Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO And PPC (2019)

Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO And PPC (2019)

When it comes to writing content that ranks high in search engines, it’s critical to choose your keywords wisely. Using a keyword tool alone won’t get you a first page ranking for your content, but it will give you a good start. Knowing all the steps to use in conjunction with a keyword tool search is very important. You may want to take a minute and read my post on how to write content that ranks if you are at all unsure of the exact steps needed to give your content the best chance of raking high in search engine results.

No Need To Hire Out keyword Research

Farming out SEO services for your content creation is simply not an option for most bloggers/affiliate marketers. The high fees that SEO providers want for their services are very prohibitive. Unless you hit that first page home run that will garner lots of traffic or affiliate commissions you will find yourself in a big financial whole in a blink of an eye. Knowing what keyword research tool to use while implementing a few basic SEO techniques will go a long way towards saving you a lot of time and money while achieving professional results. Here are my selections for the best keyword research tools for 2019. My selections are in no particular order.

1) Semrush

Semrush offers more than just a keyword research tool. Semrush is well known in the affiliate marketing/blogging industry for their innovative SEO tool suite. The part of the tool suite we will be focusing on in this review will be Semrush’s keyword tool called the Keyword magic tool. If you want to use the Semrush keyword magic tool for more than one list or more advanced searches, you will need to purchase one of Semrush’s plans. $99.95 a month will get you access to the pro version, $199 a month for the Guru version and $399 a month for the business plan. I am not going to delve to deeply into what the higher priced plans offer, I will save that for another time.

When looking at Semrush’s basic plan @ $99.95 a month, you will see you actually get the magic keyword tool plus 27 SEO tools.

Looking at the list of tools and services that you get in addition to Semrush’s keyword magic tool, you can see there is some meat to the pro package. I gave the site content audit tool a try to see if it would provide any tips that I could use on my existing content. I have to say I was surprised by some of the helpful data the site content audit tool provided.

$99.95 may seem a little steep to pay every month for SEO services, but if Semrush can boost the likelihood of higher page rankings and more traffic from your content, then cost really becomes a mute topic.

Not sure if I would use Semrush’s SEO services on a prolonged basis, pretty expensive in my opinion, but if you’re struggling to get your content on the first two pages of search engine results, Semrush’s pro package may be worth the investment for a month or two, just to get an idea of what you need to do on a consistent basis to get high page rankings for your content.

How Does Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool Work?

Below is a screen shot of a search I did with the Keyword Magic tool and what information it provided.

  • Volume shows the average searches per month over a 12 month period
  • Trend shows the interest in this search over the last 12 months
  • KD% shows  how hard it would be to rank in the top 20 searches in google for this keyword phrase. 100% being the hardest.
  • Results are the amount of url’s that appear under your keyword search.
  • You get a list of the top 20 organic search results in google for your keyword selection
  • Enter your seed keyword and get over 2 million keyword ideas to choose from

2) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another keyword research tool that offers extensive tools and services to dig into every corner of keyword research.

The basic plan that Ahrefs offers is called “Lite.” This plan will cost you $99 a month that you can try out under a 7 day free trial. I honestly don’t see a whole lot of difference between Ahrefs and Semrush, they both offer quite a few services and tools, more than I personally would ever use on a day to day basis.

Here are the tools that you get with Ahref Lite…

Site Explorer – offers 3 tools under its umbrella

  1. Organic Traffic research – will inform you on what keywords competitors are ranking for.
  2. Backlink checker –  Shows you what websites websites your competitors are ranking for and what traffic various pages are getting.
  3. Paid traffic research – See what paid search engine advertising your competitors are doing and where that traffic goes

Site audit – Provides website analysis

Content explorer – Analyses top ranking content on your site

Keywords explorer – Offers thousands of  keyword options, analyzes their ranking difficulty and their traffic potential

Alerts – Allows notifications of new & lost backlinks, web mentions and keywords rankings.

Just a note, you get access to everything that Ahrefs offers under a free trial, even the basic package. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will have ongoing access to everything you have under the 7 day trial. I like once again the website analysis feature but really not sure I see value in all the other features and extra costs associated with these services.

3) Wordtracker

Wordtracker is one of my favourite keyword research tools because it offers simplicity and functionality at an affordable price point. As you can see by the screen shot above the basic plan is more than enough for the average affiliate marketing/blogging business.

You won’t find all the tools with the Wordtracker product that you see with Semrush and Ahref but what you do get is deffenitly what you need to help your content reach the first page in search engines like Google.

Keyword results – Is the number of results returned for each search from Wordtracker’s database of 3.5 billion keywords.

Territories – Allows you to search globally or in individual territories.

Search by time – Divide your keyword search by single months to find and track keyword trends

Competition Metrics –  Allows you to compile competition analytics on other sites competing for each keyword


Jaaxy is the keyword research tool that I use on a daily basis. Jaaxy offers affordability and functionality. Yes, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Semrush and Ahref offer but this tool is exactly what bloggers need on a daily basis when creating content for their websites.

What Jaaxy allows you to do is what affiliate marketers and bloggers need without the high costs.

Sortable search results – This allows you to sort your keyword searches into campaigns.

Unlimited search history – Search from billions of keywords and roughly 500 million new searches are added daily.

Search Analysis –  Jaaxy provides keyword data with a push of a button. Traffic, competition, QSR, ranking and domain data are available for billions of search terms.

Domain search – Allows you to look for domain names that are relevant to high traffic keywords and actually purchase that domain at the same time.

SiteRank Analysis – I use this every time I write a post. This function allows me to find my post in search engine results without manually surfing the internet looking for it. You get results from 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Alphabet soup – This is one of my favourite features of Jaaxy. Once you have found your keyword or keyword phrase that you feel will get the best ranking you simply enter that into Alphabet soup and make it rain. This will bring up searches that people do in  Google that are related to your keyword or keyword phrase starting with the first letter in the alphabet A, and ending with the last letter Z. Below is an example of what happens when you enter your keyword phrase. There are so many results I could only get in the “A’s”.

These are the top keyword research tools in my opinion on the market today. I personally don’t use all the options that Semrush and Ahref offer. I do like the site audit tools, but if you have had the right affiliate marketing or blogging training I feel this tool isn’t that important. Cost is also a consideration for many and $99 a month is pretty steep for new bloggers. I hope you enjoyed this post and like always please leave me your thoughts and questions below this post and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.




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