Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses – How To Pick a Legit One

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses – How To Pick a Legit One


If you have been struggling to find the best affiliate marketing training courses I think you will find that this post is going to save you a lot of valuable time and money.

In this post I am going to spell out for you what you need to look for in the best affiliate marketing training course and how to pick a legit one an avoid the scams or money suckers.  Many of the affiliate marketing training courses I have reviewed over the years aren’t outright scams but they really push the push button systems that may look like a sure thing but always turn out to have been lacking in some area that squashes your chances of making income online as an affiliate marketer.

I hope you get something out of this post and benefit from the many years of experience I have received from participating as an affiliate marketer. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this page, I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you would like to talk one on one in person through my personal email, click on this “contact me link” which will take you to my contact me page where we can talk in private, have a great day Mike.

Does A High Price Affiliate Marketing Training Course Mean Its Better?

Believe or not there are many affiliate marketing training providers who purposely inflate the price of membership for their affiliate marketing training course. This is actually a sneaky marketing trick that does actually have a little phycology behind it. Stick a high price tag on something and people will think it is worthy of that price tag. Help this facade along a little by lumping in a lot of useless tools and services, why not? Most new affiliate marketers wouldn’t know the difference anyways, would you?

As we get a little deeper into this article you will see how true this last paragraph is. You will see that you really only need a few key components in an affiliate marketing training course to greatly enhance your chances of success. To recap, no more doesn’t mean better!

Is There Such A Thing As A Money Back Guarantee?

Over the years I have seen many programs promote money back Guarantees, most of which aren’t worth the money they written on, so don’t let this be the deciding factor for you joining a certain affiliate marketing training course, you will be disappointed. There are no guarantees when it comes to making money online, I can guarantee that! Earning money online takes commitment and perseverance, how do you put a guarantee on that?

Many programs have a lot of fine print that you need to read. Many courses offer a money back guarantee but this is really just a guise to make you purchase even more of their courses. One program that comes to mind just got shut down by the FTC because, this program made people complete 21 steps to qualify for their money back guarantee, unfortunately these 21 steps started with a small $47 payment and by the time they walked you through the 21 steps you were into their course for literally thousands of dollars, of which very few ever got their money back!

I recently reviewed one affiliate marketing training course that said they would double your money back if you weren’t happy after 30 days. The scary thing was their product was part of the ClickBank marketplace that does have a good return policy, but not a double your money back offer so this outfit was misleading people right out of the gates. Even at that this program had it down to a tee, they would stretch you out so that by the time you realized their program wasn’t going to work as advertised you were past the 30 day window and wouldn’t qualify for a refund from Click Bank.

This wasn’t a ClickBank issue, this was an issue with one of it’s merchants products that was hosted in Click Banks marketplace.

So really what I am saying is, buyer beware, don’t buy any course because of the guarantee, buy a course because it offers value, support, integrity and opportunity.

How Can I tell If An Affiliate Marketing Training Course Is Legit?

The answer to this question may not seem obvious to some but it is to me. After years of reviewing affiliate marketing training courses I came to the realization that you can’t look at affiliate marketing training like you would a physical product like a car for example, it’s not, it’s a service. Like any service there are service providers who are just better than others, that applies to affiliate marketing training course providers also.

Investment in Products And Training

Very few affiliate marketing training providers invest a decent amount of their revenue back into building a better program, the ones that do are in it for the long hall,  staying ahead of the curve and offering more and more so that they can attract even more members and grow their business. Many affiliate marketing training course providers are in it for the quick buck, you can tell who these guys are a mile away. Here are some characteristics you should keep an eye out for to avoid the affiliate marketing training fly by night courses…..

Priority Is Placed On Support

Don’t offer a legitimate support venue – Tend to use low cost support venues such as Facebook groups as a support venue. Facebook groups are very ineffective as support mechanisms. The company doesn’t have any real investment in this support option so they obviously don’t have support as a high priority and are only looking at keeping your money in their pocket. Good affiliate marketing training courses will have their own communities and forums that have moderators and built in support options that will help their members at a click of a button.

 Large And Active Membership / Community

It’s not a fluke or the popularity that builds a large membership base, its due to the fact that the company offers value and has re invested in their program. This I mentioned in the previous paragraph. People tend to stay when they see value, opportunity and a willingness for the program owners to keep adding new training and tools. The activeness of the community to support fellow members is also a sign that the program is a winner. I know from experience that support is the key to success online, without good support you will fail. There is a pretty steep learning curve when you first start, it can become a little overwhelming but with good support you can easily get through that initial learning phase.

Reasonable Cost For Service Rendered

This paragraph addresses a critical component of finding the best affiliate marketing training course. Many affiliate marketing training courses that I have reviewed in the past put a high value on their program. Cost for a membership is not in line with what they offer. Lots of programs add a lot of filler that you could source for free elsewhere.

One Time Low Cost Fee

There are a wide range of membership fees that affiliate marketing training providers ask for. One common theme I see played out over and over again are programs that offer their initial product at a very cheap introductory cost relying on getting you through the door and up selling the hell out of you. This is the most common deceptive practice that I see. These outfits offer very little value, usually have poor support and small communities. This all falls back to what I said earlier, they are unwilling to re invest in their program which keeps it very low budget.

