Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? (Or Will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions)

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? (Or Will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions)

When Affiliate marketers start looking to automated products to enhance their affiliate marketing results, I must say I am a skeptic at heart. I am a long time affiliate marketer, a little long in the tooth, so naturally I am skeptical of the claims that I read on the Affiliate Bots sales page. I am going to cut to the chase and dive into Affiliate Bots and answer the question, is Affiliate Bots a scam? I am hoping I am wrong and the end result is, that Affiliate Bots is the real deal and will help affiliate marketers achieve higher affiliate commissions. Enjoy my Affiliate Bots review and like always, I encourage you to leave your thoughts and questions at the bottom of the page. If you would like to talk to me in private please use the contact me page and we can chat, have a great day Mike.

The Mystery Man Behind Affiliate Bots

The person who reportedly created Affiliate Bots is a guy named Chris, yep, that’s right, just Chris! I can’t find a lot of info on this guy other than he may be referred to as Chris X and has made quite a few bucks as an affiliate marketer over the years. He also could be some 17 year old computer geek living in his parents basement pulling together all these products, you never know on the internet who’s the real deal. Looking at the lofty income claims and the low price point, Affiliate Bots kind of gives me a shitty feeling that Affiliate Bots may be just the scam I was expecting to find, but I can’t base my opinion on my lack of private eye skills, so lets dig in!

What Exactly Is This Affiliate Bots AI Stuff?

Affiliate Bots is supposedly a fully automated tool suite for internet marketers to give them that leg up on their competition, some type of artificial intelligence gig that puts Hal the rogue computer from 20o1: A Space Odyssey to shame. Showing my age there lol. The Affiliate Bots offer is made up of 37 tools that you have access to that will hypothetically give you that edge. There was a previous version of this tool suite that had 17 tools in it all together for $27. Chris has added 20 new tools at a lower price point. When you look at the list of tools they are all tools that you technically could use as an affiliate marketer, this definitely peaks my interest. Have a look at the list of tools below…

  • 17 software tools
  • CB250 – ClickBank software
  • AffiliateAds – CB banner ads software
  • King Of The Zon – Amazon software
  • Warrior50 – WarriorPlus software
  • Launch Pulse – Top launches software
  • King Of The Zoo – JVZoo software
  • IM affiliate software
  • Hosting affiliate software
  • Christmas affiliate Bot software
  • ResellDB – Resell rights software
  • DomianAveli – Domain name software
  • Click Video Pages – Website builder
  • FlipDB – 300 websites making $300 – $26k
  • Click affiliate – Script building software
  • Rapid video ranker – Video creation software
  • Automailer – Autoresponder software
  • Video Training
  • 35 Page quick start guide pdf
  • Quickstart training videos
  • All Mac/PC compatible software
  • $921 in daily commissions – I wouldn’t count on this one
  • Updates monthly

As you can see there’s actually quite a bit of AI stuff, some not worth the time to type out, but a few things, if they actually work may be worth the small investment. I am a little skeptical because I don’t use a lot of tools and have had a pretty good run as an affiliate marketer. I use very few tools to make a good income as an affiliate marketer.

So Whats The Cost To Buy All Of This Affiliate Bot Junk?

When you are on the sales page it looks well put together, the odd typo, but I definitely can’t complain about that lol. The sales pitch is pretty typical for a product like this. You get the up sell/down sell pitch, you know, it’s going to be a hundred and something for each item if you don’t buy now, and if you do buy now you get everything for an unbelievable low price, you see this all the time. There are many similar products that come out of marketplaces like JVzoo for example. The discounted price for the Affiliate Bot offer is only $17 which is pretty cheap. The nice thing with a product like this is, it comes out of a marketplace called ClickBank which you probably have heard of and promoted products from. ClickBank has a 60 day refund policy which is pretty loose, so I don’t feel there is too much risk as far as the purchase goes. The product creator is pretty smart highlighting the refund policy which he has no control over anyway, its ClickBanks policy, not his, but a good marketing tactic non the less.

To The Important Stuff, Will Affiliate Bots Increase Your Commissions?

