What To Write In A Blog Post-Tips to increase affiliate sales

What To Write In A Blog Post-Tips to increase affiliate sales

Knowing what to write in a blog post that will convert website visitors to potential affiliate product purchasers is really critical to an affiliates success. There are a few basic principles or tips you can follow that will ensure your blog post readers will get your message and check out your affiliate products. I am not going to go into too much detail on how to rank your post in search engines in this post, my focus will be on how you convert the visitors you do get into a potential sale.

Step 1) Getting Your Message Across with Your Title

It all starts with the Creation of a keyword rich title that that will not only rank high in search engine results but will also catch the interest of your intended audience. In your blog post title you really want to get your marketing message across in as few words as possible so that the message of the blog post is clear, but doesn’t give Google mixed messages and ranks your post in some obscure area of the internet where no one will see it.

From my experience working with up and coming affiliate marketers getting their message across in their title while still ranking can be a huge stumbling block.  In the case of creating a high ranking keyword rich title that’s descriptive you need to start with a little leg work in the area of keyword research. I like to use Jaaxy as my keyword tool,  but there are many quality choices for your keyword tool on the market. Keyword tools such as Longtail Pro, Wordtracker, and Wordstream  offer a decent product.

Choosing the right keyword tool to do your research is a personal choice, it really depends on your needs, what functions you may want and how much your budget allows for. I tend to lean towards low cost tools and services, actually many of the tools and services I use are free. I will say I am not a fan of using google’s keyword planner for the simple reason I feel it is more suited for Google Adwords and less for SEO purposes which is your focus in this case. Seems weird that I would say the search engine Google, doesn’t have the best tool for their own search engine, but that’s just what I have found.

Now that you have the use of a keyword tool, think about a phrase that will capture your audiences attention in the least amount of words possible but still makes sense. Take the Title I used for this post. I wanted to rank for “what to write in a blog post” but also wanted to capture an affiliates attention with part of the title making reference to “increasing affiliate sales,” which I might also get ranked for and would be a great collateral ranking for this post. My target audience is affiliates, or people interested in monetizing their blog.

As you can see “how to write a blog post” has some decent traffic and all I did was add a brief descriptive addition that makes my blog post title a little more targeted and hopefully tells you what you may find if you click on this search.

You can try Jaaxy out here for free!

Step 2) Good Structure And Flow Keep the Visitor Engaged

You want to have nice flowing content that keeps people reading and of course makes sense. Add headers that thoroughly explain your reason behind your post and will keep your visitors attention. For example in this post I would want to give you a  reason to keep reading, I want you to see value in what I am saying, the more you read the more opportunities I have to throw in affiliate links and call to actions. A few of my goals for this post are to get you to look at keyword tools and affiliate marketing training.

Step 3) The Art Of Selling

Avoid using high pressure marketing tactics or coming off sounding like a used car salesman, this doesn’t work online. You want to build your visitors trust and at the same time demonstrate your authority on your topic. You can sell without it appearing to be a blatant attempt to sell. There are a few ways to sell without looking like you are pitching a certain product.

Use well placed links to pitch your products, either state the product you prefer but look unbiased by mentioning other products that you may or may not be affiliated with. You can offer up many products as comparison and be an affiliate for all of the products or just one, but the art of promoting is not letting people think that you are pushing a product just for the sake of making money.

If I were trying to promote a keyword tool I may write a post just like this and hide my intent by dropping a few links to keyword tools which we can assume was my real objective. You will have noticed I mentioned Jaaxy as my main go to tool but also mentioned other tools so you wouldn’t  think anything other than that’s the keyword tool that Mike uses. This I refer to as suggestive selling, I am not in your face pushing my product, simply suggesting by association that this would be a good product because I use it. I also made reference to me using low cost tools which gives you the perception that Jaxxy is cheaper than the other tools, which it is, but you see how I guided you towards my product without sticking it in your face. I do like to cover all the bases and I am an affiliate for Longtail Pro and Wordtracker. A good way to make affiliate commissions is to do comparison reviews on top rated products and sign up as an affiliate to all of them, this way it doesn’t matter what product your visitor picks you are a winner!