High Cost One Time Fee Programs

At the other end of the spectrum there are the high end programs that prey on your lack of knowledge, I can tell you from experience there is absolutely no reason to pay more than $400 a year for top notch training and tools. When I see programs that are asking for thousands for the right for you to participate,  I cringe at the thought of how many people have bought into this scheme. In many cases even the high end products have a catch, most want you to by the same training and tools that they want you to use so that you can turn around and recruit and resell these same tools to others, quite a racket. In most cases participants never make their money that they invested in buying re sell rights and eventually cave  under the massive financial pressure they have brought upon themselves. These high cost programs are usually out for for the quick bucks and usually don’t have a long shelf life or find themselves mired in some type of legal issues.

Middle Of The Road monthly membership Fee Programs

In my opinion these are the back bone of affiliate marketing training. These programs usually are offered up with a medium monthly membership fee. The thing about monthly membership fee programs is they really offer good value and support. Why?

They offer good services and tools, usually included, because they need to! They always have to keep their membership happy by offering good support and evolving training. They need to stay current offering the latest training and tools, if they don’t people will not see value and not see a reason to maintain their monthly membership. Monthly fee programs rely on members staying, this will only happen if members see value. A monthly membership fee affiliate marketing training course with a big community tells me one thing, they are dialled into keeping their membership happy by offering good tools, training and services. So if you want a good training platform look for a monthly fee membership with a large community, this means they are doing something right!

I hope the information in this article helps you find the best affiliate marketing training course that is right for you! If you need any advice or my thoughts on an affiliate marketing training course that you are looking at just drop a line and I will be more than happy to give you my opinion, have a great day Mike.



12 Replies to “Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses – How To Pick a Legit One”

  1. Training and learning are the bedrock of affiliate marketing and every marketer who wish to succeed dedicates their time to being well grounded in training. But investing in the right platform to get adequate training needed is also paramount, you have helped to shed light on how best to select the best training for affiliate marketing looking at various pointers and features. Thank you and I will surely adhere to this when selecting the platform to get adequate trainings.

    1. Hi Rodarrick, thanks for leaving your thoughts for others to read. You don’t need to break the bank to find quality affiliate marketing training. People think because a program has a high price tag that it must be better when in reality this is just a marketing scheme that catches quite a few unsuspecting newbies.

  2. Oh thank you so much, I have seen some of this platforms that talk about trainings on affiliate marketing. Some even have a timer that says after the timer goes down, the offer won’t be available again or membership will be closed. I guess this are all tactics to make us rush into their trainings. Gladly, I found your post and after reading this thoroughly, I can tell now how to get a legit training so as not to fall prey of the scammers who hype prices. I wouldn’t want to pay so much for very little or even nothing at all. Thanks so much for the educative post.

    1. No problem Henderson that’s why I created this site, to help people wanting to find success at affiliate marketing and hopefully navigate around the programs and tools that were developed to line someones pockets, not help people find success. Have a good one Mike.

    1. Hi Tina I am glad you found the information here worth reading. Everything on this site is drawn from my experience over the years as an affiliate marketer. Stop by and check out new info being added everyday to help affiliate marketers find success online, have a great day, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike 

    Thank for sharing us such a heartbreaking thought. Affiliate marketing is really a platform where we can perform with our own content. We can share our thinking with others and most importantly we can earn money from sharing with others. But doing an affiliate marketing business we need proper guidance and training. For this yor informative post definitely helps them who are interested in this job. 

    Thats why I will definitely share this post with my friends and family. 

    Thanks again. 

    1. Hi Monalisha, Yes, affiliate marketing can be very rewarding not only monatarily but also for the simple reason that you can reach thousands of people with any message you want which on its own is a very powerful thing. I hope you do share this post with friends it may make the difference in someones life. Enjoy the info on the site, cheers Mike. 

  4. This is a very educative and informative post warning newbies not to go for affiliate training which would leave them sad and disappointed after time has been wasted and money lost in the situation that a refund is elusive. This world needs many more such posts to warn people of scammers who entice you to get into their training members’ area with low entrance fees but the upsells that follow are prohibitive.

     Having lost money to such scammers before, I quickly point out that Wealthy Affiliate is the legit way of receiving online affiliate training with a peace of mind and with the hope that you are going to succeed in your online business. Please, keep on exposing the bad eggs in affiliate training and we shall have less heartaches among online searchers. 

    1. Thank you for your feedback Joseph. Yes, nobody needs to overpay for training or think they are getting a great deal because training looks cheap but in reality the training ends up costing you a fortune by the time they are finished with you. I know it’s hard when you are first starting out to know what you need but do your homework and educate yourself before you jump in. Thanks again Joseph, cheers mike.

  5. A while ago, I was learning affiliate marketing from Udemy courses. There were many choices to choose from and because I subscribe to the newsletter, I always get notification whenever there’s a promotion going on. Instead of paying the full price, sometimes they offer up to 90% discount from the regular course fee. 

    Having said that, not all instructors and their work are created equal. I usually go through the review to see what others have got to say and having private support from the tutor in terms of online discussion is always a bonus to consider paying for. 

    1. Hi Cathy, I did a review of udemy for affiliate marketing training years ago and as you mentioned the price was good but the training was always incomplete. You could find a good course on one particular topic or aspect of affiliate marketing but nothing that would walk you through from start to making money. If I wanted to look at one component of affiliate marketing like email marketing I might look at udemy but not for a-z training. Places like wealthy affiliate offer a-z training. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts Cathy, cheers mike.

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