Human Proof Designs Pre Made Affiliate Websites:Would I Recommend Them?

Human Proof Designs Pre Made Affiliate Websites:Would I Recommend Them?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or looking to make life little easier for yourself by investing in a pre made website, then Human Proof Designs may have what you are looking for. I am doing a quick Human Proof Designs review to answer some of the questions that you may have, the main question being, do Human Proof Designs pre made websites really work? Enjoy my Human Proof Designs review and like always, please leave me any questions or comments at the end of this review. You can contact me through the contact me page here in private if you want to chat, have a great day, hope you enjoy the review, Mike.

What Is Human Proof Designs?

Human Proof Designs was created to fill a void in the pre made affiliate site niche by the owners Dom Wells and Bryon Brewer. These guys first got the idea to create a platform like Human Proof Designs when they noticed there was a need for high quality affiliate sites that just weren’t available to affiliates. Bryon states that other affiliate sites were cheaply done and offered poor ranking results do to poor SEO, content and layouts.

Bryon and Dom went on to create a platform that offers quality pre made affiliate websites and everything you could possibly think of that would help you make affiliate commissions after you buy a pre made affiliate site. A few of the things you will find inside the Human Proof Designs offer are, Affiliate marketing training, services such as article writing, done for you keyword research as well as built in back links. You will also find , tools, support and community at your fingertips. The screen shot below shows what Human Proof Designs has managed to achieve to date.

Who Is Human Proof Designs best suited for?

When visit Human Proof Designs platform you will see they have tried to cover all the bases when it come to who they are pitching their platform too. Bryon and Dom have designed their offer so that it appeals to new affiliate marketers and seasoned affiliates alike. Offering everything from fully automated services that include a fully operational site in a niche that they have found in a profitable niche right down to an article writing service so that fresh content is added to your site on a pre determined schedule. Human Proof Designs will also build in back links so that your content will have more authority with search engines such as Google.

You have many options at your disposal. You can have the full meal deal or choose a discipline that you have trouble with and they will fill the gap for you.

They really do have it all covered when it comes to buying a pre-done affiliate site. For a fee you can have access to everything needed to maintain your new site. I guess the most relevant question to ask at this stage of the review is, can you afford all this help?

Do I Need To Sell An Organ To Get A Human Proof Design Site?

A little play on words lol, my attempt at humour. Not sure what body parts are worth, but I do know what a Human Proof Designs pre-done affiliate site goes for!

If you are interested in just buying a premium amazon or ClickBank pre-done affiliate site you are looking at

Basic Affiliate Site: $798

Standard Affiliate site: $998

Premium Affiliate site: $1298-$10,000

What you do need to keep in mind is, believe it or not, these are just your basic costs. Your new site doesn’t come with hosting ($100/year min) and you will need to register a domain name for your site ($14 per year) plus you will need access to a keyword tool ($49 a month) if you plan on doing any work yourself. If you want a hands off affiliate marketing experience I am here to say, you won’t find one, not even at Human Proof designs. Any affiliate site will take some experience or knowledge of the various principles of affiliate marketing to either keep your site operational, or to grow the site, which should be your goal. If you don’t keep your site fresh it will die very quickly losing any income potential it may have had!

If you are thinking you will hire out the work that it takes to run an affiliate site, then here are some numbers that you should keep in mind…

Monthly article submission: $109-$659, Done for you articles published to your site.

  • Article packs: $299-$1299, done for you article packs ranging from 8000-24000 words. For SEO purpose you really want an article to be minimum 1500 words. This means a 8000 article pack may get you 5 articles. If you know anything about contacting out writing work you would be looking at 1000 words for roughly $50-$75.
  • Monthly PBN back links: $249-$659, HPD builds links for you that are placed in a private network to create back links for your site.
  • Custom Keyword packs: $99, these are keyword packs that are custom picked for your niche that you can use to create content around.
  • Hosting: $100 a year
  • Domain registry: $14 a year

These are just the basic components you will need to keep your site fresh and running if you plan the hands off approach, which I mentioned earlier, doesn’t really exist!

Need A Side Of Training To go With Your New Site?

I have to say upfront I feel Human Proof Designs is a great offer, yes, I have been a Human Proof Designs affiliate for a few years now and have sent hundreds of prospects to their doorsteps. In all honesty, I didn’t get my training at Human Proof Designs!


The training at Human Proof Designs is damn good, very extensive and covers some great topics that are highly relevant to affiliate marketing, here’s the “but” a little too expensive in my opinion. I can get just as good or even better training elsewhere that includes everything I need with no extras for less! Here’s HPD training options…

  • $47 a month for a monthly membership
  • $33 for a monthly based on yearly

This in my opinion is way to steep of a price to pay for affiliate marketing training, especially when you still need to pay for hosting and other affiliate marketing tools and services. There are much cheaper, and frankly, better affiliate training platforms that offer everything you need under one roof for a lot less!

My Advice To You!

If you have some experience in affiliate marketing and can do a few things on your own, keep a Human Proof Design site up and running without having to farm out services, then this offer may be right for you. If you don’t know SEO, how to write content that ranks or create backlinks for your site, this offer will cost you a small fortune by the time you pay for farming these services out. I would be honestly “shocked” if you would get your return on investment back.

If you do have some experience in affiliate marketing, then I would say it’s worth a look at the least. If you are going to try out the $7/14 day trial, please check it out through my affiliate link below. I think you can see by my review I am honest and I am not just going to say anything for a commission.

If you are new to affiliate marketing ( very little knowledge), I don’t feel this is the product for you. All the extras you will need will cost you way too much and I wouldn’t want to see you leave affiliate marketing with a bad taste in your mouth. Get yourself some inexpensive affiliate marketing training and then maybe come back and look at Human Proof designs products, they are quite good. Trust me, the little guy on my shoulder is telling me to make some big commissions off you, the little guy on the other shoulder is saying, be good lol. My commission off of a $5,000 site is pretty sweet for one sale, that’s why you see lots of positive Human Proof Design reviews. My review is mixed for good reason. Human Proof Designs offers some great services, and their pre done sites are top notch, but this offer isn’t for everyone!

Have a great day, please leave me your comments, questions or contact me in person and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.


















If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing these sites may not be for you. I know that Human Proof Designs states in their sales pitch that their platform is Newbie friendly but this will come at a higher cost. The reason I say this is, if you come to Human Proof Designs with this idea that you are going to just pop in and buy a site you are sadly mistaken. Do you know what a good site entails? Do you know what the real income potential is? Do you know what it will take to keep your site ranking well in search engines? Below is a quick look at the details that a new site come with, do you know what this all means? If not, you will need some affiliate marketing training, and if you need affiliate marketing training, why would you buy a site? You could build one as you do your training, thats how most affiliate marketing platforms train you. You learn how to build a site and add content that ranks and every other aspect of building a profitable affiliate site.


The info above isn’t rocket science but for a beginner it may not make sense and would you know how to fact check this info? Is this annual profit or lifetime profit? If so, buying this site for $1300 doesn’t make a lot of sense

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