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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews : Can They Be Trusted?

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews : Can They Be Trusted?

I have seen a lot of Wealthy Affiliate reviews littering the internet, and more specifically, every category related to the make money online niche. I wrote this post to shed a little light on the authenticity of these Wealthy Affiliate reviews and if they can be trusted.

When people turn to the internet to make a purchase they usually do quite a bit of pre-work before they make their final decision to buy. Whether it is a fridge, TV or an affiliate marketing training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, they will eventually land on a review that speaks to the product you they are interested in. Product reviews for affiliate marketers are one of the best converting tools we have, yes I am an affiliate marketer! Product reviews hit people at the right stage in the buying cycle, this is the stage where customers have done the leg work and are just looking for a little more info before they take the plunge.

Enter the affiliate marketer, we are the guys who are going to give you that nudge you need, in this case, it will be Wealthy Affiliate partners who are giving you that nudge via their Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

Let’s Start By Defining What Wealthy Affiliate is!

This section is going to be short and sweet, I am sure you already know what Wealthy Affiliate is, but just to make sure I will give you a quick overview.Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform which is promoted as a world class affiliate training platform that offers everything under one roof. A place where you can get the training you need while building a profitable affiliate marketing business. The business building platform is owned by two young guys ( young in my eyes lol)  named Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. Wealthy Affiliate has been in operation for roughly 15 years, actually established in 2005, which is a very long time in internet years. That’s it, not going to go into any more detail than that!

Why Is It When I am Researching Another Product I Get Steered Into Wealthy Affiliate?

To be quite honest, unless you are an affiliate marketer like I am you probably would have a tough time figuring out why you started out looking at one offer like Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive for example, and the next thing you know you find yourself reading how great Wealthy Affiliate is. There’s a very simple answer for this. WA affiliates have been trained to target people in the right stage of the buying cycle. WA affiliates know where their bread is buttered, they all go through extensive training called “Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp”. Looking at search results for any affiliate marketing platform you will find reviews of these platforms by Wealthy Affiliate affiliates. WA’s bootcamp turns out some of the top affiliates in the make money online niche, there’s no denying this fact. So, when you are looking at a competing affiliate marketing training product reviews, there’s a really good chance your looking at a review done by one of Wealthy Affiliates foot soldiers.

Why Do WA Affiliates Review Other Online business Platforms?

When you finally realize that you are reading a product review done by a Wealthy Affiliate member there is no clear cut answer to whether this is an authentic review that you can trust. In most cases from what I have seen, most competitor reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members are genuine, they have a vested interest in the platform they are reviewing, they are affiliates for that platform also, they are taught to butter their bread on both sides.

I have actually seen quite a few affiliate marketing platform reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members that looked really in-depth and not in the least bias towards WA. The reason you can find unbiased reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members is, they are taught by WA to be diverse in their affiliate endeavours, in other words, they are taught to promote any product that is credible that will generate affiliate commissions for them, after all this is what we want isn’t it?

Successful Wealthy Affiliate’s finding quality products that will produce commissions, this has no boundaries or loyalties. A good product is a good product, worthy of your promotion and your bank account. The good WA affiliates are entrepreneurs who look for opportunities. The low hanging WA affiliates only look at one thing, the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. The low hangers are primarily affiliates who lack experience. If they only know the potential income possibilities outside of promoting WA they would be clambering to get more affiliate products into their portfolio.

I have seen a fair amount of competing platform reviews done by Wealthy Affiliate members that were totally bias, pitching Wealthy Affiliate while bashing the competition. In most cases these reviews are done by Wealthy Affiliate members who missed the lesson on building a credible brand, bashing everything but your product isn’t the way to build credibility or a brand. Building trust with your audience as any good affiliate marketer knows is crucial to your long term success online, go around just bashing and you don’t have any credibility, not to mention you are passing up good commissions on other products.

Can You Trust A Wealthy Affiliate Review?

Once again there is no yes or no answer to whether you can trust a Wealthy Affiliate review. There are a few things to look for when you are reading a Wealthy Affiliate review. If the Wealthy Affiliate review you are looking at is all sugar plums and fairy tales and no negative aspects then I would tuck and run, there is no perfect affiliate marketing trining platform!

