Lead Lightning Marketing Funnel-Will It Work For You?

Lead Lightning Marketing Funnel-Will It Work For You?

The longevity that Lead Lightnings Power Lead System has enjoyed in the make money online niche is impressive to say the least. Participants involved in the MLM industry, people looking to find customers for their products and people who are looking to make income by referring people to Lead Lightning have been lining up like sheep for years. Is this an authentic opportunity to drive traffic to a product or service, make money referring others to Lead Lightning, or is it simply a marketing funnel for a more expensive offer?

Today I am going to be digging into Lead Lightning and breaking down all the different components that the Lead Lightning marketing funnel has to offer.  Enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments and questions below. If you would like to talk one on one in private please contact me through the contact me page here on this site, have a great day Mike.

What Is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning serves itself up as a done for you marketing funnel for any product or business that wants to drive customers to their products or services using Lead Lightnings fully automated marketing system. This marketing funnel identifies buyers, captures their contact information and converts these contacts into potential buyers. Lead Lightning is pitched as a fully automated lead generation system which provides you with

  • Done for you sales funnel
  • Done for you autoresponder campaigns (pre done emails you can send out)
  • Contact management system that allows you to prioritize potential customers
  • Access to professional banners, links, email swipes and a list of traffic sources
  • Conversion tracking
  • Sales tracking
  • Affiliate Training

There’s a lot more to the Lead Lightning offer which I will get into a bit later, but as you can see for a mere $7 investment the Lead Lightning marketing funnel looks like a no brainer, but don’t get too excited yet.

If you want to promote your own product using the Lead Lightning marketing funnel then put your credit card away, given what I see I wouldn’t go into this offer thinking your product or service is going to take centre stage. The Lead Lightning marketing funnel is exactly that, a funnel to market Lead Lightning, you will find “your product promotion” with this offer is more like an after thought, you are given a low profile link on the lead capture page for your product or service saying “visit site here”, everything else on this capture page revolves around the promotion of the Lead Lightning offer. Most of the material like pre done emails, access to banner, links and email swipes are intended for the promotion of Lead Lightning, there is very little in this offer that I could find that provides specific promotional tools and services that are geared towards promoting products other than Lead Lightning. The Lead Lightning from what I can see as a” current  member”  it really is geared or designed to recruit people into your Lead Lightning downline first and foremost.

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I have been participating in affiliate marketing for quite a few years now, successfully I might add, and I don’t see a benefit to joining this program if you’re looking to drive potential buyers to your own products or services. Not only is the training and content geared to the promotion of Lead Lightning, but many of the services and tools Lead Lightning lists can be found for free on the internet. Zoho CRM is just one company that offers free CRM services that provide free of charge email automation, 10 email templates, social media management just to name a few services. Free email service providers like Mailchimp are also available for your automated email campaigns. To be quite honest I don’t see the upside to joining Lead Lightning unless you are prepared to promote their offer some extent.

The Man Behind Lead Lightning

I am not going to go into too much detail on who the man behind Lead Lightning is other than he is a gentleman called  Neil Guess. I didn’t actually see Neil featured inside Lead Lightning.

Neil was once partnered up with a well known affiliate marketer named Michael Force. Michael and Neil launched a program called The Power Lead System. You will see inside lead Lightning that their training platform and one of the main up sells you will encounter share the name of The Power Lead System. I had the pleasure of reviewing The Power Lead System quite a few years ago.

If you try and sign up for Lead Lightning by doing a Google search,  you will find that your search only brings up The Power Lead System. Michael Force eventually moved on to create a program called Digital Altitude, which by the looks of it didn’t end to well for Michael reading an FTC ruling and the eventual shutdown of Digital Altitude. Not that this has any bearing on Lead Lightnings offer, more of a note of interest.

Lead Lightning Has Many Up Sells In-store For You!

Back to that enticing $7 introductory fee to join Lead Lighting. This is what I would call a lost leader, get you through the door with a low price tag that literally anyone could afford, after that they have a captive audience, like shooting fish in a barrel. Lead Lightning sells you on the idea that you can pay a $7 onetime fee that gets you a fully automated marketing funnel that has the potential to not only promote your product but help you make multiple $6 commissions off that $7 onetime fee, is it possible? The $7 sale, Absolutely, if you already know how to market online.

As an experienced affiliate marketer I can tell you that selling a $7 product may sound like a simple task, but it really isn’t that simple if you don’t have the training to get your product in front of as many eyes as possible. The way that Lead Lightning promotes their offer is by selling you on the idea that anyone could be persuaded to buy a $7 product with the prospect of making a huge return on investment. My experience tells me it’s pretty hard to get someone to cough up their credit card number even if it is for only $7.

Working online trying to get exposure for your product isn’t easy, you need to have affiliate marketing training to compete in a competitive marketplace like the make money online niche. The basics in affiliate marketing will give you the best chance of getting your product in front of the internet audience, which is what you need.

In theory the Lead Lightning offer sounds great, but in reality,  it has quite a few holes that I can see. I do think you could sell the $7 package with the right training, but I don’t see the kind of training you would need to make multiple sales inside Lead Lightning. I did see 10 modules for promoting using Youtube which could be productive, but very little on affiliate marketing which you would need in my opinion.  If you click on the marketing tab you get redirected to a site called Site Ranks results .This site offers little bit of info on building a high performing website and SEO, but what was more interesting was the offer to help which refers to you as a “client” you know there is a bill coming when they use client!

