The #1 Affilojetpack Review:A Truly Unbiased Product Review

The #1 Affilojetpack Review:A Truly Unbiased Product Review

Welcome to my site and another truly unbiased review! It’s really hard to find an unbiased Affilojetpack review on the net these days. This isn’t just an Affilojetpack review issue, but a systemic credibility issue with all reviews done on affiliate marketing training platforms. When you train to be an affiliate marketer you quickly learn that product reviews target people in the right stage of the buying cycle, this is why you see so many conflicting reviews, products pitched against other products. For example, you have probably noted that you will see many good Affilojetpack reviews as well as a ton of negative Affilojetpack reviews, this is mostly due to affiliates pushing their affiliate products by making another product look inferior, we have all done it at one time or another.

Hey, I am a fairly successful affiliate marketer and my goal is to make a commissions just like the next guy or gal, but I am getting older and for some weird reason I have developed this thing they call a conscience. I have managed to find a balance in life and business. What I have done differently in my affiliate marketing career of late is, I have changed my philosophy on how I participate in affiliate marketing. I look for really good affiliate products to promote, lots and lots of products and services, which allows me to be unbiased when I do reviews, my eggs aren’t all in one basket, and I can tell it like it is,  because I don’t have to bash stuff in one hand and offer an alternative in the other, classic affiliate review marketing. I now can recommend any product that looks worthy, hence, unbiased reviews. Just some food for thought if you are looking to getting into affiliate marketing and having some longevity and peace of mind at the same time. I realized in short time that it works pretty good if you want  to make lots of affiliate commissions.

I hope you enjoy what I consider to be the #1 Affilojetpack review (unbiased of course). Please leave me your thoughts or questions below. If you just want to chat in private or need any free help getting started in affiliate marketing, or want to boost your affiliate commissions you can contact me through the “contact me page” here on this site, I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

What Is Affilorama’s Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack is a digital product created by Mark Ling and his team at Affilorama. Other notable products created by Mark ling and his team at Affilorama are products and services like…

Affilojetpack was designed to help affiliate marketers expedite the affiliate website building process as well as earn commissions faster. Honestly if you already have access to a WordPress website building platform, which is what you get inside the Affilojetpack offer, then your already half way there. I can’t see how building a website in WordPress could get any easier, its pretty damn simple already, even for a non techie guy like me. The site you are on here is a WordPress site,  I built the basic structure in a couple of hours and then started the business of adding content like, my privacy policy, about me page, affiliate disclosure, contact me page and so on. So right out of the gates I am skeptical that I would need a product that creates affiliate sites faster when I can already build a site fairly fast, but wait, there’s more!

What’s Inside Affilojetpack That’s Worth The $997 Price Tag?

As you can see I can’t justify the cost of Affilojetpack simply on the pretence of building affiliate sites faster, but what else is inside Affilojetpack that might make me want to by this digital product? I was surprised to see that there was a decent amount of goodies inside the Affilojetpack offer.

  1. 5 niche (almost ready to go websites) that we already discussed. You can choose your niche sites out of 17 niches that have been determined by Affilorama. You can see your choices to the right. I am an experienced affiliate marketer and I have two sites which I can barely handle now, not sure how 5 is going to work for you
  2. Access to WordPress website building platform which we have already discussed is a good thing, best platform for building websites in my opinion.
  3. Affilotheme: This is an Affilorama product that essentially rolls 6 WordPress themes into one giving you a lot of versatility when building a WordPress affiliate website. Some of the features that are available with Affilotheme are affiliate link cloaking which allows you to make shorter and more attractive links. Pop over generator allows you to create pop overs which helps to increase opportunities to grow your email list. The Pop over generator also integrates with many autoresponder services such as Aweber. Affilotheme also offers a squeeze/opt-in creator which allows you to create squeeze pages as well as opt in forms, once again this allows you to integrate with autoresponder outfit such as Aweber. Affilotheme throws in access to a forum that is just for Affilotheme users.
  4. Free eBook give-aways to help you build an email list
  5. Keyword lists
  6. Content creation guides
  7. Affiloblueprint: This is a guide or blueprint for affiliates to follow, basically a step by step process chronicled to help guide you through niche selection to your first paycheque. You can learn more about Affiloblueprint by trying out Affilorama’s free membership, this isn’t a sales pitch, it will just give you a more in-depth look at the product for free, no pressure of buying.
  8. Traffic strategies
  9. 1 month subscription with an email service called Fluttermail ($17 value)

Of course there are always a few bonuses with any offer, so here are the Affilojetpack bonuses including Affiloblueprint I mentioned earlier. If you hit it right you may also get thrown in Affilo tools which is an SEO tracking tool for your website.

There’s lots of other free resources that Mark Ling’s crew at Affilorama create, down load the free resource below by clicking on the image if you are interested in Mark Ling’s 5 step formula to earn $10,000 a month.

Who Is Affilojetpack Best Suited For?

Honestly, if you have been participating in affiliate marketing and you aren’t a green newbie then you shouldn’t need Affilojetpack, that is, if you had any proper training to start with. If You are an affiliate marketer you should already know how to

If by chance you can’t and you are looking at Affilojetpack to learn all this, then I guess you should look hard at it, but I would say that Affilojetpack is more for new people to affiliate marketing (newbies). I know I am an affiliate marketer and I am supposed to sell you on this but I can’t with all good conscience, especially when I know there are cheaper and just as good  or in some cases better training resources for considerably less, like $29 a month for everything you need plus all your training. Yes, you should take a look, not because I want to sell you on it, but because it is the smart thing to do. The outfit I mentioned for $29 a month also offers a free starter membership so you can check it out without buying anything. Yes, I would make a commission if you bought a $29 membership but I would make a hell of a lot more if you bought Affilojetpack through this link, so please do lol!

