Earn Extra Retirement Income-Affiliate Marketing Is Risk Free

Earn Extra Retirement Income-Affiliate Marketing Is Risk Free

If you are in the position that many retirees are in today then you know what it feels like to see your costs rising and your income shrinking. Years ago I started affiliate marketing through a friend and now my retirement is secure. It took about a year for my affiliate business to generate a nice supplementary retirement income that tops up my regular pension quite nicely. My wife and I now have all the financial means to travel extensively and make updates to our home without any stress. I have a great lifestyle because of affiliate marketing and I would recommend it to anyone looking to earn extra retirement income.

My Typical Day As An Affiliate Marketer

I wake up in the morning have a nice breakfast, go to the gym for an hour and then return home to shower and settle in for a few hours to work on my affiliate marketing business. In the afternoon I like to plan a little fun time where I either go golfing or fishing, this is my time. What I am saying is, you really only need a solid 3-4 hours a day and the rest is yours. I make thousands of dollars in extra retirement income a month which like I mentioned, allows my wife and I to travel extensively and just enjoy our kids and grandkids.

You Don’t Need Any Skill To Participate As An Affiliate Marketer

In the case of Affiliate marketing it is never to late to teach an old dog new tricks! I have been affiliate marketing since I turned 50. I always had a hands on job, meat cutter, excavation business, log salvage business,  so I felt I was really up against it when the thought popped into my head that I might start earning an extra retirement income with my computer. I was literally computer illiterate, I didn’t even know how to send an email but I needed something that would be kind to my body and good for my mind. So if you have any doubts that affiliate marketing may be over your head, it won’t be.

When you hear the word Marketing it sounds like you may need some type of degree or specialized training, yes, I would advise you to get a little training, not much, but you will need some, It’s really important that you have good foundation and a solid understanding of affiliate marketing techniques and principles. When I started I used a step by step platform that was inexpensive and had everything I needed under one roof with no extra costs, this is important for someone on a fixed income like I was. If you can find a platform like the one I used for my training and affiliate business I really feel you can’t go wrong. I found that I didn’t need to be a whiz with computers or techie. If you have a good work ethic and can follow simple step by step instructions you can easily get the hang of affiliate marketing and make some good money in the process. By the way, you don’t have to have proper English, I use slang quite a bit in my content creation, got this from my kids lol. People connect better if you talk from the hip, so don’t fret about creating content for your affiliate campaigns, it’s quite simple and there are templates for content creation that make it a snap!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing has a pretty techie sounding name but really it serves a very simple purpose. As an affiliate marketer you promote products or services for online merchants for pre-determined commissions.

Merchants that are looking for your services are online giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Chapters and literally hundreds of thousands of other online retailers vying for your help. I am an affiliate for multiple online merchants. There are no contracts and you don’t actually sell or touch any inventory, your job is to create content and ads that direct visitors to the online merchants products. If a sale is made you get that pre-determined commission. Commissions usually roll in at the end of every month and can vary from 4%-75% of the retail sale.

I have found the best way to participate in affiliate marketing is by building a website using that step by step training I mentioned earlier and create content for your site that steers your visitors in the direction of your affiliated merchant. You could have any type of blog, home renovation that links to Lowes for example, a blog on books that links to Chapters, gardening that links to gardening supplies are just a few examples of how easy it is to earn extra income for retirement with affiliate marketing. The nice thing about your age is your wealth of experience and knowledge you can draw on. I have found the best aspect of content marketing or affiliate marketing is the research, you get to learn about your niche as your blog grows. As you research your niche topic you get the benefit of learning something new!

Really, Is There Such A Thing As No Risk?

There are a few different ways to earn extra retirement income when it comes to affiliate marketing but not all are risk free! When I started I had to keep my costs as low as possible which I still do today, I am not a risk taker and I am not spontaneous as my wife routinely points out lol. I had a son and daughter in university and  still had a pretty good sized mortgage, so I really could not afford too many expenditures when it came to my new endeavour.

As I mentioned there are a few different affiliate marketing techniques that you can use

  • PPC-Google Adwords – this can be a very costly way to participate in affiliate marketing unless you have a lot of experience and knowledge in your niche. How PPC advertising works is, you place ads on Google for example that cost you a certain amount per click. Every time someone sees your ad on google and decides to take a peek you get charged for those clicks. If these ads don’t convert to sales you still get charged, this technique can become very costly which offers a significant risk, not something I would recommend for newcomers to affiliate marketers.


  • Pay for ads, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, once again this technique requires that you really understand your niche and what makes your audience buy, this isn’t a technique I would recommend for newcomers to affiliate marketing.


