How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

For many people new to affiliate marketing making your first pay check online feels like it will never come. In this post “How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer” I will layout the exact path that I used to make my first commission as an affiliate marketer and many more. This post only covers what to do after you have already chosen a niche. You can read another post I created on choosing the right niche for you here!

Choosing The Right Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Reach Your Audience

Once you have chosen a niche to participate in you will need to figure out how to best reach your intended audience so that you can pitch your product or service. I personally like content marketing for not only longevity, but for it’s effectiveness with reaching a targeted audience. I can create simple but effective content or posts that will stand the test of time in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some posts that I written more than 3 years ago still hold onto first page rankings and still bring traffic in the form of potential customers to my products. There’s literally nothing I need to do with these posts, they just keep on driving traffic to my offers year after year.

The nice thing about content marketing is that you can easily incorporate many other types of affiliate marketing strategies to compliment content marketing. Social marketing is commonly used to leverage your content on social platforms. Sharing your content on social platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and other various social sites can be achieved with a simple click of a button. Simply add ‘free” social sharing icons to your website and it’s a snap to share your content to an even larger audience which will increase your chances of making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Yes, You Will Need A Website!

You will need a website, don’t let anyone tell you you don’t need a website! If you plan on making affiliate marketing a long term passive or full time income you will need a website. Websites offer long term exposure and the ability to brand yourself. The more targeted content you can produce the more reach search engines will give you, this will come in the form of higher page rankings in most cases. Higher page rankings means more eyes on your content with relates to more opportunities to pitch your affiliate products or services.

Branding Yourself Is Money In the Bank

When I talk about branding yourself I am not talking about using a hot poker! Building a brand or branding yourself is all about demonstrating to your audience that you are an authority in your chosen niche. Don’t think that you need to start out as an expert, trust me, you will grow into one as your website or blog grows over time. Producing engaging and informative content will show your audience that you are credible and knowledgeable in your niche. Answering questions about your content will also help to show you know your niche inside and out.

The best way to get people to buy is to in still confidence in them that you know your stuff and can be trusted.

Leveraging your Content To Build Email Lists

Producing informative content serves us in many ways, one of which is to gather emails for your email campaigns. When people click on your content in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, they will land on your site which is your opportunity to correspond with them. You can offer a ‘SUBSCRIBE” opt in on your site where people can get new info emailed to them as it is created, this is a great way to collect emails for your email campaign. You can also collect emails through a “CONTACT ME” page. Contact me pages are great opportunities for you to interact with your visitors on a one to one basis. Contact me pages are also great ways to build your email list due to the fact that people reaching out for one on one help or questions have to use a return email. I personally don’t use this opportunity to engage my readers on a one on one basis to capture emails. I personally like my visitors to fell free to contact me for help at anytime without risk of being bombarded with sales pitches.

You can also offer visitors a newsletter subscription that has all your new topics that you are covering on your site. When a visitor ops in they give up their email address.

Forum Posting Helps To Establish Your Brand

Many don’t see the time invested in forum posting as a good investment to income winner but I do. I have seen lots of traffic and potential customers come to my sites over the years from my interaction in forums such as Quora. I receive multiple questions from forum users very day which gives me an opportunity to show my authority on various topics. Never pass on the chance to demonstrate your authority, it’s a huge credibility booster which ultimately offers the chance to promote a product.

Don’t Be In A Rush For Sales

The biggest mistake I see affiliates make is to chase sales at any cost, especially early on in their online endeavour.

If there is any advice I can offer an emerging affiliate it would be, don’t chase sales. Invest the time in building a brand and a great sales funnel and sales will follow, I promise! So many affiliates push so hard for sales it comes at a cost of looking like a snake oil salesman which turns potential buyers off. Credibility and honesty sells, being pushy doesn’t. Take the time to help and inform people and they will be more inclined to trust your advice and look at your affiliate offer.

Why Do I need A Sales Funnel?

You always hear the words “sales funnel” thrown around the affiliate marketing arena. Yes, you need a sales funnel if you want to take advantage of the traffic you are generating with your content.

What does a good sales funnel look like?

From years of working online I have found that if you don’t have a well thought out sales funnel you will let lots of website visitors and sales slip through your fingers.

A good sales funnel is like a spider web more than a funnel. With content marketing you will run campaigns that speak to a certain topics. Each topic that you focus on will be hammered with content that you create. Each post brings people back to your site and eventually to a particular landing page that talks specifically to the topic and related product that you are discussing in your posts. Your funnel may consist of your content creation, social media promotions and any PPC or advertising that you may use.

