What Is Solo Build It? ( Get The goods Here!)

What Is Solo Build It? ( Get The goods Here!)

Solo Build It, also know as previously as Site Sell has grown in popularity since its creation by ken Envoy in 1997. Solo Build It was created to offer wannabe entrepreneurs or in this case solopreneurs, a platform to build an online business from start to finish. There are many Solo Build It reviews that you may have already read, what you need to keep in mind is, some are written by competitors affiliates, some by affiliates for Solo Build It. You won’t find a review that written that someone doesn’t have some type of interest in promoting the upside of Solo Build It or the faults of the Solo Build It platform. My review will give a clear idea of what the advantages and disadvantages on building a business using the Solo Build It Platform.

Here are just some of the topics that I will touch on in this Solo Build it review…

  • What Is Solo Build It?
  • How Does Solo Build It work?
  • What do you get for tools in solo Build It?
  • What is the cost to join Solo Build It?
  • How Does solo Build It stack up against other online business building platforms?
  • What’s the chance of building a profitable business using the Solo Build It platform?
  • Are there many Solo Build Complaints from past members?

I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave me your comments or questions on this topic at the bottom of the page. Your input will help me write better reviews in the future, cheers Mike.

What Is Solo Build It?

As I mentioned in the early stages of this post, Solo Build It is an all in one online business building platform. SBI offers affiliate marketing training that utilizes a website building platform. Solo Build It will help you take any interest or hobby and turn it into a potential money making opportunity using various techniques it offers in its business building platform. Basically Solo Build it is an affiliate marketing slash blog building platform that offers its members everything they need under one roof to explore a passion or interest and turn this into a potential money making opportunity.

How Does Solo Build It Work?

SBI offers the training and tools that will help you take your idea and turn it into a business venture. When you join Solo Build it you will be creating website. This website will be focused on a niche (an interest). You will apply all the relevant training and use the available tools to create a website that will have earning potential. Three common ways you can generate income from a Solo Build It site will be by promoting affiliate products, incorporate Google Adsense, generate income from merchant sponsored ads.

 Tools And Services You Get With A Solo Build It Membership?

The list of tools and services offered by SBI to create and run your Solopreneur business is quite impressive, Here is a brief overview of some the tools and services you can expect to receive if you decide to join the SBI platform…

Brainstorm it 4: This software was designed to facilitate keyword research and help walk new solopreneurs through the niche selection process. Simply input your area of interest and let Brainstorm it features take are of the rest. Plug in your interest and you will get back a few concepts that you can build your site around.

Brainstorm it 4 has quite a few moving parts such as, the site concept finder which brings back hundreds of keywords based on 3 site concepts to give you an idea of what niche might be the right fit for you. Choosing a niche is always one of the toughest tasks when looking at getting started online. Site concept finder makes niche selection that much easier.

 Blueprint it: This is a drag and drop module that allows you to see what your site will look like. This software focuses on your keyword list that you generated using the Brainstorm it 4 software. You can arrange and see how your pages will lay out based on how your keywords become the basis for your pages or posts on your website.

 Ultimate Verticalizer: This software takes your site concept keywords that you have decided to go without of the 3 choices you end up choosing from and delivers multiple keywords and data that will be helpful in creating content for your new site.

 SiteSell Supply: A little more software that helps you write content based on what competition you might face under various keyword selections.

 Site Info: This software offers a gathers information gathered from over 100 sites for keywords that you may be wanting to use.

 Niche Chose It: This tool helps you choose the best niche idea while helping you find the perfect website name (domain name).

 Search It: This software allows you to gather information from social platforms like Facebook and shows you who is posting content min your chosen niche. This software will also source out free images to use on your site.

Website Building With Solo Build It

When it comes to actually building your website with Solo Build It they offer quite a bit in the way of tools and software. These tools are used in the site building process. Because Solo Build it has its own website building platform, it lists a considerable amount of extra tools which can be found as standard plugins when using a website building platform like WordPress. It’s really not that hard to build a website using the WordPress website building platform. You can find free plugins that provide any function you can basically imagine. There are graphics, social sharing, contact form, charts, content creation, literally thousands of plugins are at your fingertips that can be put into action with a click of your mouse.

If you build your site with Solo Build It using their website building platform you will need a lot of tools to install the basic functions that your website will need, basically these tools replace many functions that are commonly standard if you build your site using the WordPress website building platform.

Solo Build It Now Offers A WordPress Option

Obviously Solo build It has learned a little about the benefits of using WordPress as a website building platform because they now offer a WordPress website building option. This is a smart move on SBI’s part, for the simple reason you can change themes in a click of a button using a WP website building platform and your sites are more portable if you use  Wordpress. I recently changed the theme on this site with a simple click of a button. If you use the Solo Build It website building platform that doesn’t utilize WordPress it will be very difficult to get another look for your site if you’re not happy, it won’t be as easy as clicking a button! Portability is also a major concern if you use the Solo Build It version of a website builder.

