Wealthy Affiliate Reviews : Can They Be Trusted?

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews : Can They Be Trusted?

I have seen a lot of Wealthy Affiliate reviews littering the internet, and more specifically, every category related to the make money online niche. I wrote this post to shed a little light on the authenticity of these Wealthy Affiliate reviews and if they can be trusted.

When people turn to the internet to make a purchase they usually do quite a bit of pre-work before they make their final decision to buy. Whether it is a fridge, TV or an affiliate marketing training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, they will eventually land on a review that speaks to the product you they are interested in. Product reviews for affiliate marketers are one of the best converting tools we have, yes I am an affiliate marketer! Product reviews hit people at the right stage in the buying cycle, this is the stage where customers have done the leg work and are just looking for a little more info before they take the plunge.

Enter the affiliate marketer, we are the guys who are going to give you that nudge you need, in this case, it will be Wealthy Affiliate partners who are giving you that nudge via their Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

Let’s Start By Defining What Wealthy Affiliate is!

This section is going to be short and sweet, I am sure you already know what Wealthy Affiliate is, but just to make sure I will give you a quick overview.Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform which is promoted as a world class affiliate training platform that offers everything under one roof. A place where you can get the training you need while building a profitable affiliate marketing business. The business building platform is owned by two young guys ( young in my eyes lol)  named Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. Wealthy Affiliate has been in operation for roughly 15 years, actually established in 2005, which is a very long time in internet years. That’s it, not going to go into any more detail than that!

Why Is It When I am Researching Another Product I Get Steered Into Wealthy Affiliate?

To be quite honest, unless you are an affiliate marketer like I am you probably would have a tough time figuring out why you started out looking at one offer like Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive for example, and the next thing you know you find yourself reading how great Wealthy Affiliate is. There’s a very simple answer for this. WA affiliates have been trained to target people in the right stage of the buying cycle. WA affiliates know where their bread is buttered, they all go through extensive training called “Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp”. Looking at search results for any affiliate marketing platform you will find reviews of these platforms by Wealthy Affiliate affiliates. WA’s bootcamp turns out some of the top affiliates in the make money online niche, there’s no denying this fact. So, when you are looking at a competing affiliate marketing training product reviews, there’s a really good chance your looking at a review done by one of Wealthy Affiliates foot soldiers.

Why Do WA Affiliates Review Other Online business Platforms?

When you finally realize that you are reading a product review done by a Wealthy Affiliate member there is no clear cut answer to whether this is an authentic review that you can trust. In most cases from what I have seen, most competitor reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members are genuine, they have a vested interest in the platform they are reviewing, they are affiliates for that platform also, they are taught to butter their bread on both sides.

I have actually seen quite a few affiliate marketing platform reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members that looked really in-depth and not in the least bias towards WA. The reason you can find unbiased reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members is, they are taught by WA to be diverse in their affiliate endeavours, in other words, they are taught to promote any product that is credible that will generate affiliate commissions for them, after all this is what we want isn’t it?

Successful Wealthy Affiliate’s finding quality products that will produce commissions, this has no boundaries or loyalties. A good product is a good product, worthy of your promotion and your bank account. The good WA affiliates are entrepreneurs who look for opportunities. The low hanging WA affiliates only look at one thing, the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. The low hangers are primarily affiliates who lack experience. If they only know the potential income possibilities outside of promoting WA they would be clambering to get more affiliate products into their portfolio.

I have seen a fair amount of competing platform reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members that were totally bias, pitching Wealthy Affiliate while bashing the competition. In most cases these reviews are done by Wealthy Affiliate members who missed the lesson on building a credible brand, bashing everything but your product isn’t the way to build credibility or a brand. Building trust with your audience as any good affiliate marketer knows is crucial to your long term success online, go around just bashing and you don’t have any credibility, not to mention you are passing up good commissions on other products.

Can You Trust A Wealthy Affiliate Review?

Once again there is no yes or no answer to whether you can trust a Wealthy Affiliate review. There are a few things to look for when you are reading a Wealthy Affiliate review. If the Wealthy Affiliate review you are looking at is all sugar plums and fairy tales and no negative aspects then I would tuck and run, there is no perfect affiliate marketing trining platform!

If you are reading a Wealthy Affiliate review and it tells you that there are no guarantees and that work ethic and time you spend building your affiliate business are the most important ingredients to success online, then I would look into WA further through that site. You need to remember that, all these Wealthy Affiliate reviews have affiliate links built into them, when you click on these links they take you to Wealthy Affiliate and you are now tied to the member who’s link you clicked through on.

If you clicked through on a site that was all nice fluff, your probably getting hooked up with a member who doesn’t give a shit about you, only the referral commission they can make off you.

