How A Blog Can Help Your Business Grow

How A Blog Can Help Your Business Grow

If you don’t have a blog/website for your offline business you are missing the boat. You don’t need to own a big corporation or company to benefit from a blog for your business, actually, the people that benefit the most form a website are hobbyists that want to promote their craft and make a few bucks.

I would compare not having a blog/website for your business in this day and age to only allowing people with an “A” in their names to buy something from you, really that’s how much business you are leaving on the table when you don’t have a blog for your business.

For the non-techie people out there, a blog is another name for website, there is no difference between the two. I know, it messed with my head when I first started working online.

Even If You Just Think Local business, A Blog Is A Must!

Even the smallest detail makes all the difference to your businesses growth.  In the modern era everyone owns and uses a smart phone, it’s very rare that someone looks for a phone book when they need access to a product or a service. Recent data confirms the fact that you need the ability to be found by mobile devices, 85% of all consumers find local businesses via the internet.

Potential customers can get everything they need from a businesses website.

  • Business phone number
  • Business Address
  • Business hours
  • What the business offers for services and products
  • Consumer testimonials in some cases
  • Weekly or daily specials
  • Promotions

Can you find this info in a phone book?

If Done Right, A Blog Can Improve Your Businesses Image

A businesses blog, if it looks professional, can give your business a big image boost. You don’t need to go out and hire a professional to build a website for you, it is actually quite easy and can be built in hours with the right training!

If you create a website that is easy to navigate and highlights your businesses services, products, hours and attributes, this will give people who see your businesses blog a sense that you offer a superior product or service.  A quality business blog, not only adds a sense of credibility for your business, but can set you apart from your competitors who don’t have a business blog.

Boost Your Businesses Exposure With The Help Of A Blog

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of people look to the internet to find a local business. Your blog provides that exposure that your business wouldn’t get without it. The amount of information you can provide to customers on your businesses website is endless. Without a blog your business literally doesn’t exist online.

Not only can you give your customers more information about your business with a blog you also can offer a platform for customers questions and engagement. You can answer questions pertaining to…

  • quality concerns
  • guarantees/warranties
  • pricing details
  • quotes
  • scheduling estimates
  • Business history and mission statement
  • Hiring enquiries
  • Take orders

Basically any type of customer engagement can be facilitated through your businesses blog. Making contact in any way with a potential customer is a big win, having a blog gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers and start a dialogue, something you would have without a website.

Attract Interest By Offering Free Merchandise, Services Or Draws

With a blog you can quickly build a data base of potential customers by offering something free in return for your website visitors email address. Once you have these emails you can engage in what affiliate marketers refer to as email marketing. You can use these captured emails to send out special offers to prospective buyers. A few things you can offer for free on your site is limited only by your imagination.

  • Free product or services related to seasonal needs. Eg, if you have a heating business you could offer a free inspection at the end of summer, beginning of fall.
  • Free ebook relative to your business
  • Free guide
  • Free service or product
  • Free draw
  • Free quote
  • Free product that complements another product if purchased
  • Free newsletter
  • Free membership
  • Free gift certificate

These are just a few ideas, but like I said, your imagination is your only limit to what you can offer in exchange for an email. Getting an email from a website visitor turns these visitors into future customers.

The Importance Of A Contact Me Page On your Blog

Having a contact me page on your blog is critical to making that one on one contact that converts website visitors into customers better than anything else you can put on your site, it’s your chance to correspond one on one with your website visitors. For a website visitor to reach out and want to talk one on one it takes a lot of confidence in what you are offering.

Your Time Is Money

You have probably heard the old adage, “Time is money”.  Having a business blog will show you exactly how true this old adage is. Every time you meet a customer in person it is eating up valuable time you could be allocating in other areas of your business. A website does the talking for you. A website will explain your product, pricing, guarantees, product or service expertise, literally anything you can do a website can do more efficiently. Your website has the unique ability to have multiple conversations at the same time with multiple customers. Can you do that?

A Website Is Your Businesses Full Time Champion

A business website is your online billboard that never takes a day off. Your site will spread your message at anytime on the world clock, highlighting your expertise, providing the vast online audience with information on why they would want to use your business. You are in control of what information goes on your website. This information will promotelour businesses attributes and how your business will help the viewing public.