If you are reading a Wealthy Affiliate review and it tells you that there are no guarantees and that work ethic and time you spend building your affiliate business are the most important ingredients to success online, then I would look into WA further through that site. You need to remember that, all these Wealthy Affiliate reviews have affiliate links built into them, when you click on these links they take you to Wealthy Affiliate and you are now tied to the member who’s link you clicked through on.

If you clicked through on a site that was all nice fluff, your probably getting hooked up with a member who doesn’t give a shit about you, only the referral commission they can make off you.

What Happens When You Get Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

First thing that happens when you enter WA is, you are greeted by your referring member. Chances are, if that referring member was the guy or gal that had that nice “nothing could be bad” Wealthy Affiliate review, you aren’t going to get the help you need to get the most out of their platform, these members are busy trying to bullshit the next unsuspecting victim, not looking to spend the time helping ones they already have!

Is Wealthy Affiliate As Good As Advertised?

Christ, you’re going to be getting sick of my yes and no answers, but here’s another one, lol. As far as Affiliate marketing training platforms go, Wealthy Affiliate is probably one of the best that I have seen on the market. WA has everything you need to build a thriving affiliate marketing business. Unfortunately, if you listen to the Wealthy Affiliate members that offer glowing reviews, they seem to leave out the part that you will have to play. Crucial elements you will need to supply that Wealthy Affiliate has no control over. Elements such as, time you will need to put into your online business, commitment, effort, motivation, and of course,  your referring members help.

WA’s business building platform is pretty damn good, it offers every tool, a huge community that are offered incentives to help other members. There’s literally nothing you can’t learn about affiliate marketing on WA’s platform. But just like a carpenters tools, the tools are only as good as the person using them. We come in all shapes and sizes and mindsets. Wealthy Affiliate is just one of a few good affiliate marketing training platforms that you have the option of joining, in the end it still will come down to your efforts and the help of a mentor.

What Is Really Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

When you read some Wealthy Affiliate reviews you may get the impression that they offer everything, well , they come pretty close. As a self proclaimed “successful affiliate marketer” lol, I can tell you that you really only need a few tools and services to make affiliate commissions. Wealthy Affiliate has those tools and services, plus more that will only distract you at best! Things the WA platform offer that I like are….

Training on writing content that ranks: without this training your site and content would never get seen by the internet public. The proof is in the pudding as the adage goes! Wealthy Affiliate reviews of other products at the top of the search engines is proof that can’t be denied, these affiliates have been training to create content that will rank high in search engines. This is why you will find yourself on WA’s doorstep before you can say, “WTF”.

Keyword tool: I would never produce content without first using a keyword tool to look for keywords that I could use in my content. Don’t want to use a keyword tool, don’t do affiliate marketing, it’s that simple.

Live chat: This is kind of a underrated service. Live chat allows you to ask questions of other members in real time. If you are a person that works and only have so much time to work on your affiliate marketing business you need timely responses to your questions. When I first started affiliate marketing I worked full time and only had so much time to allocate to my affiliate business, live chat would have come in handy!

Step by Step website building platform: Wealthy Affiliate offers a WordPress website building platform, this is a WordPress website that your on now! Really simple to use and work on, thousands of free plugins that will do most of the work for you.

Content writing platform: This is a writing platform inside WA that makes content creation easy for people like me lol. I suck at writing and a platform like this lays out your posts and structures your content, all you do is fill in the blanks.

Multiple training delivery models: Wealthy Affiliate offers video training, text training, live training, staff training, class room training and member sponsored training. Whatever model suits you they have it. I personally like video and text format training but some would rather have live.

Support: Support is the biggest thing I look for in any affiliate marketing training platform. WA offers lots of support options for its members. WA offers 24/7 staff support, there’s support from members and your referrer. You can ask questions in classrooms or straight to the community. You will see the community is a great support mechanism due to its size (1.5 million members) and the communities diverse skill level.

Do You Join Wealthy Affiliate To Promote Them?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are encouraged to promote any group of affiliate products, not just Wealthy Affiliate. There only a handful of good WA affiliates, most have just decided to promote WA because they haven’t been able to find their own profitable niche. The make money online niche is highly competitive so it’s not a niche I would recommend. Wealthy Affiliate produces its fair share of success stories, most of which are members in niches that have nothing to do with the make money online niche. Many of the most successful WA members make commissions off of multiple online merchants such as Amazon, clickBank, Etsy, the list goes on and on. I am not going to paste a bunch of testimonials on here you can take a peak if you want, WA’s platform has a free membership. Here’s one member bragging of their success, just joking, this member should Bragg, I would, lol.