Personally I am not going to say either way whether this will increase your affiliate commissions, you may find one piece of software that gives you that advantage you’re looking for, I am just saying it’s not my thing, content is king in my eyes. The income claims from using these tools I feel are insanely overstated. No, I don’t feel Affiliate Bots is a scam, it offers a product for a decent price point through a reputable marketplace like ClickBank. Albeit I feel there are more productive ways to increase, or even Start making affiliate commissions on a regular basis, but it starts with your foundation as an affiliate marketer which is a good affiliate marketing training platform. Look at who is giving Affiliate Bots glowing reviews, or who is bashing Affiliate bots. These are content marketers like myself who are the guys that are making the real money, not the guys supposedly using these products. I didn’t read one review where these products were tested and affiliate commissions were enhanced. The guys making money from Affiliate Bots are the guys good at SEO, Content Marketing, Social media engagement, youtube and yes, the people who launch these products, these are the people making the commissions. OK, I said what was on my mind so lets move on with the review.

Affiliate Bots offers a lot of interesting tools but the time it takes to fart around with these tools is time wasted in my opinion. Yes, you could get some benefit from some of the tools offered in Affiliate bots. For example you could get a leg up by using some of the marketplace specific tools like the JVzoo software (King of the Zoo), maybe even the Clickbank banner software, AffiliateAds. You may find a use for the odd other piece of automation but for me it’s really not worth the time, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you know that the day doesn’t have enough hours in it to get everything done you want, farting around with some of these tools in my opinion doesn’t make for good time management. If you are having troubles making great commissions online I would suggest taking that precious time and revisiting the basics of affiliate marketing. Surround yourself with experienced marketers that can help you reach the next level. I have belonged to the same community for over 9 years now and I still gain valuable insight and marketing techniques from the group.

If you are still set on trying Affiliate Bots, I wouldn’t blame you, its pretty cheap and comes with a credible refund policy through ClickBank.

If your intent on trying Affiliate Bots out to see what it can do for your affiliate business, then buy it through me. I tell it the way I see it. I am an affiliate marketer, I am not going to pass up a commission, even if it will only get me a cold beer lol.

Get your Affiliate Bots here!

Thanks for the beer, cheers Mike!


10 Replies to “Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? (Or Will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions)”

  1. Times are changing and moving more towards AI but this Affiliate Bots stuff seems like a scam to me. It really don’t matter how many affiliate programs you are signed up with. Just like you said its all about content and I do not see AI creating content for you on your own page anytime soon.

    1. Yes, content is king, you can start to see this with the last updates that Google did. Quora, Pinterest, Medium are all ranking quite high in search engines now after the algorithm updates in September which shows Google is giving more ranking power to platforms that are engaging and offer relevant content. Thank you for your comment Desiray.

  2. Well! Not totally bad and not good either. Some touches of red flags are evident in this sales pitch going by the information on here with the review of affiliate bots. Also, the big turn off is that I dont know who Mr Chris X is and that does not always tell on good products. I see no reason to hide if your product is a sure one for you. Well, with the scam rate on the internet, I am not enthusiastic about joining this platform. Thanks

    1. Don’t see affiliate bots as a scam, but it does have a lot for not much of an investment which always does seem a little skeptical to me, thanks for your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  3. Thanks for taking your time to put this interesting and helpful review together. I once heard about the Affiliate bots from a friend that offers tools that would enable higher commissions. I felt tempted to try it. Because of the zeal to better in my income making. I’m grateful for this eye opening review you have here. It is well structured and easy to understand. I hope to see More of your research works. Thanks!

  4. if truly this program is set up by a kids like you have assumed here then I must commend his ability to think that wide. I have heard quite a little about this program but never gitv a chance to read about it. I am familiar with some of these tool and also I know a lot about clickbank and how good it is. If this can be allowed by clickbank then i feel it would be an effective tool. My opinion, thanks.

    1. Hi Chloe, I didn’t actually say it was created by kids, what I did say was, it could have been created by kids, you never know who is who on the internet. Yes, the Click Bank tool could be good.

  5. Wow, Mike
    I really like the Affiliate Bots that you introduced in this post. you let me know the affiliate bots is supposedly a fully automated tool suite for internet marketers, such as the click affiliate – script building software, I have never understood what it is doing before, I think I only to join the Affiliate Bots then I will know what it is to do.
    thank you for spending time to review affiliate bots.

    1. As I mentioned in he post, I am not sure how many of these tools actually work, but if you get a few that make your life a little easier its well worth the $17.

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