What Is Jvzoo? – Important Info For Future Jvzoo Affiliates

What Is Jvzoo? – Important Info For Future Jvzoo Affiliates

I will start of by saying when you are looking to promote products as an affiliate off of the Jvzoo marketplace you need to keep one very important thought in the back of your head, “Don’t sell your soul to the devil”. This may seem like an extreme type of statement but it is totally on point when it comes to promoting Jvzoo vendors products.

If you have read anything on Jvzoo prior to my post on “What Is Jvzoo” then you have probably already heard there are more than a few bad apples kicking around on that platform. Personally I have been an affiliate for a few Jvzoo vendors and to date I have never had an issue. Looking at some reviews and posts on Jvzoo I would say that hasn’t been the case for many Jvzoo affiliates. I will say the only issue I ever had with a Jvzoo product was when I purchased one, what a nightmare that was, had to file a complaint with PayPal before it got resolved. Vendors don’t like it when you go to PayPal, they can loose the right to use PayPal if they get too many complaints.

What Is Jvzoo?

Jvzoo is a digital marketplace trying to take a page out of Clickbanks playbook. Jvzoo is primarily known for its online business digital products, yes Jvzoo does have other catagories such as…

  • Business/Finance
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling Systems
  • Health/Fitness
  • Self Improvement
  • Writing/Speaking

What To Expect As A Jvzoo Affiliate

As a current Jvzoo affiliate I can tell you this, be very careful on what you promote on the Jvzoo marketplace. Do your due diligence and really study the product and the vendors integrity. There are quite a few spammy products hosted on the Jvzoo marketplace. If you have been in affiliate marketing and have established a website and built up some authority and credibility, this is of the utmost importance, associating yourself with some of these products could tarnish your squeaky clean image.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and you are looking to start making money promoting anything that will make you money, then you are really at a fork in the road when it comes to Jvzoo affiliate products. As a new affiliate you must make a decision whether you are going to go all in selling Jvzoo products and build your business around these types of low cost in and out types of products or you’re going to try and build credibility and authority. If you choose the later you will want to select your Jvzoo affiliate products wisely and sprinkle the odd one in to complement your line up of affiliate products. Commissions on average are a little less than other digital marketplaces like Clickbank. It’s quite normal to see 50% commissions and a little less on internal up sells. Clickbank you will see 75% commissions on many affiliate products.

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What It Takes To Become A Jvzoo Affiliate?

It isn’t a complicated process to become a Jvzoo affiliate, all you need to do is create an account by entering a few details and then apply with whatever Jvzoo vendors you are interested in to promote their products. You can create a Jvzoo affiliate account here!

What Are Jvzoo Marketplace Products Like?

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, you need to be selective in which products you choose to promote if you want to keep in good standing with the online shopping public. For the most part Jvzoo vendor products are very inexpensive one time purchase type of products. Usually if you are promoting make money from the internet types of vendor products they are one sale items, not usually recurring income streams. You will find when you participate in the make money online niche that the products use a cheap entry one time fee with multiple up sells to get deep into the pockets of their consumers.

Vendor spamming is also something you want to be aware of. Some Jvzoo vendors, and even Jvzoo itself, will badger past consumers with opportunities to purchase newly listed products that I have personally felt were not worth a dime. I am not saying this is the norm, but they are out there, and you need to find out if the products you are looking to promote will spam people.

Many of the vendor products for example in the self help niche come with “done for you” PLR material. If you aren’t up on what PLR material is you may want to take a minute and read this! PLR material is short for “private label rights”, this is licences content that is sent with your vendors product that will help you promote that product. The problem with using this content on an established website is, it can lead to being penalized by search Engines such as Google for using duplicate content on your site. You need to remember that all the affiliates that are promoting these vendor products with PLR packages could be posting that identical content on their sites also, which would constitute duplicate content in search engines eyes.

How Do You Get Paid Affiliate Commissions?

Commissions are paid by the vendor into your PayPal account or by cheque. Affiliates can also be paid via Stripe by invoicing the seller for their commissions. There are a few requirements that you need to fulfil to get your initial commissions as stated below..

In order to receive a distribution, there are certain requirements that must be met, such as:

  • You must have over $50.00 available for distribution.
  • You must select a JVZooPay Distribution Method
  • Required tax forms must be completed before payment is released
  • You have made sales from 5 unique customers.

The holdback of commissions can vary. When I started with Jvzoo I had a 90 day hold back on affiliate commissions that were payable to me. They say it is to cover off any refunds. Jvzoo also states that high volumes of refunds will affect the holdback time also, which is kind of ironic seeing they approve these vendor products in the first place. Personally I have never had an issue with vendors that I deal with, commission payments have always kept rolling in!