  • Content marketing-This technique is the type of affiliate marketing I got my Start with and still use today to make income online. Content marketing offers a very low cost way to participate in affiliate marketing and offers some of the best income to cost ratios. Content marketing can cost as little as $29 a month to get everything you need, this is a great investment considering the income you can earn is unlimited. I know of one person on the affiliate marketing platform that I belong to that made over $41,000 last month. I am not saying that’s the norm, but income is truly unlimited. Most people I work with make anywhere from a thousand dollars and up a month after roughly 6 months participating in affiliate marketing. Here’s an actual screen shot of some success posted on the platform.

Take A Free Look At This Affiliate Marketing Platform And See For Yourself Here!

How Does content Marketing Work?

When you participate as an affiliate it is a simple process of building a basic website and creating content to drive traffic to your website and your affiliate offers, it’s not rocket science as many will lead you to believe and charge you for training as if it was.

Online merchants pay for your traffic if it converts to a sale, you don’t hold any inventory, issue refunds or complete sales transactions. All you do as an affiliate is direct traffic with zero risk. Content marketing is the best form of affiliate marketing in my opinion. There are zero risk because you control all the variables. You control your costs which are a little bit of training, a months website hosting cost and that’s it, your website is free with certain platforms. Once you have your website and niche the rest falls on your shoulders in the form of the effort you put in. Just remember to keep your costs as low as possible by joining a platform that has everything you need under one roof at a competitive price. Hope this helps you create the retirement you deserve. If you have any questions with regards to getting started in affiliate marketing or just want to chat, you can drop me a message in person through the contact me page on this site or leave me a comment and I will get right back to you, have great day Mike.

This is the platform I used that includes everything you need to make thousands a month in extra retirement income – Check it out for free here!


6 Replies to “Earn Extra Retirement Income-Affiliate Marketing Is Risk Free”

  1. I think these days many people either in retirement or getting ready for retirement are looking for some ways to earn a little extra that can help stretch their pensions to get them through the month. Affiliate marketing is a great way to do just that and as you say, it is almost risk-free.

    Most certainly there is some work involved, but that is actually a good thing, as it keeps you in the game, active and interested in what is going on in the world around you. That can be very healthy and of course, earning some income while doing so is not a bad thing either. 

    The platform that you link to is the one that I used to get my affiliate marketing business off the ground starting 4 years ago, It has all the training, the tools, and the support to help retirees get a solid start with their business. This is a business that anyone can do too, no special degrees or certification required! Great post and I hope many retirees will give affiliate marketing a shot. It can make a big difference in income for them and with no risk.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dave, I appreciate your thoughts and I am sure my readers will gain even a little more incite from what you have said here, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike – great post! Very clear and straightforward information on affiliate marketing.  I’m a newbie myself and can relate to everything you stated. I haven’t gotten any action yet.My website was launched April 1st. I understand that there’s a Google sandbox hold for the first six months. My focus is on quality content most of which has been indexed as has the website. Hopefully by October things will start to cook.
    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post!

    1. Hi Nathaniel, the best advice I can give you is, “keep building and they will come”. I am not sure about the 6 month sand box but what I can say is keep adding content on a regular schedule and Google will reward your efforts with good rankings as long as you are choosing good keywords and your titles make sense. The worst thing new bloggers do is try and create keyword rich titles but forget that they actually need to be something internet users will search. Keyword tools are great, but lots of times they will lead people astray with their numbers . What I mean by this is, a competition score may look to good to be true and in most cases when it comes to keyword tools it is. Make sure your tile is has the right keywords in it and they make sense and you will be just fine. You really should see some good traffic after a few months, if not, look at your keyword selections. Have a great day and good luck, need any help don’t hesitate to stop by and ask. My help is always free!

  3. Hi Mike

    When I see so many retirees either struggling financially or working dead-end part time jobs it makes determined that my retirement will not be like that, and I also became involved in affiliate marketing some time ago through the same platform as you.

    If anything, affiliate marketing is the key to early retirement and something I wish I’d found years ago.

    The internet has really revolutionized the affiliate marketing space and, far from being saturated, it is expanding all the time as more and more people shop online, and more and more retailers turn to affiliate programmes to reduce the overheads inherent in the traditional retail chain.

    The fact that it’s mostly online needn’t be a deterrent to anybody as it so simple to build a website now and the training in how to do that and monetize your website is readily available and easy to follow.

    Affiliate marketing is the place to be in the 21st Century and our programme is the place to not only learn it, but master it as well.

    1. Hi Richard, you have touched on some really good points in your comment, I appreciate your insight and your comment offers some good advice for retirees that may read this, have a great day Mike.

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