What Happens When You Get Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

First thing that happens when you enter WA is, you are greeted by your referring member. Chances are, if that referring member was the guy or gal that had that nice “nothing could be bad” Wealthy Affiliate review, you aren’t going to get the help you need to get the most out of their platform, these members are busy trying to bullshit the next unsuspecting victim, not looking to spend the time helping ones they already have!

Is Wealthy Affiliate As Good As Advertised?

Christ, you’re going to be getting sick of my yes and no answers, but here’s another one, lol. As far as Affiliate marketing training platforms go, Wealthy Affiliate is probably one of the best that I have seen on the market. WA has everything you need to build a thriving affiliate marketing business. Unfortunately, if you listen to the Wealthy Affiliate members that offer glowing reviews, they seem to leave out the part that you will have to play. Crucial elements you will need to supply that Wealthy Affiliate has no control over. Elements such as, time you will need to put into your online business, commitment, effort, motivation, and of course,  your referring members help.

WA’s business building platform is pretty damn good, it offers every tool, a huge community that are offered incentives to help other members. There’s literally nothing you can’t learn about affiliate marketing on WA’s platform. But just like a carpenters tools, the tools are only as good as the person using them. We come in all shapes and sizes and mindsets. Wealthy Affiliate is just one of a few good affiliate marketing training platforms that you have the option of joining, in the end it still will come down to your efforts and the help of a mentor.

What Is Really Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

When you read some Wealthy Affiliate reviews you may get the impression that they offer everything, well , they come pretty close. As a self proclaimed “successful affiliate marketer” lol, I can tell you that you really only need a few tools and services to make affiliate commissions. Wealthy Affiliate has those tools and services, plus more that will only distract you at best! Things the WA platform offer that I like are….

Training on writing content that ranks: without this training your site and content would never get seen by the internet public. The proof is in the pudding as the adage goes! Wealthy Affiliate reviews of other products at the top of the search engines is proof that can’t be denied, these affiliates have been training to create content that will rank high in search engines. This is why you will find yourself on WA’s doorstep before you can say, “WTF”.

Keyword tool: I would never produce content without first using a keyword tool to look for keywords that I could use in my content. Don’t want to use a keyword tool, don’t do affiliate marketing, it’s that simple.

Live chat: This is kind of a underrated service. Live chat allows you to ask questions of other members in real time. If you are a person that works and only have so much time to work on your affiliate marketing business you need timely responses to your questions. When I first started affiliate marketing I worked full time and only had so much time to allocate to my affiliate business, live chat would have come in handy!

Step by Step website building platform: Wealthy Affiliate offers a WordPress website building platform, this is a WordPress website that your on now! Really simple to use and work on, thousands of free plugins that will do most of the work for you.

Content writing platform: This is a writing platform inside WA that makes content creation easy for people like me lol. I suck at writing and a platform like this lays out your posts and structures your content, all you do is fill in the blanks.

Multiple training delivery models: Wealthy Affiliate offers video training, text training, live training, staff training, class room training and member sponsored training. Whatever model suits you they have it. I personally like video and text format training but some would rather have live.

Support: Support is the biggest thing I look for in any affiliate marketing training platform. WA offers lots of support options for its members. WA offers 24/7 staff support, there’s support from members and your referrer. You can ask questions in classrooms or straight to the community. You will see the community is a great support mechanism due to its size (1.5 million members) and the communities diverse skill level.

Do You Join Wealthy Affiliate To Promote Them?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are encouraged to promote any group of affiliate products, not just Wealthy Affiliate. There only a handful of good WA affiliates, most have just decided to promote WA because they haven’t been able to find their own profitable niche. The make money online niche is highly competitive so it’s not a niche I would recommend. Wealthy Affiliate produces its fair share of success stories, most of which are members in niches that have nothing to do with the make money online niche. Many of the most successful WA members make commissions off of multiple online merchants such as Amazon, clickBank, Etsy, the list goes on and on. I am not going to paste a bunch of testimonials on here you can take a peak if you want, WA’s platform has a free membership. Here’s one member bragging of their success, just joking, this member should Bragg, I would, lol.

As you can see this lady is into promoting products on Amazon as I was at one time. The nice thing about promoting  products that are on Amazon is, you make a lot of collateral commissions. I once got a commission off of a fridge because I was promoting water filters for fridges. I got lucky and I guess someone decided, hell with the new filter, I need a new fridge! Once that lead in Amazon, it doesn’t matter what they buy, you get the commission!

My Final Thoughts

All I can say about whether you can trust Wealthy Affiliate reviews is this, Wealthy Affiliate offers a good platform for building an affiliate business. WA is no different than other platforms, the only difference is, they have with stood the test of time and hey, you can’t deny the fact that their affiliates are ranking and seen everywhere, even on social media platforms like Facebook. WA’s affiliates get the same training that all members get.




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