How To Find A Niche For A Blog-Without Breaking A Sweat!

How To Find A Niche For A Blog-Without Breaking A Sweat!

One of the hardest things for people new to blogging or affiliate marketing for that matter is finding the right niche for their blog. This post will cover off some other questions you may be grappling with when it comes to finding a niche for your blog, questions like…

  • How do I find a profitable niche?
  • Can I have a niche I like and still have it be the right niche for me?
  • How big should the niche be that I work in?
  • How popular should my niche be?

I am sure you have more questions that will be answered off in this post, but heaven forbid I missed one that you want answered don’t hesitate to drop me a message through the contact me page here on this site. My help is always free with no strings attached.

Starting the search for the right niche for you!

Here’s the big debate that I will finally put to bed for you, Do you need to be passionate about the niche that you want for your blog? Answer yes and no. LOL, trick question with a simple answer.

You don’t need to be passionate about your niche selection or even have a current interest in your niche, but you do need to want to learn about your niche, that’s the key. I have participated in quite a few niches over my 10 years as an affiliate marketer many of which I didn’t have any experience with other than I had a keen interest in learning about my niche choices.

Do I need to be an expert in my niche?

Expecting to be an expert in any given niche right out of the gate is a fallacy that you will need to get over or you will never find a niche. If only experts on topics could create blogs we would probably have 75% less blogs on the internet. Like I mentioned previously all you need is the need to want to know more about your niche. You must research the hell out of it and dig into every corner of your niche. If it’s a cooking blog and you are not a cook but always wanted to be, good enough, just be prepared to put the work into learning your niche. Your blog will grow as your knowledge grows, it’s really that simple.

Studying Some Trends To See If your Niche Is Popular

Say you have decided that you want to get into urban chicken farming, never been a urban chicken farmer but it sounds interesting and thought it would always be cool to do it one day, well, nows your chance to live it through your blog. The next step is to see if there is an interest in urban chicken farming or maybe you’re the only weird person out there. A simple way to use a free tool called Google Trends.

By using Google Trends you will discover how many people are interested in your niche and if it is trending upwards or downwards in popularity. This by no means is the only factor that should persuade or dissuade you on your niche selection but it’s a good starting point.

Here is the search I did in Google trends

As you can see there is quite a steady interest in urban chicken farming and the numbers of searchers aren’t that bad, I will speak to the numbers a little later in this post.

I didn’t get a screen shot of all the info that Google Trends offers, but there is much more valuable info to be analyzed. What you don’t see in this screen shot is info on demographic areas that predominately search for your potential niche. Colder states seem to be where most searches come from so that would give you an indication of some types of affiliate products that you may want to incorporate into your blog, something like “heated waterers for chickens”. I am kind of cheating on this one I actually had a domain at one time called “heated chicken”, lots of searches and no competition made for a juicy affiliate product.

Google Trends also shows you what related searches are done for keywords that are associated with urban chicken farming. This information can give you a good resource for topics that you can write about in your niche.

Eyeing Up Your Competition

Once you have looked to see if your niche has enough interest or your the only freak who is into chicken farming in the city you will need to know how your competition stacks up. If everyone and their dog is into blogging about urban chicken farming and there’s not a ton of traffic then I would say you will come out on the short end of the stick in this niche. If the competition looks good then you my have a winner chicken dinner!

There’s a few ways you can go about finding out what kind of competition you will face. Do a simple search in Google. What you will see by this screen shot below is that there are just over 12 million search results for this search which believe it or not isn’t bad. If you saw some crazy number like 100 million or something this would be a big red flag and tell you that your niche idea was too broad and chances of your blog reaching the eyes of the masses online searching for urban chicken farming ideas would probably never land on your blog.

Say all goes well, next you can take your research one step further and punch your niche idea into a keyword tool such as the one I use called Jaaxy. I am all for using free tools for my affiliate marketing/blogging but this is one area where you need to spend the money. Keyword research is critical to getting your blog posts ranked on the first page, I wouldn’t write a post without using a keyword tool like Jaxxy or Long-tail Pro for example.

Here is a screen shot of my search in Jaxxy. By looking at this screen shot I am almost considering starting a blog on Urban Chicken Farming lol. The traffic looks good and by looking at the low QSR scores there’s not much competition. You can learn more about using a keyword tool like Jaxxy in a post that I did on deciphering the jargon that comes out of a keyword tool search here.

