How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – Your Step By step Guide

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – Your Step By step Guide


In this article I will lay out how I and many successful affiliate marketers got started in affiliate marketing. There are a few key steps that I will lay out for you that will go a long ways to ensuring that you find the same or even more success than I enjoy. I hope you enjoy my step by step guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing, if you have any questions or need any help getting started or even if you found this article useful please leave me a comment or share it with friends, have a good one Mike.

You have probably already noticed by doing a little digging that everyone and their dog has some product or system created to help you get started in affiliate marketing, hell their probably telling you it’s a sure fired way to make it rich with little or no effort. The one I find funny is, you need no experience, no drive, no ambition, just let the money roll in as you sleep!

Well I am here to tell you that’s all bullshit, don’t usually swear but this really ticks me off when I see outfits try and knowingly take advantage of newbies such as yourself for their own gain.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, I will get that right out there up front. You need to work at it hard, really hard,  but if you do, it can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative jobs out there, hate to even call it a job, it really isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, damn good one at that! I was in Europe for the month of September and some of October with my wife and a few friends and I was still “working” so to speak. All I did is check my emails the odd time and address any issues that came up and watch the money keep rolling, yes it does roll in while you sleep!

Without wasting any more of you valuable time here is the same step by step guide that got me started in affiliate marketing.

 Step#1 in Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

 Expect a steep learning curve to start

When you are getting started in affiliate marketing accept the fact that you are going to have to put a lot of time into your affiliate marketing business and training with very little return for the first 4-6 months. Yes you can start out part time, you don’t have to quit your job and go all in, I actually don’t advise going all in right at the start, adds way to much financial pressure to an already stressful learning curve. I have worked with many new affiliate marketing years and I get quite a few guns ho newbies that figure they are going to light the affiliate marketing world on fire only to realize that it does take time to build your affiliate business and create a nice income for yourself and your family.

When I first started I didn’t even know how to send an email and today I have multiple website and a few writers that also work for me so it really doesn’t matter your skill level, you just need to be prepared to work hard and stick with it. My learning curve was quite steep but nothing I couldn’t handle. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or mathematician, all you need to do is follow step by step instructions and you will be just fine.

Step #2 In Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

 Have a budget

When you are getting started in affiliate marketing you need to have a budget that you are willing to spend, don’t go into affiliate marketing if you are broke, you will fail, you need to have some type of a budget that you are willing to invest for a later gain. I always tell people I work with to budget $50 a month for training, website, hosting and access to a keyword tool.

Like I said in step #1, it will take at least 4-6 months to start generating a decent income, won’t be enough to live off but will definitely give you some decent income to pay any bills associated with your start up and a lot of play money! Just a quick example, one young college student I worked with a few years ago I help get started in the fitness niche where he just stuck with it and he started to get the odd inconsistent sale here and there for the first few months and by the time he had a year  in he was routinely seeing $5000 months on average, maybe a little more and his affiliate business was really just getting started. As I mentioned,  Jesse also had a full work load at college, so doing the part time thing with affiliate marketing will work, did for me and many others!

Step #3 In Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

Invest In Some quality Training

I can’t underscore the importance of sourcing out a solid affiliate marketing training platform to help get you started, you really can’t expect to achieve success in affiliate marketing by looking around and trying to piece together individual or free training, it won’t work! You need to have your training laid out in a step by step training delivery model and you need to have 24/7 support. Once you are up and rolling in your affiliate marketing business I do recommend that you look around for free sources of training, which there are many. You can really expand your knowledge by utilizing free training options, just remember there is always a catch and there will come a point where these training sources will ask for you to pay something to access more. Just take the free and move on.

Why 24/7 support? When you are starting out and you are fitting the affiliate marketing gig in where you can, usually on your days off or after work, you need a platform that will be responsive to your needs or questions, which you will have many. Having a training platform that can answer your questions when you need them answered so you can make the most of your time and money is of the utmost importance. You will see what I am talking about once you get started. For more info on choosing the best affiliate marketing training platform for you, check out my post

“Best affiliate marketing training courses – How to pick a legit one”

Keeping your work moving forward and not loosing momentum is critical when you first start out, you really want to keep to a schedule and keep your affiliate marketing machine moving forward.

Step #4 In Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

Don’t Buy Needless Affiliate Marketing Gadgets Or Services

Snake oil salesman are everywhere in the affiliate marketing tools and services arena, buyer beware!

When you first start out in affiliate marketing you won’t have a clue what it takes to make money or find success in affiliate marketing,  there are those that will prey on your lack of knowledge and take you for every penny you have and will have if you let them.

To get started in affiliate marketing all you need is

  • A Word Press website
  • reliable and secure hosting
  • Access to a keyword tool
  • Google analytics account (free)
  • Somewhere where you can build call to actions, headers and more. is the one I use (free account)
  • Quality training platform (no up sells) If it offers all the above that’s all you want and need.

