Best Way To Make Passive Income Online – Scam Free

Best Way To Make Passive Income Online – Scam Free

Making money online for someone new to the online world can be a a daunting and costly venture if you don’t know what you are looking at. In this article I will give you my insight into my experiences trying to make passive income online. With quite a few brushes with scams I finally found the right path to making passive income online, actually I make a lot more than a passive income now.

Making passive income scam free is like hitting a bullseye with a dart while being blind folded. Scam artists hide in every corner of the internet waiting for a gullible or I might say a vulnerable person to stumble upon their product.

There are outright scams or lies which to the trained eye look quite obvious, then there are the money and time wasters that are hyped up with a little truth and a whole lot of B.S.

By the time you finish this post you will have a clear path to making some legitimate passive income online.

Survey Says!

If you’re happy making a few bucks now and again, you could look at doing surveys. You won’t get rich, actually you will be lucky to make as much a news paper route if you work hard at it.

I tested out a few survey outfits over the years and you can make a few bucks here and there but your time invested to make that money in my opinion could be better spent in other make money online ventures.

The key to making a few bucks, $25 a month for example, requires that you lie through your teeth when you fill out your application with the survey company. I didn’t lie and was sent very few surveys to complete, I guess I was too boring lol. You need to report lots of interests that way you will get lots of varying surveys. For doing surveys you can earn anywhere from .05 cents to over $2, the latter not being that often, usually 25-50 cents I found was the norm.  I am not a fan of survey sites but each to their own, here are a few worth checking out.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Inbox Dollars
  3. Survey Junkie
  4. Life points
  5. Prize Rebel
  6. Vindale Research
  7. Global Test Market

Don’t believe the hype that many survey outfits through around. I see many survey companies trying to make you believe that you can make over $200 a week which may happen for the odd person but highly unlikely for most given my experience. I think the realistic passive income number would be  closer to the $10 mark.

Freelance Writing

If you think you have a knack for writing freelance writing may be a reasonable path to generating some decent passive income. For a thousand words of quality writing and research into your topic you could receive anywhere upwards of $60. I write with two fingers and I can blast off 1000 words in less than 45 minutes, so there’s hope for anyone making some income from doing a little freelance writing. I hired a writer for one of my websites who I paid $45 for 1000 words and she pumped out an article a day for some extra cash. Do the math, that’s an extra $1350 US a month. She was Canadian so tack on another 25% due to currency exchange.

Here are a few Freelance Writing platforms that you may want to check out. If you want to learn how to write for blogs drop me a line and I will put you onto a little free training. You can contact me through the “contact me page” here on this site.

  1. Writers Work
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer

If You Have A Website Passive Income Is Unlimited!

Ok You may be saying hold on here I don’t have a website nor do I want one. All I can say is think for a moment on that one. What people don’t know about websites is, they take a weekend to get the structure down and from there you can add content. There are programs out there that offer free or low cost training to build and host a website which when built has unlimited passive income potential.

When I built the first of many websites I didn’t even know how to send an email never mind build a website. I was fortunate to find a platform that offered a step by step training program that allowed me to build a website in no time flat, there are area few good platforms out there that offer this service. Once you have a site you can make some pretty good money depending on the time you put into it. I am not talking about bottle money here, I am talking serious coin in the hundreds of thousands a year. I am not saying everyone will make this amount, it takes hard work to get to those income levels. If you did a few hours a day you could make over $50,000 a year no problem. I was making $25,000 and putting in an hour or two a day. It took about a year to hit this mark but I was holding don a full time job and trying to fit the website thing in where I could. I actually watched a video that demonstrated how to build a WordPress website in 30 seconds, didn’t believe until I watched it!

Check Out The website building and income earning platform that helped a computer illiterate guy like me build money making sites with ZERO experience!

Here are some of the revenue streams you can have with a website and a little content….

  1. Affiliate Marketing – This is what I do online to make my money. This is a “NO RISK” venture where you simply direct traffic from your website to merchants that you are affiliated with. You don’t sell or handle merchandise. The merchant provides you with links that have your affiliate id built into them. You post these links on your site and if someone clicks on any one of these links and makes a purchase you earn a pre-determined commission. I am an affiliate for Amazon which offers a 4-10% commission. The cool thing about being an Amazon affiliate is, if a person clicks through from your site with your affiliate link and purchase anything you get a commission. I was promoting water filters and got a commission from a fridge sale, pretty crazy hey! I wrote an article on how to get started in affiliate marketing if you think you might want to dig a little deeper into it, take a peek here!
  2. Sponsored Ads-Once you get your website rolling and you have some good traffic hitting your site you will start to get offers from merchants or affiliates wanting to place ads on your site, I get offers very week from merchants wanting to leverage the influence that some of my sites have! These offers to place ads on your site can be quite lucrative based on how much influence and traffic your site gets, literally thousands of dollars a month in income.
  3. Google Adsense-When your site is up and running and has a little content on it you can apply to google for Google Adsense which is free to apply for. Once you have been approved Google will place ads on your site that if clicked on will generate an income for you, no sale is needed to get some income from this. It isn’t a reach to think that an average site could make at least $600 a month in passive income from putting Google Adsense on your site.
  4. Lead Sales-This is another passive income stream that you can generate if you have a website. Simply have a form on your site that collects email addresses. Offer fomenting free or a news letter subscription and capture your visitors emails, vendors pay decent money for these emails. I personally don’t do this, I don’t feel it’s very ethical, but I thought you deserve to hear all the opportunities that having a website offer.