Could You Make A Living Promoting Jvzoo Products?

Hypothetically you could make a living selling Jvzoo affiliate products, but realistically I feel it would be a tough grind to promote Jvzoo products exclusively. Jvzoo products traditionally don’t have a long shelf, they are pretty well in and out types of products. I have 3 that have had good shelf life but most fizzle out with the next best thing. To be successful at promoting Jvzoo affiliate products you need to build campaigns to promote these products, this takes time and energy that you could put into a product that has an established reputation and is going to be around for a long time. You only have so much time as an affiliate so you really need to pick and choose what products are going to get your valuable time, not sure if in and out products would best serve your long term financial goals.

Do You Need Experience To Promote Jvzoo affiliate products?

Because Jvzoo affiliates products are typically in and out products with a short shelf life you will need to know your stuff when it comes to the basics of affiliate marketing. Here are just a few things I feel you will need to know before you jump into promoting Jvzoo affiliate products….

  • Build solid promotional campaigns quickly
  • Create effective sales funnels for your products
  • Build high converting sales pages
  • Have a solid background in content marketing
  • Know how to capture emails and build an email list
  • Know how to use an autoresponder

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My Parting Advice

You really need to decide what your path is if you are new to affiliate marketing. Promoting Jvzoo products I feel is a good supplementary income option but not a stand alone long term income stream. If you are at the other end of the experience spectrum you will want to be very careful to choose vendor products that have had some decent shelf life. Check the items out online and look at the type of sites that are promoting these products, if they are spammy it’s a good chance the products are also. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am here to offer help, yes, it’s free!


10 Replies to “What Is Jvzoo? – Important Info For Future Jvzoo Affiliates”

  1. Thanks for the overview on JvZoo. To be honest, I heard some quite positive reviews on it from my colleagues who have been in affiliate marketing for sometimes but none of them went in details as you have done up here. Jvzoo affiliate option is actually fair enough to me but is it okay to combine being an affiliate here with being an amazon affiliate too because I want to kick start my affiliate journey with the two platforms. Thanks in anticipation of your answer

    1. Hi rodarrick, yes, I am a big fan of diversification. I have found through experience that a person or affiliate should always look for every credible opportunity to make an income which protects you from the unforeseen chance that an affiliate product may lose its appeal. Diversity is the key to an affiliates success in my opinion, have a good one mike.

  2. Its  the very first time I’m hearing of jvzoo. Looks like the rest of amazon and the likes but you say it is not a stand alone. I was thinking of doing Amazon affiliate marketing programme. This one looks somewhat twisted plus I don’t know if they’re so well known. Its cool to see they’re awesome. I think I’ll just stick to amazon. Do you have any advice for me?

    1. Hi Henderson, my advice for you would be to always have a diverse approach to affiliate marketing. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket, join multiple marketplaces and promote a host of products from different marketplaces if need be. Like I mentioned in the post I have a few products that i promote from Jv zoo but that’s it. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day Mike.

  3. Mike, thank you for this informative article about JV Zoo. I too have purchased several JV Zoo products through the years. Some of the products are quality and some are junk. JV Zoo gets buyers in with a low priced offer and then hits them with numerous upsells before giving the buyer access to the product that they purchase. Then bombards the purchaser with high pressure spam emails daily until the person unsubscribes.  I consider JV Zoo a shady operation and will probably never promote their products. My advice when it comes to JV Zoo is “Buyer Beware”.

    1. Hey Tom,I think you have some valid points although there are a few products I have found that look quite credible , but yes there are many that are suspect thats for sure, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for this excellent post about Jvzoo.You explain here very well everything about Jvzoo. I am new in the affiliate marketing sector. Still in the learning phase. I heard about Jvzoo but didn’t know that much which knowledge I got today after reading his post. I think I will register now for Jvzoo and gonna start learning about this.

    1. Hi Nazmun, thanks for your feedback and yes, I think everyone new to affiliate marketing should try and sell a JV Zoo product, it will help you learn how to sell products under minimal stress. Have a great day, cheers mike.

  5. Hi Mike, 

    To be honest, I wasn’t aware of any affiliate system like that. it’s great to sharing content like this that someone generally doesn’t find easily and when one is new into the affiliate marketing, they would like to see the results coming. This is insightful post not just for me, I am sure, there are going to be many like me-who doesn’t know what a Jvzoo is? 

    Again thanks for putting your efforts into sharing something that brings more knowledge to the World. Keep up the good work. Well done!

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