To start that’s all you need, you don’t need autoresponders or lead and squeeze page creators to start. Word Press websites have literally thousands of free plugins that you can use to create really stunning web pages, contact forms, surveys and so much more. A good Word Press theme is all you will need to start. Down the road you will want to start capturing emails to build your list but you can do this to start with a free account with autoresponder services such as “Mail chimp” which offers a free service if you have under 2500 subscribers.

If you are joining a training platform to get more than what I have listed above and paying a premium you are just wasting your money.

Here’s a little image I created at,  another free service which is great for creating cool pictures or unique call to actions for your campaigns. Lots of free stuff out there, absolutely no reason to go and saddle yourself with costly services and tools.

Step #5 In Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

Avoid Platforms That Want You To Buy The Rights To Sell Their Stuff

Joining training platforms that promote affiliate marketing training combined with the ability to sell their suite of tools is a huge mistake. I see this all the time where an affiliate marketing training platform also gets you to buy into a suite of tools that they say you will need to make money as an affiliate marketer, this simply isn’t the case. What these outfits are trying to do is to get you to pay for the right to sell their products to other unsuspecting newbies.

All this will do is saddle you with some really hefty bills which I mentioned in step #2 that you will want to avoid. Some of the costs you will see will range anywhere from $99 a month to thousands year that will produce no better results than having the basic tools and services. You will see tons of members trying to sell this crap but this is only because they are so deep in debt that they need to perpetuate this sham.

Step #6 In Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

Keep A Set Schedule

When you are first starting out and developing your affiliate marketing business takes consistent effort. Google who will index your website looks for consistency and will give your website better rankings and Google’s bots will scan your website more often if it sees you are adding new content on a regular business. Why keeping a consistent schedule is important is due to the fact that you are in the process of building a following and your readers or visitors will be coming back looking for more and more info. You really want to be consistent at first to make sure your traffic grows and your opportunities with it.

Keeping to a set schedule will also ensure that you are concentrating on growing your affiliate marketing business. Allocate that time and stick to it, you will see big gains.

Step #7 In Getting Started In affiliate Marketing

Don’t overthink it!

A common theme I see play out over and over again is newbies paralyzed by inaction. Most newcomers to affiliate marketing keep looking for the right time to make their move or find that perfect niche to get involved in. To be quite frank, quit procrastinating, get the stick out of your you know what and get going. The more time you sit on the sidelines the less time you have to start living life as it was meant to be lived, work to live, not live to work!

Find the right affiliate marketing training program that will allow you to learn and earn at the same time and get to work. Hope you got something out of this article, these are the same steps that I and many successful affiliate marketers stuck to. A lot of the successful affiliate marketers sadly enough see an opportunity to sell you tons of stuff you don’t need for personal gain, so just remember to keep it simple!

Leave me your thoughts or questions below or contact me in person through my “contact me page”. I will get back to you as quickly as I can, have a great day Mike.



8 Replies to “How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – Your Step By step Guide”

  1. The importance of a good affiliate marketing training cannot be over emphasised. But there a re many out there that are not real and just make people pay for nothing. Like you have said, having a budget is also really important in getting started so as not to over spend. I’m happy that you listed tools that can be of good use when getting started. Is there any training that you strongly recommend for starters? 

    1. Hi Henderson, yes, there are many so called programs that like to add all these tools and services which I have never used any of the services and tools that I have seen in some offers which makes me think what the heck are they trying to pull. I know what it to make money online it doesn’t require expensive tools and services. What it does take is perseverance and commitment. Have a good look around the site and let me know if you have any questions. Take care Mike.

  2. Hi Mike 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and amazing post with us. By reading your post it is very clear to me that affiliate marketing is really a good platform for earning money at home. If we want we will show our talents to others by doing affiliate marketing. Your this post will help them who are interested in this job like me. This is a platform for us to reach the top from bottom. It will not only develop our financial status but also our social respect. It will give us another identity. I am really very inspired by reading this post. 

    I will share the post to others so that they can also involve in this way. 

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us monalisha. Affiliate marketing is a great discipline to use to reach your financial goals as well as you personal freedom that you can’t get from a 9-5 type of job. Thanks for your comment, cheers mike.

  3. I like how you outlined the honest way about how to make money online. It is really important for people to understand the principle of it. 

    I am also sick and tired of those scammy products promising you big earnings with no effort. 

    It certainly takes time and effort to make first dollar. 

    Originally I thought that it needed some extra knowledge or lot of experience in order to make money online. But with a proper training many people can succeed.
    Of course it requires persistence and that not everyone has. 

    well, I am glad I have stumbled upon this post. I can definitely relate to the 7th step. As I have had the tendency to procrastinate… I need to get my acts together and take action.

    Thanks a lot

  4. Out of are the affiliate marketing posts, I have enjoyed and learned the most from this one! It was very thorough and complete! It has made me realize that my choosing Wealthy Affiliate as opposed to any other was a great When is a good time to try and monetize my blog?

    1. Yes Robert, Wealthy affiliate is where I got my start online many years ago Andy it is still my go to affiliate marketing platform for many reasons, it’s current, supportive and offers everything you need under one roof. The community is awesome and very knowledgeable, thanks for stopping by mike.

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