Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers

Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers

Content Marketing is not only my go to marketing technique to build a loyal following and grow my brand, but online and offline businesses in general are increasingly using Content Marketing to improve their online brand while building a strong following. Stats reinforce the importance of using a content marketing strategy for your online promotions. In 2018 over 80% of all US businesses of medium size relied heavily on Content Marketing to reach their audience and build their brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a large business or an individual blogger/affiliate marketer, content marketing should be the main component of any online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing has proven itself over and over again as a powerful tool to build online awareness for products, services and businesses alike. Content Marketing isn’t just about creating content for the masses, it is used to target a specific audience, engaging with that targeted audience to eventually produce a desired action. I have compiled feedback and data from some of my fellow affiliate marketers/bloggers that rely on content marketing as the basis for their affiliate marketing business strategy. A good content marketing strategy is for anyone that wants more traffic and exposure online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, business big or small, a good content marketing strategy is a necessity for future growth.

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Where To Get Started Building A Content Marketing Strategy

There are a few things that you need to establish upfront before you can create an effective Content Marketing strategy. Here are key questions that you will need to answer so that you can start building a content marketing plan that drives targeted traffic to your offer or business.

  • Who will you target with your content?
  • How will you deliver your content?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your content?
  • What value do you offer your readers with your content?
  • What can you do to make your content stand out form competitors?
  • What problem does my product or service solve?
  • How can I highlight my product or services value?
  • What do I need to stand out from other content creators?
  • Why should readers choose to follow or read my content?
  • What kind of content are my competitors creating that is popular?

Answering the above questions will go a long way towards helping you put together a content marketing strategy that will establish who your audience is, and how you will reach that audience with content while building trust.

Write Your Content Marketing Strategy Down

It is a well known fact that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, the same goes for your content marketing strategy. As we move into 2020 you will want to review your content marketing strategy, are you on track? Analyze your content marketing strategy. Where can you find areas for improvement?

Find The Appropriate Content For your Intended Audience

If you are pulling your hair out looking for content that best resonates with your target audience then there are a few things you can look at to help you in the process so that you can drive that traffic to your website.

Try using a topic research tool that identifies trending topics in your niche. Topic research tools will help you identify what questions your audience is asking, identify what headlines are having the biggest influence in your niche, and what articles your audience are interested in searching for.  Semrush is a notable platform that offers a very good topic research tool.

Create SEO Friendly Content

The latest numbers that have come down show that over 50% of all website traffic comes from organic searches via optimized content published on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I wrote a post on how to write content that ranks that offers some good tips and insight into how to write content that is search engine friendly. Creating content that is SEO friendly is essential, if your content isn’t SEO friendly you are wasting your time. Content that isn’t search engine optimized will inevitably end up in the basement of search engine results, even if it offers the best information for your readers.

Accept Your Followers Contribution

Adhering to a content marketing strategy takes up a lot of your time, you will feel under pressure to create new content on a set schedule and still hit forums to answer questions and other important functions of implementing your content marketing strategy. You can relieve a little of that pressure by involving your website followers in the process.

Sourcing out guest writers can be an easy way to get relevant content for your blog with the only cost being a link to another site. There is only one caution, your brand is at stake so make sure that the guest bloggers site is of the highest standard. I receive requests quite often for some of my websites but only choose the best applicants to contribute. Look to your peers to see if they are willing to contribute, your not only getting high quality content but you are building your credibility by associating with high profile personalities in your niche.

Be Social, Share Your Content!

Sharing quality content is one of the simplest acts that you can perform that has the biggest impact. The simple addition of a  free social sharing plugin to your website will skyrocket your contents reach. Over 70% of all consumers rely on social media to form their decision to make a purchase. Over 80% of consumers trust peer recommendations. If this takes the form of a like or a reference by an influential tweeter for example, this is a big win for you. I like to share my content wherever I can. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Instagram. This only takes one click of a button and it’s done. The benefits of sharing your content are massive and it all happens without you even knowing it. I never usually check my Twitter data, but when I do I am always blown away by the reach of my content and the new followers it attracts.

