, there’s literally nothing you can’t learn or get help with through WA’s affiliate marketing training platform. With a membership that surpasses 2 million members there’s not an affiliate marketing training offer that can match Wealthy Affiliates. If your looking for a place that cuts out all the noise and will get you from knowing nothing about making money online to earning your first pay check WA is the answer for you. 

If your an experienced marketer looking for the most current training and tools that will help give you the leg up on your competition you will need to look no further than Wealthy Affiliate to help you grow your business with the most advanced training options.

I personally haven’t found a platform online that compares to what Wealthy Affiliate offers it members. Over the years wealthy Affiliate has invested heavily in staying as current and relevant as they can given the ever changing landscape of working online.

Wealthy Affiliate has sought out some of most talented and brightest in the affiliate marketing arena. Some of the top affiliate marketers now reside inside Wealthy Affiliate offering the most advanced training in areas such as Youtube creation and conversion to running highly profitable Pay Per Click campaigns or producing high ranking websites that will be seen by thousands of potential customers using the most current SEO strategies. 

If you have no clue on what SEO, PPC, or Youtube creation is don’t worry!!! Wealthy Affiliate can take the most inexperienced person and make them into an online superstar in a matter of months. I literally couldn’t send an email when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

Here are a few screen shots that will give you just a snippet of some of the thousands of training videos (classrooms) and training topics that will appeal to the most experienced marketers or courses like the (online Entrepreneur certification) created to take the basic newbie form the very beginning to earning your first pay check.

Above is a small sample of training options offered at WA that will take you by the hand and start the process of making a beginner into an income earner online.

Take a closer look inside Wealthy Affiliate here!

Above is just a tiny snippet of training that may appeal to a member looking learn the in’s and out’s of creating a popular Youtube channel. There is literally no affiliate marketing topic or strategy that isn’t explored on Wealthy Affiliates platform.

Who Will Benefit From A Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Wealthy Affiliate has something for everyone. If you are green as the grass as I was when I first broke into Affiliate Marketing or a seasoned affiliate marketer, WA offers everything under one roof.

There was a time where I wasn’t confident in saying that Wealthy Affiliate had the most up to date training but that has long passed with the massive investment that WA has put into staying on the cutting edge of affiliate marketings ever changing landscape. I can honestly say I am so impressed with all the live classes, training options , website creation tools and personal support given from WA members and staffers alike.

What Does WA Offer For Support?

I must admit the learning curve when starting out in Affiliate Marketing can be pretty steep especially when you start out like I did as green as they get. A blue collar worker all my working life I had zero experience with a computer and had little experience navigating the online world. Without Wealthy Affiliates support options I know for sure I wouldn’t have made it to the point where I am today, making money online.

Like many who choose to participate in affiliate marketing I started with limited time to work on my online business due to my commitment to my day job. I didn’t have time to sit around and wait for someone to lend me a hand hours down the road, I only had a few hours a day to work on my affiliate business and didn’t want to loose the momentum I was enjoying. I can say from experience there is no more frustrating thing than to wait for days to get help with a problem that could quickly be resolved with timely help. I am here to say you won’t have to wait for help inside Wealthy Affiliate!!!

Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of support options ranging from live chat where you can get immediate help from members or staffers right up to the owners of WA that are always engaged in the community.

Community Ambassadors

Wealthy Affiliate offers a unique type of support where they offer incentives to some of the most experienced and active members in the community to offer support when members ask questions or need help in certain areas of their online business. Members get WA credits to help other members in need of answers which turns out to be an exceptional way to get timely and accurate help.

One On One Support

With many Affiliate Marketing training platforms extra or one on one help comes at an extra cost, in WA land this one on one training comes all inclusive in your membership. If you want help from Kyle or Carson the owners of WA they are only a private message away, their help is literally at your fingertips.

Support image at Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s What You Need To Find Success Online!

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best affiliate marketing training platform, here is a guide I created for you that lists the most important elements of an affiliate marketing training platform that are critical to your success online….

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Starter Membership where you can have some time to look around and see what they have to offer their membership. I encourage you to give it a try. I created this guide to help you when you look at any affiliate marketing platform. If the platform you are looking at checks all the above then you have found the affiliate marketing training platform that will offer you the best chance of finding success.

Affiliate Marketing Training Platform Checklist

Course Content

Tools and Resources

Pricing and Accessibility

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Starter Membership where you can have some time to look around and see what they have to offer their membership. I encourage you to give it a try. I created this guide to help you when you look at Wealthy Affiliate or any affiliate marketing platform that you may be looking into. If the platform you are looking at checks all the boxes then you have found the affiliate marketing training platform that will offer you the best chance of finding success online.

Here is another quick glimpse at some of the training that you will find inside Wealthy Affiliate…

free affiliate business start up guide

Here’s a look at what you can expect to find under a free membership and a premium membership respectively….

Create your free Wealthy Affiliate starter membership here!

I don’t want to drag this post out, as you can tell I am pretty impressed with what Wealthy Affiliate offers, I truly believe WA is the best chance you have at creating a lucrative affiliate marketing business.

If you do decide to take a peek inside WA please look me up inside and I will be happy to take you for a personal tour. You can find me under Mike Lambert inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave me your thoughts or questions and I will be happy to answer any questions as soon as possible, good luck and have a great day Mike.