Almost Done Finding The Right Niche For You

Once I have decided that there is an interest in my niche and the niche isn’t too broad, not lots of search results or competition, I can now look to see what kind of competition I am up against. What I mean by this is, do the first two pages of a Google search have big players on them. For example, can you see institutes or large merchants or media outlets dominating these pages? If so it may be a tough go even if the competition is large in volume but stiff in quality. What you want to see are mom and pop blogs like yours that you can knock off. If you see .com’s, .org’s or .net’s and just the odd big fish, then you are one step closer to finding your niche for your blog.

Last And Final Step I Promise!

Lastly you want to see if your niche selection will have opportunity to make some moolah! This is a very simple process. All you need to do are a few Google searches using related keywords with you can get from the right hand column of a Jaxxy search or anything that pops up while doing your search with the keyword tool. Enter these phrases into Google and you will see related items in the form of Google Ads pop up on the right of your searches which will give you some idea of products you can spin into your posts for affiliate commission possibilities. You can also do a Google search for affiliate programs that you can join for free that will pay you to promote their products or services. Here is a search I did for urban chicken farming affiliate programs…

As you can see there are many affiliate offers for you to join if you wanted to get into urban chicken farming. All you need to do is add “affiliate programs” with any niche idea and affiliate programs will pop up if there are any. From there simply click on the results and see what kind of commissions they offer.

Well, I hope this will help you find a niche for your blog. I can’t stress enough to you that you need to make sure you have a little inexpensive training on building a profitable blog. I am a big fan of using free tools and services but there are only a few areas where I feel you need to spend a few bucks and that is in the areas of training, keyword tools and a website building platform such a WordPress.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through this site in person, I am always willing to help a fellow blogger, have a great day Mike.



6 Replies to “How To Find A Niche For A Blog-Without Breaking A Sweat!”

  1. Finding the correct niche is very important. You do need to have an interest in the subject to make the learning just that bit easier but as long as you are willing to learn than any subject is viable.

    The study of the trends in your potential niche can mean the difference between success and failure. If you don’t check the trends and end up picking a niche that is slowly going down then you are going to end up disappointed.

    All the checks you suggest I would say should be mandatory before deciding on your final niche.


    1. Thanks Derek, I agree that you should follow all the steps I have laid out in this post, it has payed off big time for me over the years when looking for a niche, have a great day and thank you for your feedback, cheers Mike.

  2. That is amazing, I never thought I could choose or select a niche that I have never or have experience in and thank God I have just discovered that on this post. Now I can explore more so that I can now get results that I have been looking for. You have done well by providing as with this quality content, just what I have been looking for. 

    I will like to know where or how do I come out with information so that I can write quality content on a niche that I am new to?. 

    I have really find post helpful and am waiting to read your  response from you and that is not all because I will be visiting your site regularly to read more important post like this.

    My regards 

    1. Hi Sumani, Thanks for the kind words. Every site I created over the years were in different niches, most of which I had no experience in. My knowledge grew with my blogs, this is the first site that I can actually share my experiences with my audience from a position of authority. Every other website I have created I was researching and learning as the blog developed. Hey, if I can do it anyone can. I became an expert in the weight loss niche by signing up for university publications and studies. If I wanted to write a blog on” losing weight from drinking water” for example I would search studies for information on my future blog post. I had access to major research facilities finding and all I had to do was read the results and put these results in my own words and put my own spin on it. Before long I had written hundreds of posts on weight loss and my knowledge on the subject was quite extensive.

      Now with this site I am writing about all the disciplines, techniques and tricks I have used over the years to make thousands in advertising and affiliate commissions. All I am doing with this blog is sharing my experiences with readers. I know what works and what doesn’t and I am willing to pass this info down the line. I have been asked to contribute to quite a few ebooks as an expert author due to my years of being in the affiliate marketing business. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to leave them on this site or contact me in person through the contact me page here on this site. Enjoy the site and have a great day, Mike.

  3. Hi Mike – Another great informative post! I’ve already chosen my niche but now I can really investigate it. This is the first time I’m made aware of Google Trends. I like research and this is right up my alley.  I’m sure I’ll have more questions for you in the future.  I’m bookmarking this post for sure!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Hey Nathaniel, thanks for taking the time to comment, great having your feedback. The post on finding a niche shows the exact steps I take when I look at getting into a new niche. I am glad you found the post informative, have a great day Mike.

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