Participation In Forums Pays Big Dividends

A really good way to create content that is targeted that addresses problems that your audience is looking for answers to, can easily be found by visiting relevant forums. Use the talking points that you find in forums to form your next content subject matter. I frequent forums all the time and get valuable ideas for content from these forums. Quora is a forum that provides me with lots of subject material. I routinely get asked questions in Quora that I turn into posts for my website. As you can see from the image above I tweet my answers. I get quite a few new followers and retweets.

When I first joined Quora as a contributor many years ago I honestly questioned if my participation had any benefit to my online business. Fast forward to today and I can tell you participating in Quora was one of the best content marketing components I added to my overall marketing strategy.

In any given week I am asked multiple questions that I answer and tweet which offers more reach and followers. Not only will these answers garner more exposure for my business, but they offer more topics for content for my site. I know that these questions are very relevant to the people who are in my niche.

Utilize The Power Of Youtube

Getting behind a camera may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t overlook the popularity of Youtube and it’s ability to go viral with your message.

Creating a Youtube channel is a great way to get user engagement and speak to topics that your niche is interested in. For many customers putting a face to the brand is very important in creating a sense of trust. Host a live webinar or share your content in real time. Live videos on Youtube provide the opportunity to interact in with your audience in real time. This offers an opportunity to create dialog with your viewers.

Create More Infographics For Your Website

Interactive content is all the rage these days. Studies done by the Content Marketing institute noted that over 80% of content marketers found that interactive content attracts more attention than text based content. Try and use surveys, contests, assessments, and quizzes on your site if possible to get engagement from your website visitors. You could even ask people to leave a comment and get a free ebook or bonus in return for their participation.

Publish Useful Guides And tips

In 2020 it is going to be even more important for you to offer valuable content. Think about the questions your audience may want answers to and provide these answers by developing guides that encompass these topics and answers. In 2020 try and produce a comprehensive guide that you can share that demonstrates your expertise and offers value to your audience.

Leverage The Latest Trends

There is a well known content marketing technique that is known as “newsjacking”. This content formulating technique is based on the creation of content influenced by the latest industry news and events. The goal is to leverage the popularity of the most current news trends to rank high in search engine results piggybacking on the popularity of the subject matter. You can tap into the latest news trends by simply signing up for Google Alerts.

Create An ebook

Ok, your at the stage where you have followed your content marketing strategy guide to the letter. You now have quite a few popular posts on various topics, now its time to leverage the popularity of that content by creating a resource in the form of an ebook.

Website visitors will appreciate more information in a handy format such as a downloadable ebook. You can use this ebook to build your email list, garner engagement or use it to sell your products by introducing products in its contents. Make sure that your articles are relevant and up to date

Do you have several high-performing articles with a similar topic? If so, combine these articles into an informative eBook. Website visitors looking for more information during their initial purchase research will appreciate having an authoritative resource available on the topic.

However, do not simply copy and paste the articles together as a shortcut. Your eBooks must provide a seamless content experience with a single narrative. In addition, make sure that your articles are up to date before including them in your ebook.

Make Sure Your Content Is Mobile Friendly

Technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon, voice search is the new frontier when it comes to searching for content. ComScore reported that voice search will encompass 50% of all searches made by 2020. If your content isn’t mobile friendly it won’t stand the test of time, in other words, it won’t be found by future internet users.

Keep Your Blog Post Current

Search engines such as Google are routinely updating their algorithms, it is imperative that you also routinely update your blog posts for the latest SEO requirements. I will be very honest, I find this a real pain in the -SS. It’s really hard to dedicate time to go back over content when you are hard pressed to create new content, but I can’t overstate the importance of keeping your old content up to date and relevant.

Monitor Your Content Marketing Strategy

You have put all the effort into implementing your content marketing strategy, now is the time to evaluate your efforts. It’s a really good practice to check your progress using analytics. Google analytics and webmaster tools are really good free resources to analyze your published contents performance. Check your social accounts for new retweets and followers. Evaluate how your participation in various forums is working for you and allocate more time to the platforms that are demonstrating more engagement for your business or website.

This is the content Marketing strategy that many of my fellow affiliate marketers/bloggers use to drive traffic to their websites and build brand awareness. If you follow the steps I have outlined in this post I am sure you will see some great improvements in your traffic volume and ultimately consumer sales.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave me your thoughts and questions below. I offer free advice and help so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance, have a great day Mike.














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