How To Write Content That Ranks – Follow These Steps To Success

How To Write Content That Ranks – Follow These Steps To Success

In affiliate marketing there are numerous ways to get your affiliated product in front of your potential customers noses. One of my personal favourites is called content marketing. When an affiliate uses content for traffic generation it is essential that the content they produce ranks high in search engines, if it doesn’t,  its really a waste of their valuable time.

In this post ‘How To Write Content That Ranks” I will break down the strategies that I personally use to produce content that ranks high in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Enjoy the post and by all means please leave me you questions or comments below this post.

Your First Step In How To Write Content That Ranks

Over the years I have had numerous new affiliate marketers contact me and ask why their content hasn’t ranked high or even worse, they can’t find their content anywhere indexed in search engine results.

First question I ask them is, did you use a keyword tool before you wrote your content? In most cases the answer is a resounding “NO”.

It’s an absolute”must” that you use a keyword tool to research your topic for traffic and competition, don’t write a post without using a keyword tool or you’re throwing darts at a dart board blindfolded. I could have come up with any variations for the title of this post, but I chose this one based on my preliminary research using a keyword tool. Here’s what my research told me.

I will explain what this screen shot tells me. When I wrote this post this site was pretty new, this is just one of my sites that I have created and run as I write this post. When your site is new and your website authority in search engine eyes such as Google is low, you need to Start with low QSR keywords. A QSR score just means competition. If the keyword phrase you are going to use has under 100 QSR then this is a good thing when you are looking to rank a post with a new site. Yes, the traffic isn’t great but you will also get some collateral rankings for related keywords like,  write content, content that ranks, these are just two examples of where your post may also get indexed. Bottom line, use a keyword tool to write content that ranks and you will have a good chance of achieving a high ranking for your content.

Step 2 Sprinkle a Little Keyword sugar

Make sure you use your keyword phrase once somewhere in your first two paragraphs. This is a little SEO trick that will help your content rank.

Step 3 – Keyword Stuffing Is A No Go!

Write your post naturally putting in variations of your keyword phrase but don’t over use this technique and only use keywords if they make sense. The reason you don’t want to over use your keyword phrase is, Google is quite aware of people who want to game the system by stuffing their article with keywords with the intention of tricking their bots. If Google’s bots pick up on this technique of keyword stuffing, your post will get an undesirable ranking.

Step 4 – Image Size Is Crucial When Creating A High Ranking Post

Many new affiliates will ad images which is great, they help tell a story,  but they commonly think that bigger is better, not true when it comes to Google’s ranking of your content. Oversized images will slow down your site speed which inevitably will hurt your chances of ranking your content high with search engines.  Google Panda, the latest algorithm released by Google has a site speed component built into it, so you want the best site speed you can get. There are many free image optimizers available, I use Kracken which was added as a free plugin to optimize my images I add to this site and my other sites.

Step 5 – Use H2 Keyword Rich Headers To Write Your Content

When you’re writing your content you want to use every opportunity to get some of your keyword phrase naturally into your content. The best way to do this is to use H1 or H2 headers that are relevant to your topic. This is a great way to get your keywords into your post without risking keyword stuffing. Not only will relevant keyword rich headers serve to help your ranking, they help to break up the mass of text and explain in an organized way the topic your are discussing.

Step 6 – Ask For Comments, These are Important!

You will notice in the second paragraph I asked you to leave me your comments or questions.  I genuinely care to here your thoughts and really want to help by answering your questions, thats why I ask for them, but this also serves another important purpose. Getting comments on your content will also go along way to helping your post over time continue to gain in the search engines rankings. Comments are the best kind of content in Googles eyes, it’s crucial that you get comments on your posts.

One other function that comments serve on your content is, they keep your content fresh. Comments show that people are reading your content and are engaged enough that they feel they need to leave a comment. Your response is also important. Giving a thorough response tells your readers that you are wiling to take the time to give them a detailed answer, it says you care!

Step 7 –  Using Internal Links In Your Content

Internal linking from one article to another on your site is a pretty important. Although there is some debate on whether internal linking will actually help your post rank. The way I see internal linking is this way, if you internal link you are putting out spider webs for Googles bots and these bots will follow these webs to your other articles where they will find any fresh content such as comments, keyword rich comments. This will help your posts rankings overall, no different than when I write another post I may link back to this post enhancing this posts chance to rank even higher. Bottom line is, internal linking will help over time.

Step 8 – Word Count Matters When Writing Content

Don’t waste your time writing content if you don’t want to put the effort into your post. Google has certain parameters that they use to identify authoritative content and one of these metrics is word count. Your post should be no less than 1000 words, This is the minimum you should strive for, the more the merrier. Not only will word count help your content rank but the more lengthily your post is, the informative it will be, and really,  isn’t that the purpose of your post?

