Link Building Strategies for 2019

Link Building Strategies for 2019

I think its safe to say that link building or more specific, back linking, has its fair share of critiques as well as proponents. There are quite a few companies out there that hang their hat on link building as an effective strategy for traffic generation. Ahrefs and Semrush are two main players in the link building software game that are counting on your buy in.

I will be quite honest, I am not 100% convinced that link building is as effective as some might say. I do believe that there are some link building strategies that will help garner some extra traffic and give your site a little more authority in the long run, so I don’t discount link building altogether.

I do question a lot of the hype out there in relation to the effectiveness of link building and all the different techniques that are popping up. Think of it this way, if Google put that much store in link building, then I would just source out popular sites and pay for ads that linked back to my site. In this post I will lay out the link building strategies that I feel will help you get the traffic and authority for your site that you deserve.

Your feedback will help me continue to write posts that are informative. Please leave me your thoughts or questions at the bottom of this post, cheers Mike.

My Top Link Building Strategies For 2019

There is no substitute for creating engaging and informative content, without this you have zero ability to generate back links to your site. When you write a post, do your research. Producing quality content that offers a unique perspective or is informative enough that your visitors or fellow bloggers want to share is the key to link building. Here are my top strategies for getting people to offer links to your content or site.

Reach out to fellow bloggers and show them some samples of content you have created. Demonstrate to your fellow bloggers in your niche that your content has some value to them and their visitors.

A good way to find blogs that may want to offer links to your content are blogs that have a proven track record of linking to authoritative content. You can find these sites by simply doing searches on topics that you are writing on or similar topics to see who id linking to what. It doesn’t hurt to contact these sites and ask if they would take a look at your content. Of course this means your content needs to be top shelf.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging has been around for sometime now and widely used by many bloggers to get their name out there with different audiences. Create a post and ask if another site would like to feature it. If your post is informative there’s a good chance that someone may want to bite. In the past I have seen been asked to test write for ebooks and newsletters for other blogs and product launches. This is a great way to get your brand out there.

I have also had quite a few bloggers reach out to me over the years to guest write a post for my various blogs. In many cases if the posts are good I will incorporate these posts into my site. One thing you need to watch for is, make sure this isn’t duplicate content. This will hurt your site big time if search engines pick up on it.

You can find websites that want or need content by simply searching for these sites. I searched “guest bloggers wanted”. Quite a few results came up for site and blogs looking for guest bloggers. I came across one site that was searching for guest bloggers. Not only will this site get prospects that will add relevant content to their site, but they will also get many back links to their site from people like me writing on getting quality links on popular posts.

Popular websites like Ahrefs, Semrush, Authority Hacker, Human Proof Designs and many more offer guest posting opportunities if your content meets their expectations.

Be really careful not to pitch posts that are full of affiliate offers, this is a complete turn off.

Forum posting

Forum posting is one of my favourites for getting good quality traffic from link building. You can get good traction from popular forums such as Medium, Reddit and Quora just to name a few. I routinely answer questions and write content for various forums. Write informative content and link to other relative content with in your forum post. You can get some great exposure and link to many posts on your site with one forum post.

Become a content predator

There’s no stopping you from searching relevant sites and really critiquing their content. If you find a site that has a less than informative post you can always reach out to the site and offer your post as a good option that they can offer their readers. This isn’t the best option by any means. How many bloggers have that much time on their hands to search other sites for poor content.

All of the above options take time and this is where the argument comes in if link building is an effective way to get traffic and build website authority. I am in the camp with the people who believe if you write quality content for your site on a regular basis and know a little about SEO basics you will be better off spending your time producing content for your own site.

Write relative and informative content and it will last for years to come, doesn’t matter what algorithm changes Google makes.

I hope that this post was informative and gave you a few things to think about when it comes to link building to drive traffic to your content. Please leave me any suggestions for further posts or feedback on this post below, cheers Mike.

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