By the way, I do use low cost or free tools, this is a fact. I recommend you look to keep your costs low as an affiliate marketer and only add premium tools as your business grows. For example it took me 8 years before I put out my first dollar for a premium website theme, before that I ran free themes and made lots of money doing so. Just a note, I like to use WordPress themes for their versatility and ease of use, this isn’t a selling job!

As you can see you can integrate any type of affiliate product into your post, I through in a website building platform that uses only WordPress websites which I honestly do highly recommend I love WordPress for its functionality, step by step instructions and multiple free plugin options.

Check out my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program that uses WordPress sites

Step 4) Be Real, respect The Reader!

Make a connection with your readers. You always want your visitors to feel they are learning something and that you are there to help more than sell them on a service or product. For example, I could have said that you need a keyword tool and that Jaaxy is the only one that would work for you. As a reader it is very unlikely that you would think that Jaaxy would be the only keyword tool on the market that would do the job, don’t try and B.S. your audience, chances are they have done some homework and have a good idea of  topic you are discussing. The key here is to make your audience believe that your knowledge surpasses that of your competitors sites.

Step 5) Call To Actions do Work!

In between the odd heading it’s not a bad idea to throw in a few call to actions, one at the top, middle and end. You want one at the top of your post because some people may not want to read your post, but can’t resist on clicking on your link to see what it offers, another chance to sell! I get quite a few sales through my top link. At the end of my posts sometimes I use a custom made call to action that I made for free at Canva.com. The call to action you see to the right is the basic version, I have created multiple call to actions which I test on various posts. I have also used Fiver and paid under $6 but it is quite easy to make them at Canva. Hope you got some good info from this pot on “how to write in a blog post-tips to increase affiliate sales”. Feel free to contact me anytime through this site via the contact me page or leave me a comment, have a great day Mike.

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6 Replies to “What To Write In A Blog Post-Tips to increase affiliate sales”

  1. This is a helpful article for anyone trying to make it online. One of my big challenge for me is the tactics I see online. 

    The #3 is great. I totaly agree that we can make it online and “avoid using high pressure marketing tactics or coming off sounding like a used car salesman”. 

    This has always been the one thing that kept me away from even trying getting into the online business.

    Knowing that you can make genuine money in a genuine way and provide a great service while doing it is a great motivation for anyone to get into this business.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts Zikora. I am a big believer in what goes around comes around and that ethics are not to be shelved at any cost. I have also found that my sales have always been solid when the trust factor for people is there, have a great day mike.

  2. Thank you for the comprehensive post on what to write in a blog post in order to increase sales.

    These are some interesting topics to debate as everyone’s point of view is different in this area.

    Among all the points you have listed, I liked point four the most.  Be real and respect the reader.  

    As a blogger, I also try my best to connect with my readers by just being myself.  On the other hand, respecting the reader is also another key that I always remind myself.

    I will look forward to your next post on more insights on affiliate marketing.

    1. Welcome, I have found the topics in this post have worked well from over the years, not really debating them, they worked and still work earning me thousands in affiliate commissions a month. I value any input you can add to the post or any questions you may have, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi mike – thanks for this informative post on blog writing.  I’m a newbie with WA and I’m focusing on writing quality content for my website. So I can use the advice. I think I may be a little shy on placing affiliate links.  I’m concerned about being labeled of affiliate link stuffing.  I’ll have to work on that.

    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post.

    1. Hi Nathaniel, Your in good hands if you are getting your training at WA they offer a first class affiliate marketing platform. Really it doesn’t matter how many links you put in your blog posts, people will click on them if they want, better than those pop ups that want people to subscribe just so you can get them on an email list, really bug me to no end!

      Affiliate links or call to actions should be spread out through out your post. You definitely want one at the top somewhere, middle and bottom. You can use a big call to action at the bottom if you like, I have over the years and it has converted for me quite well. Have a good and thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

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