Your website can use convincing tools like customer testimonials, product reviews, current and upcoming promotions that may give you the advantage over similar businesses with a click of your mouse.

You’re Not In Kansas Anymore Gerry!

Gerry didn’t want his photo used so I picked one that made me think of him LOL!

Building a blog for your business literally opens you up to the world. Signage, billboards, storefront displays can now be shared with the world, not just with local traffic. You take all that time to make a beautiful display in your store why not get the most exposure you can, share it with the world.

A really good example of  selling your business short is a good friend of mine. Gerry  builds the most unusual and creative bird houses that I have ever seen, he’s an artist. I have bugged Gerry for years to think outside the box and market his bird houses online where I know he would get premium dollars and be run off his feet if he would only give his birdhouses the stage they deserve.

Gerry sells his birdhouses to local boutiques and garden centres, which offers such a limited market. Not only is this a limited market, but gerry relies on these merchants promotional skills to market his creations. I routinely see Gerry’s birdhouses unceremoniously stuck in a corner surrounded by unflattering products .

All it would take for Gerry to market his birdhouses to the world would be to take photo’s of his bird houses, a story on how the birdhouse was created, material used and their source. Gerry could reach all regions of the world increasing his overall price, sales and profit.  I feel Gerry drastically discounts the price of his creations because of the limited market. I am confident that Gerry would be seen as the true artist that he is, if he brought his art to the world instead of waiting for people to by chance see his work.

Gerry’s work shop is filling up with inventory, not because it isn’t good, but because our market is so limited. Gerry’s solution is to cut back production until his inventory goes down, wrong Gerry!!!! What Gerry needs to do is take a leap and market his product globally. I am sending this post to Gerry by the way lol.

What’s holding Gerry back? Gerry is freaked out with he technological abilities to build a blog for his business. Building a website for your business is literally as easy as 1,2,3, it’s not the complicated process it used to be. I like using WordPress to build websites. The WordPress website building platform offers expandability as your business grows. WordPress is extremely easy to use with very little training required to build professional looking websites that offers the ability to rank high in search engines.

This is just a small portion of Gerry’s birdhouse inventory. Gerry builds custom birdhouses on request. Gerry has built birdhouses for my wife and I that are recreations of homes we have owned over the years.

Create Content To Promote Areas Within Your Business

Having a blog for your business opens so many doors that you can market your business through, creating content to support your products or services is one way to reach an audience you never thought possible.

Say you have a hobby/business like Gerry, you could create content that would rank in search engines such as Google that would be relative to your businesses services or products. This could take the form of content that supported skin care if you sold skin care products. Bird related info if you sold birdhouses for example. How to info on irrigation if you sold irrigation supplies.

I will be honest, most business owners don’t have time to create content for their business and still operate their business at the same time, but you don’t have to. There are many content writers that can whip up a relevant article on any topic you want for a small investment, writing services can be outsourced for less than $50 for a 1000 word post, research included.

These post has the ability to reach thousands of internet users and bring them to your businesses blog. Not only does content attract prospective customers, quality content also demonstrates your businesses expertise.

Not Convinced You Need A Blog For Your Business?

There are so many reasons why you need a blog for your business so let’s recap to see some of the more obvious reasons why you need a blog for your business.

  1. A blog for your business will increase your businesses exposure
  2. A blog for your business works promoting your business while you are sleeping or on holidays
  3. A blog for your business demonstrates your expertise
  4. A blog for your business takes your business global
  5. A blog for your business gives you global advertising and promotional opportunities
  6. A blog for your business offers an opportunity to engage with potential customers that wouldn’t know you exist
  7. A blog for your business offers people visiting your area a glimpse of why they want to make your business a destination
  8. A blog for your business would bring your brand global

Do you have a hobby/business like Gerry?

Could you envision the endless possibilities that your product or service would have on the world stage?

I hope I gave you a few reasons why you should seriously consider a blog for your business. I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me your thoughts and questions at the bottom of this post and I will get right back to you. Good luck with your business and have a great day Mike.







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