Invest In Solid Affiliate Training

No, I am not trying to sell you an affiliate training program even though I do know of one that I used to build my career online. Even though you see lots of free training floating around the internet, which is great as a supplementary training option you will need to have some structured training. Invest a few bucks to make a lot, when you look at the investment to potential income ratio it is a no brainer.

Let me stress, there is absolutely no need to break the bank on training! Affiliate training shouldn’t cost you no more than $25 a month which you need to add your hosting cost to, all in you should pay no more than $50 a month to run your affiliate business with ongoing training. I have seen and reviewed many programs that have high membership fees for tools and services that are not warranted. At the other end of the spectrum you have the cheap discount affiliate training offers that will nickel and dime you one you are through multiple up sells.

What Tools Do You Need To Make An Affiliate Income?

Affiliate tool providers will lead you to believe that you need many high tech tools which is probably the furthest from the truth. All you need to make money as an affiliate are 3 tools listed below…

  • Website
  • keyword tool
  • Auto responder ( purchase this service only when you have traffic to utilize it)

The top three tools you will need to make money as an affiliate marketer are the ones I have listed above, even the autoresponder you can get for free when you first start out from places like Mail chimp. Any other tool like logo creation or call to action images can be found through free services such as,, and If you have a WordPress website you will have access to thousands of free plug-ins that can be added to your site to create cool graphics that will impress your visitors.

I hope this post has offered some info that will help your chance of making money online as an affiliate marketer. If you have any questions that you want to discuss in person with me please go through the contact me page and I will get right back to you. I will not use your email from this page in an email campaign!

If your interested in affiliate marketing training check out my rated list of credible affiliate training programs. Have a great day, cheers Mike.

8 Replies to “How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Well, you talked about how to make passive income in the previous post and you mentioned affiliate marketing. The thought of making my own website is kind of scary, I’m really hoping this don’t go wrong for me. I see you have given the tools to make use of and I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Having read all you have written, I think I’ll just dive right to see your recent trainings. Thanks

    1. Hi Henderson, you can’t go wrong with content marketing, it really is a matter of getting some low cost but solid training and create content on a regular schedule and don’t give up. It usually takes a few months for your content to Strat working but once it starts to roll it just compounds. As you get comments they start to work in your favour. Thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike, 

    I am very excited to tell you that the information that I have searched on your website looks really promising. I have been trying to look for such detailed information from the last couple of weeks and never came across any such website that has the info that could help me build up my own business. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with all of us. Great work, all the very best.

    1. Hi LK, I am glad you found some valuable info on the site. If you ever have any questions of suggestions for topics you would like me to cover please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your needs or contact me in person through the contact me page here on this site, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Great article, I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for a few years, with a reasonable amount of success. I like to check out sites like yours every couple of weeks, to see what works for other people. I must admit I haven’t tried forums before, I’ll certainly check them out though and see how I get on.

    I noticed you mentioned sales funnels, I must admit creating sales funnels isn’t the strongest part of my “game” you see a lot of companies now that create sales funnels for you, any thoughts on whether they are worth looking at?

    1. Hi Nate, sales funnels are a personally tailored type of deal. I have different sales funnels for different campaigns that I run. If I want to target different groups on the internet they get a little different style of funnel. I don’t think I would want someone else building a funnel for me. I have always found my funnels need to be tweaked for optimum results. Unless the people who are giving you a funnel will tweak them then they are missing the biggest or hardest part of getting a funnel that works at its best. That is the main reason I feel a funnel needs to speak to your audience and support your content, if it doesn’t it is just a generic funnel that won’t produce good results. I don’t believe there is any outfit out there that would spend the time to look at all the content on your site. if you aren’t doing content marketing and simply trying to get traffic through squeeze pages and such it might be a little easier but still not as effective in my opinion as content marketing. Ask as many questions as you can think of, I here to help where I can, cheers Mike.

  4. Thank you for your insightfulness on becoming an affiliate marketer.

    I am sure lots of people want to become an affiliate online marketer but have no clue where to begin. There are several scammers out there who promote making thousands in weeks but have no real validity to their system and you end up wasting time and money.

    Have you thought about putting together a video that teaches the methods of how to put together an online affiliate marketing business. I for one like seeing the process on how to make the process work from start to finish. Yes I’m a visual learner.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Mike, yes, I have thought about doing some videos but to be honest I need to get a little better behind the camera lol. The reason I started this website was to offer free help to emerging affiliate marketers. It can be very difficult to break through if you don’t have the right training and insight into what needs to be done to break through. On this site I will do my best to put all of my knowledge into print for others, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

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