Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing? (Find Out here)

Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing? (Find Out here)

Affiliate marketing is a strange animal, a very diverse discipline with many applications that people don’t realize it offers. In this post “Can you make money affiliate marketing” I will break down the different aspects of affiliate marketing, and answer the most obvious question, can you make money affiliate marketing? I will in the process answer questions like…

  • How much Money can you make affiliate marketing?
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How fast can you make money affiliate marketing?
  • How easy is it to do affiliate marketing?
  • What do you need to do affiliate marketing?
  • Do you need any experience to do affiliate marketing?
  • Can you use affiliate marketing in your network marketing business?
  • What does an affiliate marketer do?
  • How does an affiliate marketer make their money?
  • Who does an affiliate marketer work for?
  • Is affiliate marketing a legitimate way to make money from home?
  • What do you need to participate in affiliate marketing?

These are just a few questions that you will find answers to within this post on whether you can make a legitimate income from affiliate marketing. Enjoy the post, and by all means, please leave your comments and questions at the bottom of this post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a host of techniques that are used in unison to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. Online merchants hire affiliates to funnel traffic to their products and services, without affiliates, online merchants would have a hard time getting their products in front of the internet audience. There are so many products and online merchants scrambling for consumers attention that the competition for online customers is extremely high, an affiliate helps lessen that competition by getting more exposure for online merchants. To put it simply, affiliate marketers are salesman that work for online merchants, no, there are no contracts or anything like that. Affiliates choose what products and merchants they want to work for. If they don’t like the merchants commissions, relationship or conditions, they simply move on. I have changed products and merchants many times over the years based on my relationship with the merchants.


Is Affiliate Marketing A Legitimate Way To Make Money From Home?

Yes, yes, yes! Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money from home, I have been earning a nice income as an affiliate marketer working from home for quite a few years now (since 2010). Yes, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money from home. As you previously read in this post, affiliate marketing is a proven method for driving traffic to an online merchants website, services or products. Affiliates make the online merchants world go round. As an affiliate you are paid a pre determined commission from an online merchant who you have entered into an affiliate relationship with.

What Does An Affiliate Marketer Do?

As  I mentioned earlier, an affiliate marketer drives traffic to an  affiliate offer by using various tools, services and techniques at their disposal. There are a number of different ways to reach the internet audience that affiliate marketers may use…

  • Content marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Attraction marketing
  • email marketing
  • paid advertising
  • blogging

Each of the above disciplines target potential customers.

Content marketing is one of the most productive methods to reach your intended audience and offers the longest shelf life the it comes to directing customers to your affiliated products.

Social marketing is the use of social media to help reach your intended audience. Content marketing can be used in conjunction with social marketing to reach your intended audience. Your content can be leveraged by sharing it on social platforms making for a nice strategy for attracting customers for your affiliate products.

Attraction marketing is simply a combined strategy that uses content, social media and various techniques that allow you to brand yourself in your niche.

Email marketing is a technique that many affiliates use these days. You have probably been bombarded by emails after signing up for a newsletter or a free trial. Building a list by using landing pages or blogs is an effective way to garner emails of perspective customers or leads that may convert into sales.

Paid advertising is commonly used by affiliates to attract customers to their affiliate offers. Affiliates place ads in various areas of the internet and social platforms such as facebook. These ads are targeted focusing on certain keywords that affiliates identify as relative to their affiliate products or services. A good example of paid advertising would be when you search how to make money affiliate marketing? Affiliates or merchants will place ads that show up at the top and bottom of search results trying to get the leg up on their competitors by getting their ads from and centre. Here is an example of paid advertising below (Google Adwords) that features an affiliate marketing training platform. The individuals below purchased ads that direct you to their sites where they then divert you to Wealthy Affiliate where they will get a commission if you purchase something from Wealthy Affiliates platform.

The above ads will vary in cost depending on the popularity of the keywords chosen, and Goggle Adwords fee for these ads.

Blogging is by far the most effective and sustainable way to get traffic to your affiliate products. Blogging offers the longest shelf life for your affiliate business. Blogging can be used in conjunction with social marketing and email marketing to get even more exposure for your affiliate products.

How Easy Is It To Do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing success doesn’t come easy, but I saying that you need absolutely no experience to make money as an affiliate marketer. When I first started in affiliate marketing I didn’t even know how to send an email. I was a hands on type of guy who worked various jobs that were primarily labour related.

A computer to me was an alien species, I knew they existed but had never had the chance to meet one, yes I believe in Aliens lol!

It’s easy to get started in affiliate marketing if you find a good platform that offers quality training. Look for an affiliate training platform that offers step by step training with everything under one roof. You want a platform that offers good support and “no up selling”. The one thing I see all the time is,  affiliate marketing training platforms that look inexpensive on the surface but ends up costing you a fortune after they add in all the extras that you actually need. When you are starting out in affiliate marketing it is imperative that you keep your expenditures as low as possible, only adding tools and services as your affiliate business income grows.