Like I said, it literally takes a weekend to have a site up and running following step by step instructions. Platforms that use a WordPress website builder are the best in my opinion. Everything is pre-built in for you, all you do is push the buttons you are prompted.

Creating content for your site is just as easy, there are templates that help you create content in know time flat. If anything you have read here interests you don’t hesitate to drop me a line through the “contact me page” here on this site and I can go into more detail with you. If you have any ideas I can let you know if they are legit or not. Have a great day, cheers Mike.

8 Replies to “Best Way To Make Passive Income Online – Scam Free”

  1. Making over $200 a week doing survey work is like a dream. If it becomes a reality, am very sure it might not last longer. Those people that makes that amount must have sacrificed much of their times and efforts in trying to reach that target. For a survey to be frequently available for that much reveal how amazing their website could be. I haven’t seen any survey websites that will make the dreams come through.
    Freelance writing job is a confirmed business for someone that can drop quality contents. It guarantee a reasonable feedback just as you’ve said.
    Affiliate marketing is also a recommendation when people find themselves in a legit, affiliate marketing platform like wealthy affiliate.
    You’ve done a great job in trying to gather many scam free online business that can be of help for many people looking for a way to become their own boss. Thank for this list

  2. I have ventured into freelance writing in the past and I got some really cool clients but those kinds of jobs are stressful based on deadlines and research., Plus they are not ways to make passive income. There is a saying I saw that reads, “if you don’t find a way to make money while you’re asleep, you’ll work till you die”.  I think I’ve heard of affiliate marketing and it looks like something I can do real good. I believe that one has to be careful not to get scammed.

    1. Hi Henderson, your right with choosing affiliate marketing, I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite a few years now and you do make money while you sleep that’s for sure. Have a great day mike.

  3. I really wish I had this information long time but am happy also I have it now. I want to have an other source of income that I can hold on to so that I can build a successful passive income for myself and my family. I am planning of getting myself a website.

    What hosting service do you think is the best so that I can consider joining it?

    I really appreciate your effort and hoping to read from you soon.

    1. Hi Sumani glad you dropped by. Nice to hear you liked the post! If you want a low cost hosting provider, somewhere just to park a website, “Blue host” is a good bet. If you want hosting that offers quality, security and a WordPress website builder with some great training thrown in for good measure, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Have a look around the site and don’t be afraid to throw some more questions my way, that’s what I am here for, cheers Mike.

  4. You are right — we all want to try to make an extra buck here and there, and a website sure seems like the most efficient and professional way to do it.  We simply have to research the possibilities.

    I am glad you included the names for websites looking for writers.  That is something I might try.  I like to write, and have no difficulty coming up with a pretty good story line.  I’ll have to look into it.  You have given me some valuable information.

    I do have a website and realize that putting advertising on my site would give me some cash, most likely.  However, I’ve been resistent to adding ads because I don’t want to ruin the look of my web pages.  I notice you do not have ads on your website.  Is that something you will be adding later?  What do you think about advertising for someone else?  Do you feel it will do more good than harm?  I’m still on the fence and not sure about the whole thing.

    Thanks for your information.  You have given me ideas to consider.

    1. Hi Fran, There are few ways to look at advertising some you need to plan right out of the gates when your site is new and some you can implement at any stage of your sites growth.

      I am an affiliate marketer and I see more value in building affiliate relationships, they are much more lucrative than Google Adsense for example. It’s not easy building traffic so when you get it you must make the most of it. If you have lots and lots of traffic it doesn’t hurt to run some Google ads for example because you can afford to give a little traffic away for pennies. 

      When your site is new and the traffic isn’t up to snuff then you need to make the most of your traffic and that would be steering your traffic to affiliate offers where you can make big commissions. As you sites popularity grows advertisers will Start to seek you out as they have done with my other sites that I have created over the years. Affiliate marketing gateway .com is a relatively new site which is why you don’t see a lot of ads right now. I am in the building stage right now, but as the traffic grows so will my influence in this niche and online merchants in this niche will come calling.

      Kind of a mixed answer but to break it down, early on in your sites development you want to link to affiliate products, as your traffic grows you can start to look at a little Adsense to generate income. When your site have niche authority merchants will approach you to place their ads leveraging your popularity. I hope that helps answer your question. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask away, that’s what this site was built for, have a good one Fran, cheers Mike.

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