So, What’s Your Final Cost For Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack comes with a nice list of features including all the bonus shite, it really is a good value when you look at what you get, I know, weird for me to say. At face value the offer looks great and I am a fan of Affilorama and mark Ling, but!!!!!

Here’s the deal, if I say this product is for newbies which I feel it is, then a problem arises for me, its to friggen expensive for a newbie! I have worked with quite a few new comers to affiliate marketing over the past 9 or so years, all of them I could say with confidence would crumble under the financial weight of footing close to a $1,ooo bill right out of the gates, and Affilojetpack costs don’t stop there. Remember that your email service was for only 1 month and your web hosting for your website which I forgot to mention is only included for 1 year, after that you are looking at somewhere in the $50 range for hosting, which is high for web hosting. That Affilo Tools bonus is only good for 1 website, yet you have 5, this will cost you more to get all 5 covered. The list of potential costs can creep up on you once you hit that 1 year mark.

My Advice To You!

I am a fan of Affilorama’s free membership and I like Affilorama’s Pathway to Passive eBook for $37 that shows you all the steps needed to make commissions as an affiliate marketer from Start to finish, but Affilojetpack seems to hefty of a price when I Question if you even need all that shit!

Really, you could be into this gig for some heavy coin if you aren’t careful, and I don’t care who you are, having a big overhead in affiliate marketing, especially when you are just breaking into the game, is affiliate marketing suicide.

Personally I would get a free starter membership at Affilorama or a free membership in the place that I hang out and just get the lay of the land. Learn all you can for free about affiliate marketing, get some free advice from affiliate marketers like myself and only then map out your affiliate business. Like I said I am not bias, so here is a free opportunity to learn from one of the best. Join mark Ling in a free webinar by clicking on the image below. See what the guy is all about and test his affiliate knowledge, its pretty extensive. Hope you got something out of this Affilojetpack review. Have any questions or comments please leave them below, cheers mike.

10 Replies to “The #1 Affilojetpack Review:A Truly Unbiased Product Review”

  1. Thanks for your review Mike, 

    I just wanted to know if you have had any financial success with building a site on Affilojetpack and if you found it easy or harder to do so?

    Of course, the price is more expensive but have the rewards been any better?

    Has most of your success come from the cheaper option or the more expensive one?



    1. Hi Stevie, I actually received my affiliate marketing training from a different platform that is a lot cheaper for sure. I pick up supplemental training here and there, usually free training that you can find readily available on the internet these days. When you first start out learning affiliate marketing I suggest to everyone to keep your costs as low as possible, it’s really hard when you are under the gun financially when you are just learning.

      I do think Affiliojetpack is a good product just not the best one in my opinion. There are cheaper and frankly better options available. Thanks for your questions, cheers Mike.

  2. Apparently this is very good for anyone that wants to go into affiliate marketing or is already in the business. Not a bad one by Mark here. He really did a great job here and seeing everything that is offered here, I can tell it works well. I should try out the free version first though, it’ll be really good to give it a go for my business. Thanks for an unbiased review.

    1. Absolutely I encourage anyone looking at Affilorama’s products to go and check them out for free, you would be crazy not too, have a good one Mike.

  3. Affilojetpack is simply funny with that price tag. To be honest, it still does not offer enough to charge that kind of cost for the program. After all, I have been on other platforms that offers more and they do not even charge 10% of that price tag. Though it is majorly centered on newbies but I wouldn’t want to share this to any newbie since I know there are quite other platforms that charge for less. Nonetheless, great review!

    1. Hi Shelly, yes, the price tag can be a little prohibitive and I wouldn’t recommend a newbie taking on that kind of overhead when just starting out. I feel it is more suited to an advanced affiliate marketer that may be struggling to break through.

  4. Hi Mike,

    When I started reading your post I was wondering what AffiloJetPack was.  I never hear of this before or the name of Mark Ling.

    I am still in the beginnig process of affiliate marketing, so I found your article helpful in looking for different approaches.  I do agree with you that for someone new starting out that $900 clams is a lot to fork over.  So I know I won’t be joinging at that price,because I don’t know how long it will take me to recoup the ROI. 

    I did click on a few of your links such as “Find A Profitable Niche”, “Create Content Which Drives Traffic to Your Product”, the free Affilo Join link and also the $37 ebook from Affilo.

    Am going to follow up later by reading your links first, before looking or reading the ones from Affilo.

    It seems like one of the hardest things for newbies in starting out (even like me) is developing a niche or creating a brand for themselves that will get an audience interested. What do you think?

    Have a nice day!



    1. Hi Tim, yes I added a few links in the post for a few reasons. Some of the links go to some good resources that you may benefit from like finding a profitable niche for example. Some of the links I added are also used to try and rank higher by using internal links within my content. it’s all relevant content just helps to do internal linking, gets the bots searching all your content and sees more comments also which drive up your posts ranking.

  5. I was wondering whether the affilojetpack would be any help for me as I am not quite experienced WordPress user. 

    Thank to your post I came to conclusion, about Affillojetpack;
    I will find some time and I will use it to learn the “cheaper ways”. I am gonna use the spare money much wiser.

    Thank you for helping my with a decisions:) 

    1. Affilojetpack is a good product, just make sure your ready to take advantage of what it offers before you dive in. Make sure you are prepared to dedicate the time necessary to implement all the info at your disposal with this program. Have a great day Mike.

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