Clickbank Marketplace – Can You Make Money With Clickbank?

Clickbank Marketplace – Can You Make Money With Clickbank?

When I first started in affiliate marketing one of the first affiliate marketplaces that I joined was Clickbank. For new affiliates and seasoned affiliates Clickbank offers quite a bit of opportunity, I will say though that Clickbank isn’t without its share of shortcomings which I will discuss in this posts as well as the positive aspects of working on such a large affiliate platform such as Clickbank. If you have any questions or comments on this post or on affiliate marketing in general please don’t hesitate to drop me a line via a comment or in person through the contact me page here on this site, enjoy the post!

What Is Clickbank?

If you don’t already know, Clickbank is a large affiliate marketplace place where you can sign up for free to promote digital products. Clickbank is basically a middleman that connects affiliates with producers of new digital products such as programs, ebooks and videos just to name a few. Clickbank has a pretty extensive offering covering many catagories. When I was in the weightless niche many years ago I promoted a few weight loss programs that were available through Clickbanks platform. Here is a snapshot of categories that you will find on Clickbank…

Why Would You Want To Promote Products On Clickbank?

There are many affiliate marketplaces vying for affiliates services. Affiliate marketplaces like Commission Junction, JV Zoo and Rakuten Marketing are just a few affiliate marketplaces that would love to have you promote products off of their platform. There are a few reasons why you would may find it appealing to choose Clickbanks marketplace over these other well known affiliate marketplaces, high commissions, selection, available in most countries. Clickbank commissions are some of the highest in the industry. It’s not uncommon to see digital products earn commissions in the range of 50%-75%. Weight loss products I sold through Clickbank routinely paid out over 75% commissions. I sold the odd internet marketing product from Clickbank also, one of which earned me a $1700 commission off just one sale, once again a 75% commission.

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What Are The Requirements To Becoming A Clickbank Affiliate?

There are no requirements to become a Clickbank Affiliate, this is what makes it very enticing for new affiliates just breaking into affiliate marketing. Clickbank provides a simple and free process for signing-up, after which you can start promoting right away. Take a peak at Clickbank here!

What Are Some Of The Drawbacks To Promoting Clickbank Products?

What I personally found with my time promoting Clickbank products were integrity related issues. Let’s just say I saw quite a few shady looking products over the years come and go. If you want to have longevity as an affiliate marketer you want to build a brand that will last. Associating yourself with some Clickbank products could very easily be a blow to your image and credibility, I almost made this mistake once, actually I did make the mistake, but once one of my website visitors told me what was really happening with a product I endorsed I quickly dropped the product. Many of these suspect products look perfectly fine on the surface but when it comes to qualifying for a refund they can be a little dodgy.

Clickbank does offer a good money back guarantee on products that it host on their platform which is a great thing, where this turns a little sour is from an affiliates standpoint. There are many products on Clickbank that are good but just as many that are bad in the sense that they are of poor quality and don’t deliver the results as advertised, this hurst affiliates the most. One month in the weight loss niche I had a good portion of my Clickbank sales refunded because purchasers weren’t happy with the overall performance of the products. You never know what you will make with Clickbank until the money is in the bank, what looks like a good month for sales may turn out to be a dismal one.

Getting Paid As A New Affiliate Can Be Frustrating With Clickbank

Clickbank has a tough qualification period for new affiliates to their marketplace, once you get going it’s not bad at all, it’s just getting going. To qualify for your first paycheque with Clickbank you first need to meet their CDR or “customer distribution requirements”

ClickBank will withhold payment of any balance until an account shows a minimum of 5 sales using at least two of the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Carte Bleue
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

Clickbank states that the requirement is in place to help prevent Affiliates from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate program by using their accounts for the sole purpose of fraudulently collecting rebates and/or discounts on their own purchases.

Once you have met the Customer Distribution Requirement, your account will begin issuing payments.

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When you are first starting out in affiliate marketing sales some of your products can be a little sporadic, it’s not uncommon to be all over the map trying to make money, and your skills are just being honed. This can work against you as a Clickbank Affiliate. I struggled to get my first payday from Clickbank, even though I was getting the odd sale and some healthy commissions, $700 off a weight loss program in one day,  my sales were being clawed back because my account was routinely being classified as dormant. This was due to my inability to reach the five sales from the various payment sources. I would get say , 3 sales all from MasterCard and then nothing for a while because Clickbank wasn’t my sole affiliate marketplace that I participated with. I was an affiliate on many platforms when I first broke into affiliate marketing. I ended up having roughly $2500 clawed back by Clickbank which was a bit of a piss off when you are just cutting your teeth in affiliate marketing and looking forward to some nice paydays. Here’s what you can expect to lose if you don’t have new sales when you first Start out with Clickbank….