Hey, if I can do it with no prior computer skills, anyone can do it!

What Do You Need To Participate In Affiliate Marketing?

This is a great question that I am happy to give the answer too. Far from what affiliate marketing services and tool providers will tell you, there is very little you need, or should I say, need to pay for. Plus there is no need to take out a loan on your house to pay for what you need, $29 a month max is all you need to run an affiliate business. If you find you are being asked to pay more you’re getting ripped off. This price includes up to date ongoing affiliate marketing training, multiple websites, hosting, keyword tool and more…

The tools and services I have used over the years participating as an affiliate marketer have been minimal. Here are the tools and services that I use to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Keyword tool – This is a necessity in affiliate marketing. There are many paid and free keyword tools on the market that all work well but offer a few different features. Jaaxy, Google, Wordtracker, Semrush all offer good keyword tool options.

Website – Lots of affiliate marketers don’t use a website, they simply use landing pages and paid for ads to drive traffic to their affiliate offers. Not having the use of a website in my opinion puts you at a disadvantage and takes up a lot more of your time and offers a much shorter shelf life for your promotional campaigns. I feel it is important to use a website to make the best use of your time and affords you a more hands free approach to affiliate marketing, you’ve heard of make money while you sleep, well, this is affiliates who have websites. There are many website building platforms on the market,  WordPress I feel offers the best platform for building a professional and versatile website.

Social media graphics generator – Creating call to actions, facebook ads, Twitter headers and so much more can be done for free through platforms like I like to make call to actions for my websites to have my prospective customers take action. You can use Canva to create professional looking ads that you can place on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another great platform that I just started using to create stunning headers for my blog posts is a graphic design platform called  Design Wizard. I love the functionality and simplicity of design wizards platform. You have the ability to create videos, social media graphics and so much more for your affiliate/blogging business. Here’s the great part, you need “zero” graphic design knowledge to make some pretty impressive graphics. Design Wizard offers a host of free tutorials (15 in total) on everything from choosing the right text, colour, shape, design and downloading your designs to your website. Design Wizard offers a free membership which I use, but they also offer a pro version if you want access to perks like thousands of free professional images for your graphics.

Autoresponder – Most affiliate marketers use an autoresponder to create and manage email campaigns that they can focus in on their leads. Aweber, Mailchimp and Icontact are popular autoresponders suppliers. Mailchimp offers a free service for email service under 2000 subscribers which you can get away with using until your list and income grows.

The above services and tools are all you really need to make money affiliate marketing, don’t let anyone tell you different.

What Is An Affiliate Offer?

An affiliate offer is any product or service that you enter into an agreement to promote for an online merchant. This can be an MLM or network marketing opportunity that you are involved in, anything you can make money off of by directing traffic to. There are hundreds of thousands of online merchants that offer affiliate programs that you can join for free, please don’t pay to be an affiliate! You can find any affiliate offer by doing a quick Google search of a product or service and add “affiliate program” to your product/service and you are off to the races. Here is a search that I did for affiliate programs for watches….

There were many more where these came from, it’s really that simple to find affiliate programs for any product or service. An easy way to find affiliate products to promote are through affiliate market places like ClickBank, ShareSale, JVzoo and commission Junction just to name a few. You can find some great affiliate products with sweet commissions by checking affiliate market places out.


How Much Can You Make Affiliate Marketing?

Four, five six, seven figures, you hear this crap being thrown around all the time when it comes to how much you can make affiliate marketing. I am not saying these numbers can’t be a reality for you, it’s just that these numbers are thrown around and associated with using various affiliate marketing tools and systems which is just pure bunk! What will get you any of these figures is commitment and perseverance and good support where you can find answers to your questions, not tools and gadgets!

Your income capabilities as an affiliate marketer are endless if you have the proper work ethic, it’s really no different than any other career, work hard, you get rewarded. This also goes for how fast you can start earning money as an affiliate marketer. Not going to sugar coat this, it’s not the system or style of affiliate marketing you use, it’s how hard you work at it. Affiliates can make a great income, hundreds of thousands a year if they commit to their affiliate business. I have seen new affiliate marketers make money in their first month and others on average 4-6 months before they start generating income. There is no set time frame, it is performance based as well as how competitive the niche you are participating in is.

Well, I hope this post answered any questions you may have had on whether you can make money affiliate marketing as well as how affiliate marketing works in general. Find yourself a good affiliate business building platform as your home base and get started, it will be the best decision you will have ever made. Any questions or comments please leave them below and I would be happy to answer them, cheers Mike.




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