One word of caution, you are writing with a purpose,  that is to inform your audience on a certain topic. Don’t fall into the bad habit that some do and just use filler to get your word count up. I have hired quite a few writers over the years that I pay on a fee per word basis. What I find commonly happens with hiring writers is, they like to make their money by stuffing their posts with non relative info. I get about 500 words of quality informative info and 500 words of pure filler garbage. I make sure I clearly stipulate to my writers that I require informative content, I won’t pay for filler!

Step 9 – Invest some time In A Course On How To Write Content That Ranks

There’s a lot of free and really inexpensive training out there that will help you write content that ranks. I recieved some free training  when I was starting out that had my content ranking high in no time flat. There are some great courses out there that only take a few minutes of your day and the results will blow you away.

I know if you keep these 9 steps on how to write content that ranks in the back of your mind when you write your next post you will find that your content will rank must better than if you didn’t implement these steps. Let me know how your post ranks after you incorporate these steps into your content.

Leave me your thoughts and questions below. Your input will help me provide more informative content in the future. Need any free help with your affiliate marketing? Just ask, I am here to help!


10 Replies to “How To Write Content That Ranks – Follow These Steps To Success”

  1. Google ranking is very important in the eyes of an Affiliate Marketer. Everyone wants Google to rank him or her highly. Being ranked on page one and especially number one on page one is every publisher’s desire. Therefore, this great post explains in detail how to have your post ranked highly. These are steps in the right direction if you want Google to favor you everyday. Additionally, one ought to avoid short headings or titles for posts. If a title includes hyphens or brackets, it is likely to rank higher than an ordinary short title.


  2. This is really awesome and accurate. From some training, I can agree that one cannot take the place of keywords in getting a sure ranked. The post must be lengthy without swerving away from the subject matter too. Getting comments too is a great way for Google and other search engines to see that there’s really interaction and you are passing value to readers. These are some of this things I’ve learnt from training I’m on. Your tips are very accurate. I have seen some people talk about some automated ways of getting ranked, what’s your take on that? 

    1. Hi Henderson, not a fan of the people who talk about using automation to game Google, this in the end will only hurt you, it’s one area where Google is pretty dialled in and they will catch on if they already haven’t, it’s their business! Thanks for stopping by, don’t hesitate to ask away if you can think of anything more that you may want my opinion on, cheers Mike.

  3. I must be honest, this is another great post that I believe would be of immense help to me in my journey as a blogger and marketer. Though I have created few contents but none of them have received worthy ranking on google as this baffles me. The articles were of great qualities and content but I guess I lack basic knowledge on content creations to rank better and give google exactly what it wants. The steps highlighted here are simply straightforward and direct so, I should have no difficulties understanding and practicing them. Thanks


    1. Hi Rodarrick, Even my posts don’t rank that great when I build a new site. It takes time for Google to see that you are posting on a regular schedule, this is key for a new site. Make sure you post 4 times a week if you can, 3 at least and keep them regular, don’t bunch them up and publish them all at once, this will hurt your rankings. If I can help in any way don’t think twice about contacting me through this site, my help is always free! Cheers Mike.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your valuable speech. It’s an informative article. I’m interested to be a content writer but I do not know how to write. I always remain in mental stress “how to rank my content”. You remove all of my stresses and now I feel free. From your post, I have known all the steps that would make my content healthy and easy for ranking. Now, I easily write my content that would be rank.
    Thank you so much and love for you!

    1. Hi Snigdha, I am glad I could be of some help. Just write naturally is the best advice I can give you. So many content writers focus on everything being perfect and just the right amount of keywords, punctuation and so on. Truth is, most online readers speak slang and also read slang. When I first started it took me forever to write a post, first on ebook me a whole day and then at the end I forgot to save the bloody thing lol. 

      It wasn’t until I received probably the best advice I ever got from a long time affiliate marketer which was, write like you are talking to your buddies. I started on that right away, had to hold back a bit, lol, if you ever heard me talk to my buddies. Darn if I didn’t Start getting more and more engagement. You know the nice thing about comments and engagement? Google sees comments as the best type of content, so it’s a win, win.

      You ready stuff and my punctuation sucks and I don’t use proper English but people get the message. Just be you and see where it gets you. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything you like, that’s what I am here for, cheers Mike.

  5. Hi Mike, 

    While going through your other post which is about the SEO & finding the right keywords and gets ranking with Google is insightful and there are many people who would want to understand this topic carefully. And btw, you have nailed it down. I am trying to get my blogs indexed with Google and I tend to struggle a lot but after reading your article, I realized that I haven’t been following a correct process and my energy is wasted. Great that I now know that your website can get me the information that I need the most! 

    1. Hi LK thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts for my visitors. Every time I write a blog post I use the same process. I had great training many years ago when I first Broke into Internet marketing and stayed a member with the same platform for the last 9 years. Internet marketing keeps evolving so I wanted a platform that kept up with the times, I made the right decision looking back.

      Google is always changing their augorythims so it’s nice to have a platform that has roughly a million and a half members who share knowledge. Have a great day Mike.

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