 Building A Business With SBI, The Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Of Using The SBI To Build Your Business

 Cost: The obvious advantage to building an online business with Solo Build It starts with the cost. The Solo Build It platform is pried well in the online business building niche with a very low monthly and yearly cost. At $299 yearly (24.91 month) or $29 monthly, this is one of the cheapest offers out there.

up sells: One of the aspects I really liked about the SBI offer is something that it didn’t have, up sells. You get what you get when you join SBI and from all of the business building offers I have reviewed over the years this is a refreshing find. So many lower priced offers get you through the door on the promise of a low monthly or onetime fee cost and then hose you with all the additional costs, SBI isn’t like this.

 Tools: There are an abundance of useful tools specific to SBI. Most of these tools have been developed in house and work specifically in conjunction with the SBI platform. These tools all come included in your monthly fee, so there are no additional costs. For the most part the tools suite that SBI offers looks to offer some value and perform real functions that could be useful in building your affiliate business.

 Training: The SBI training model is quite good. You follow what they refer to as the SBI action guide as your guide to building your website and online business. The SBI action guide uses 4 core steps to building a profitable business using a website. These for steps are referred to as C T P M.

(C ) Content – Develop a concept that you can build your business around

(T) Traffic – Teaches you how to use various techniques and tools to drive traffic to your newly created website and online business

(P) Pre-sell –  Pre sell is the stage where you have the traffic coming to your site and now its time to prime your audience for the sale.

(M) Monetize – You have created the content and the traffic is there and you have sufficiently informed your audience on the products you are promoting, its now time to make money from your website.

 CTPM action guide is offered as a 10 day course in video, text or mobile format.

 Support – The support for Solo Build It members uses a better support option than many online training platforms. SBI hasn’t cheated out in the support department, unlike many online platforms they have decide to offer their own community forum which I find is the best form of support. Forum support enlists more engagement from members and offers more opportunity for regulation by moderators. Most online platforms offer Facebook groups support which I find lacking in user engagement. I have found you can go a long time without support from fellow members using a Facebook group style support mechanism.

 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – Solo Build It Offers one of the best money back guarantees in the online training industry. Three months to see if their product will work for you is a pretty good deal by any standards.

 Focus On Content Creation In Training

Disadvantages Of Using SBI To Build Your Business

As Good as SBI looks, they do have a few glitches that you need to be aware of, not many, but some!

SBI business website building platform – One of the biggest issues I see with the Solo Build It offer is their own website building platform. I would be very concerned if I was hanging my businesses future on the success of the SBI platform, this isn’t a knock against SBI exclusively, but more a knock against putting all your eggs in one basket type of scenario.

Solo Build It offers a ton of tools but really a lot of these tools are used to provide basic website functions that were designed to compete with the WordPress building platform that has thousands of plugins created by innovative people for their platform. There are new plugins being added to WordPress weekly, so it’s a pretty tough act to follow.

If you build a website, which is your business, using the Solo Build It option, your businesses success or shelf life is now tied to the success of SBI. A website built using the SBI building block system isn’t as easily transferred to other website building platforms because of its unique integration using SBI tools and services that aren’t compatible with other website building platforms. In saying this, your site is really SBI’s site, it’s built on their platform using tools and services that they alone offer! The best option would be to use the SBI for WordPress option if you were going to build your business using the SBI’s platform. At least having the WordPress website building platform as the foundation for your site you may have an option to transfer your site if something ever happened to SBI’s platform. I would also bring to light the fact that you are vulnerable to any changes that SBI make to their platform. Your website may be negatively effected if SBI makes changes that search engines don’t like, resulting in a possible decrease in website traffic. Looking at SBI history they have changed models before when they went from Site Build It To their current platform Solo Build it.

Using the SBI’s own website building option is not that easy, like I said, using their own system for website building makes you jump through a lot more hoops that you wouldn’t have using other online business building platforms that generally use WordPress for their website building options.

 Forum – I know I have community forum listed in under advantages and I do prefer community forums over Facebook groups for offering support but, there was one thing about SBI’s forum that wasn’t all that positive in my opinion. Activity within the forum from members wasn’t that great. Comparable platforms that offer a community forum based support system were considerably more engaged when I did reviews of their platforms.

The Last Word!

I wouldn’t have an issue recommending the Solo Build It Platform for building an online business. It’s not a perfect offer, but really there isn’t such an animal when it comes to building a business online, every platform has its faults, some more than others. As you can see by the amount of advantages compared to the disadvantages, the yeh’s win!

SBI offers some great tools, services and training that one just can argue the value of having access to when building a profitable online business. The main concern I have with the Solo Build It platform is, your businesses future is in SBI’s hands. SBI’s tools and services are unique to their platform and not easily integrated into other website building platforms. If you go with SBI you are as they call it a Solopreneur, not an independent entrepreneur which is what you should aspire to be.

I hope you found this review helpful. I welcome any questions or comments which you can leave at the bottom of this post. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my reviews please let me know, have a great day Mike.




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