Skyrocket Website Sales By Using These Tips

Skyrocket Website Sales By Using These Tips

Ok, you have done some training when it comes to building out your website. You have built the basic structure and even gone as far as writing content that ranks high in search engines, so you have a bit of traffic flowing to your website, but so far very little in sales to show for your efforts, what’s up?

I get loads of people asking me on a weekly basis to look at their websites, they are frustrated, have some traffic going to their website but are ready to throw in the towel. They haven’t managed to generate a single dime from their website yet. The fix for their “lack of sales blues” is really not that complicated. I see common mistakes made by new and seasoned affiliate marketers/bloggers alike that stifle potential website sales that can be easily avoided by adopting some basic practices.

Here are a few tips that I and many other successful affiliate marketers/bloggers use to ensure we maximize sales from our website traffic. Hope you enjoy this post,  by all means please leave me your thoughts and questions at the end of this post and I will get right back to you. If you need any help like a website critique don’t hesitate to ask, I am always willing to lend a hand, have a great day Mike.

Tip #1) Become a specialist: I know, your thinking what the heck is this guy talking about? Trust me, becoming a specialist makes a lot of sense, in this case “cents”. You tell me, who makes more money, a family practitioner or a specialist? It doesn’t just work that way for physicians.

Specializing in a specific area of your niche will eventually make you an expert or specialist in your niche. Many bloggers get traffic because they know how to write content that ranks high in search engines, doesn’t offer a lot of value, but is SEO rich. The problem with writing sub par content is, this content is a real let down to website visitors that click on that juicy snippet in search engines which leads to that post. It doesn’t take long for a reader to figure out your post lacks substance. You will find that writing content that is very targeted and packed with knowledge will convert any traffic like crazy.

Any blogger can write generalized content on a broad spectrum of topics and get some decent traffic, but this generalizing doesn’t convert traffic because it isn’t targeted. Specializing in a certain segment of your niche will be more lucrative,  it will convert visitors because it attracts the right audience and therefore will be of value if you do your research. In the short term you may not see the high volumes of traffic that you would see by writing generalized content, but it will increase your website sales instantly. Another benefit of specializing is demonstrating your expertise. This is crucial to building trust with your website visitors. The trust factor is a key ingredient to getting people to open their wallet.

A good example of what I just described came in an email form one of my affiliated products. Here’s what Getresponse, an email responder service I am an affiliated with had to say to it’s affiliates…

“Even email marketing may be too general when talking to your audience. Maybe you can specialize in email marketing for a special niche — restaurants, professionals, or consumer services. What are you interested in?”

This is advice from a major platform that has a lot of marketing resources to tap into, so you know if they are preaching to this to their affiliates it adds more credence to the fact that you need to consider specializing in modern day affiliate marketing/blogging to garner more website sales.

Targeting your customers with specialized content will weed out people that really aren’t interested in what you have to offer, this won’t limit your opportunities, in fact you will Start getting website visitors asking questions like, can you help me too? Of course you can, what an opportunity!

Tip #2 Grab your website visitors attention: Wish washy opinions achieve squat. You need to take a stand and put your thoughts out there. If your “honest opinion” runs contrary to mainstream thinking in your niche, thats not a bad thing. If your opinion is controversial in nature, it could spread like California wild fires, but in a good way!

Over the years I have written some product and platform reviews where I held back and wrote the reviews in a less confrontational manner. I thought if I demonstrated a little respect for these offers that my readers may feel a little more accepting of my opinions. In hind sight I wish I would have just said it the way I saw it. As it turns out, website visitors were more engaged when I wrote a honest straight up review, not worrying about the products creators. Some of my more controversial reviews that actually garnered me some legal threats from the owners were more popular and had hundreds more comments than less opinionated reviews.

Tip #3) Solve your audiences problems: Spend the time necessary to fully explain the problem or topic. Lots of affiliate marketers/bloggers have SEO in mind when they are writing their content, instead, they should be focusing less on word count and putting their focus squarely on explaining the topic. Just make sure you are explaining or solving an issue that your targeted audience wants to learn about.

Tip #4) End with a compelling (CTA) call to action: You have done all the hard work and completely discussed your topic and answered the questions you thought your audience wanted answers too. Now its time to seal the deal and make that sale thats why you need a compelling call to action. What you need to understand is, your website visitors need you to hold their hand and show them your offer. Don’t assume that your website visitors know what you want them to act on, that’s your job. Make sure you build a call to action that tells your audience what you want them to do and don’t forget to add your affiliate link! Here’s a post I wrote on creating the perfect call to action, “Click here” to read my pots on building the perfect CTA!

That was a real CTA by the way, it’s a post that explains how I create call to actions. You can see from the above example that I made the whole phrase a link, not just the “click here,” this way it really stands out. I could have used all cap letters or bold which would have made it pop, possibly grabbing your attention a bit more. Lots of little tricks to creating a good call to action.

Look forward to hearing your results after implementing the tips above, cheers Mike.




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