Accounts with a positive balance but no earnings for an extended period of time are considered dormant

  • $1 per pay period after 90 days of no earnings
  • $5 per pay period after 180 days of no earnings
  • $50 per pay period after 365 days of no earnings.

ClickBank will not notify you when your account is dormant, snooze you lose!

My Final Take On Whether You Can Make Money With Clickbank

Weighing the good and the bad aspects of promoting on Clickbank’s marketplace I believe there is good money to be made. I will offer a little advice before you start marketing Clickbank Products, be very selective on what you promote, put all your focus on promoting Clickbank products to start. Your goal should be to meet Clickbanks CDR requirements as soon as possible. I would also say that your affiliate marketing skills should be solid, if they are not , you could experience less than positive results and waste a lot of valuable time in the process.

It’s Critical That You Know How To Perform These Various Tasks If You Want To Make Money With Clickbank

  • Select a product that will be profitable
  • Decide whether a merchants sale page is capable of converting your traffic
  • Tell if a merchant is legit
  • Build a high converting sales funnel
  • Build an effective promotion for your Clickbank product
  • Prime your audience to achieve more traffic conversions
  • Build an easy to navigate website
  • promote your Clickbank products on any social media platform as well as forums

If you have any questions or just want to leave your thoughts please leave me a comment and I will answer any questions you may have about this post or promoting affiliate products on affiliate marketplaces Like Clickbank, have a great day Mike.

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10 Replies to “Clickbank Marketplace – Can You Make Money With Clickbank?”

  1. Yes, you can make money with Clickbank. I got some friends who are making a killing in that site, proving that it is indeed possible to make money in Clickbank, as an affiliate. You can also make money in Clickbank by becoming an owner of a digital products and listing them in Clickbank’s marketplace. But because I don’t feel like creating my own digital products, I’d rather be an affiliate promoting other people’s stuff online.

    1. Hey Gomer, thanks for adding your experiences with Clickbank much appreciated by my readers I am sure, have a good one mike.

  2. Hello!

    clickbank is actually one of the biggest online marketing stores for affiliates and I even know about it before I got started with blogging but the reviews I heard about it and the ones I read online all have a large list of checks on clickbank’s products integrity. Most of them portray dubious programs and products being rampant on the platform. Being a starter with affiliate marketing, o figure out that I need to be well grinded on how everything works out well before applying to become an affiliate with clickbank. By the way, the 75% potential commission is great and massive. I would love to win a commission from sales like that but then, I need proper education first. Thanks

    1. Hi RoDarrick, Clickbank is a huge digital marketplace and with any affiliate endeavour you should have the proper training to ensure you have success. You wouldn’t do any other job without the proper training. You can make Money with Clickbank, what I mentioned in this post are things you need to be aware of so you know what to expect. Have a great day mike.

  3. On reviewing what the best platform for affiliate programmes are, I saw quite a number of cons for click bank and you have mentioned most of them here. I see that people do not usually get paid for some reason or the other like you.

    I am also a beginner into all this and it wouldn’t be so good to have my money held back after getting the juicy commissions they offer. In your opinion, is clickbank the best  for beginners or is there another you’d recommend?

    1. Hi Henderson, Clickbank is a good affiliate marketplace for beginners, yes there are a few drawbacks or cons to the marketplace but I would say that it’s still a great place to get your feet wet and learn affiliate marketing and make some money at the same time. Yes, there is a holdback on your first few sales until your reach the qualification stage but work hard at it and you can make some good money promoting Clickbank products. Thank you for leaving your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  4. Mike excellent Clickbank review. I have purchased many Clickbank products and have found some to be satisfactory and some I have not been pleased with and asked for a refund. I would suspect that refunds are common. I have study some so called Gurus who have promoted Clickbank to be to “the be all end all”of affiliate marketing. These self proclaimed Gurus almost always teach Facebook and other social media paid advertising. However, at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and other Mentors teach using presale websites that take advantage of Search Engine Optimization. Which in my humble opinion is a much better solution for the affiliate marketer, beginner and experienced alike. 


    1. Hi Tom, I am not a fan of using facebook to advertise Clickbank products. I feel a low cost approach such as you mentioned is the most effective while minimizing any potential losses. Really with content marking and using a website you are drastically reducing your investment to income ratio. Thanks for chiming in, cheers Mike

  5. Hi Mike 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about Clickbank. By reading your post it is very clear to me that clickbank is a very good place to start affiliate marketing. Clickbank is a large affiliate marketplace place where we  can sign up for free to promote digital products. You also have informed us that how to make money easily from clickbank. 

    Thsnks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

    1. Hi monalisha thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Yes I feel Clickbank is a good place for new affiliates to learn how to promote products and make a few bucks at the same time. Clickbank offers lots of analytics and tons of products to promote so it is a good place to get started, have a great day mike.

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