There is training on email marketing, but email marketing only works if you can build a list and that only works if you can get you offer in front of the masses, hard to do in my opinion if you don’t have the basics in affiliate marketing. What I found strange for a done for you marketing funnel was the reference to many affiliate marketing terms such as SEO, keyword phrases, email scripts, and many more that if you didn’t have some knowledge of affiliate marketing you wouldn’t understand the relevance of these terms to the promotion of products.

If you look at the top Google searches for Lead Lightning you will see that out of 5 searches 4 are affiliate marketers sites. This isn’t a fluke, these are people who know how to get Lead Lightning in front of the masses online are affiliate marketers, these guys and gals are your competition for Lead Lightning buyers if Lead Lightning is what you are counting on selling.

I feel you might get some minor success promoting Lead Lightning dropping links on Facebook, but all it would take to have your account suspended by Facebook would be for someone to report your offer as spam or a scam, which happens quite often these days. You could get some traction with Youtube but there is a lot of competition and you really need to know what you are doing in this area to have any success.

Lead Lightning also mentions using paid for ads when promoting Lead Lightning which could cost you a nice chunk of change if you don’t know what you are doing, be very careful with this type of promotion!

If you have your own product to promote you will definitely need some basic affiliate marketing training which doesn’t take long and is inexpensive if you find an affiliate marketing platform that has everything under one roof and has zero up sells, worth the time to look into in my opinion!

Here Come The Up sells!

You get hit with an up sell right out of the starting blocks. The first up sell seemed a little strange to me seeing you really don’t know what you will need at this stage, yet they want you to super charge the system that supposedly works?

When you click on the “super charge my system” it brings you to an up sell offer called the Power Lead System. I found this up sell a little premature.

Why is this up sell premature? Well, remember that complete done for your Lead Lightning marketing funnel? Where is it now? I thought I was buying an all-in-one marketing system when I bought Lead Lightning for $7, I guess I didn’t after all.

This is your first up sell, what comes next is a barrage of up sells pitching different packages that if you were to buy would qualify you for higher commissions. The key here is, you have to buy these packages yourself first to qualify. This is another stage where I was getting mixed messages. If I have a $7 marketing system that works, why do I need to buy more? I guess you are buying the right to promote.

Let me give you a little insight into affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of thousands of online merchants looking for affiliates to promote their products and services for free, Oh, and guess what? They are willing to pay you big commissions to do so. Why would you buy Lead Lightning packages when all you really need from what Lead Lightning is saying is their $7 offer to effectively sell products, something doesn’t add up for me.

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The up sell packages that you can buy into inside the Lead Lightning offer are as follows

Silver membership: $29.97/month
Affiliate commissions: $15 monthly commissions on new memberships.

Gold membership: $53.97/month
Affiliate commissions: $20 monthly commissions on new memberships.

Diamond membership: $147
Affiliate commissions: $100 commissions on new memberships.

Platinum membership: $497
Affiliate commissions: $400 commissions on new memberships.

My advice to you!

If you are looking to promote a MLM product or any other product or service other than the Lead Lightning offer ,I feel you will be disappointed with your purchase, even though it is only $7, your time is worth something!

If Lead Lightning is what you are looking for and you want to give it a try, start by trying to sell multiple $7 memberships first, get an idea on how that will go before you reach in your pocket for more cash to buy a higher commission package. If that doesn’t work, get yourself some affiliate marketing training and give it another go. Hope this post helps you make an informed decision, have a great day Mike.

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6 Replies to “Lead Lightning Marketing Funnel-Will It Work For You?”

  1. ohno, I do not like MLM programmes, I have tried them in the past before but it didn’t work for me. Seeing that lead lightening has so many upsells, and it is already expensive to join in a membership it’s a bit somehow. You have given a good advice there to start slow. Nice post!

    1. Hi John, I guess you could consider Lead Lightning a MLM. You do benefit from people buying other memberships but only if you have bought that membership which would technically make Lead Lightning a MLM. Thanks for your input, cheers Mike.

  2. Going by the information you have up here, I would say that lead lightning marketing funnel is a very nice initiative that is lacking in some very basic areas that could have made it better. The up selling is the first issue I have with this system. Though if one could rake in lot of people to the system it could mean more money, but then, I don’t think much success can be found with a product like this. Thanks for this review

    1. I don’t personally feel that Lead Lightning would get that many leads for a product other than Lead Lightning. Even at that I can’t see people having much success promoting Lead Lightning unless you have a solid background in affiliate marketing.

  3. Thanks for such wonderful review on Lead Lightening Marketing Funnel. I was actually in search for a platform that has a program of creating leads to ones site for my son. He has only recently opened a page and needs it. On hearing about the cheap cost of registering with this site I had a double feeling about it and decided to make my own research. I have always not like being baited and thats what this site does in form of upsell. Thanks for sharing.  Are there better suggestions from you?

    1. Hi Dane, bottom line, if you are looking to drive traffic to a product or service, MLM or not, a solid affiliate marketing platform like Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama are good choices. Both have been around for a long time and you get what is advertised, quality training, tools and support.

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