As you can see this lady is into promoting products on Amazon as I was at one time. The nice thing about promoting  products that are on Amazon is, you make a lot of collateral commissions. I once got a commission off of a fridge because I was promoting water filters for fridges. I got lucky and I guess someone decided, hell with the new filter, I need a new fridge! Once that lead in Amazon, it doesn’t matter what they buy, you get the commission!

My Final Thoughts

All I can say about whether you can trust Wealthy Affiliate reviews is this, Wealthy Affiliate offers a good platform for building an affiliate business. WA is no different than other platforms, the only difference is, they have with stood the test of time and hey, you can’t deny the fact that their affiliates are ranking and seen everywhere, even on social media platforms like Facebook. WA’s affiliates get the same training that all members get.




Human Proof Designs Pre Made Affiliate Websites:Would I Recommend Them?

Human Proof Designs Pre Made Affiliate Websites:Would I Recommend Them?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or looking to make life little easier for yourself by investing in a pre made website, then Human Proof Designs may have what you are looking for. I am doing a quick Human Proof Designs review to answer some of the questions that you may have, the main question being, do Human Proof Designs pre made websites really work? Enjoy my Human Proof Designs review and like always, please leave me any questions or comments at the end of this review. You can contact me through the contact me page here in private if you want to chat, have a great day, hope you enjoy the review, Mike.

What Is Human Proof Designs?

Human Proof Designs was created to fill a void in the pre made affiliate site niche by the owners Dom Wells and Bryon Brewer. These guys first got the idea to create a platform like Human Proof Designs when they noticed there was a need for high quality affiliate sites that just weren’t available to affiliates. Bryon states that other affiliate sites were cheaply done and offered poor ranking results do to poor SEO, content and layouts.

Bryon and Dom went on to create a platform that offers quality pre made affiliate websites and everything you could possibly think of that would help you make affiliate commissions after you buy a pre made affiliate site. A few of the things you will find inside the Human Proof Designs offer are, Affiliate marketing training, services such as article writing, done for you keyword research as well as built in back links. You will also find , tools, support and community at your fingertips. The screen shot below shows what Human Proof Designs has managed to achieve to date.

Who Is Human Proof Designs best suited for?

When visit Human Proof Designs platform you will see they have tried to cover all the bases when it come to who they are pitching their platform too. Bryon and Dom have designed their offer so that it appeals to new affiliate marketers and seasoned affiliates alike. Offering everything from fully automated services that include a fully operational site in a niche that they have found in a profitable niche right down to an article writing service so that fresh content is added to your site on a pre determined schedule. Human Proof Designs will also build in back links so that your content will have more authority with search engines such as Google.

You have many options at your disposal. You can have the full meal deal or choose a discipline that you have trouble with and they will fill the gap for you.

They really do have it all covered when it comes to buying a pre-done affiliate site. For a fee you can have access to everything needed to maintain your new site. I guess the most relevant question to ask at this stage of the review is, can you afford all this help?

Do I Need To Sell An Organ To Get A Human Proof Design Site?

A little play on words lol, my attempt at humour. Not sure what body parts are worth, but I do know what a Human Proof Designs pre-done affiliate site goes for!

If you are interested in just buying a premium amazon or ClickBank pre-done affiliate site you are looking at

Basic Affiliate Site: $798

Standard Affiliate site: $998

Premium Affiliate site: $1298-$10,000

What you do need to keep in mind is, believe it or not, these are just your basic costs. Your new site doesn’t come with hosting ($100/year min) and you will need to register a domain name for your site ($14 per year) plus you will need access to a keyword tool ($49 a month) if you plan on doing any work yourself. If you want a hands off affiliate marketing experience I am here to say, you won’t find one, not even at Human Proof designs. Any affiliate site will take some experience or knowledge of the various principles of affiliate marketing to either keep your site operational, or to grow the site, which should be your goal. If you don’t keep your site fresh it will die very quickly losing any income potential it may have had!

If you are thinking you will hire out the work that it takes to run an affiliate site, then here are some numbers that you should keep in mind…

Monthly article submission: $109-$659, Done for you articles published to your site.

  • Article packs: $299-$1299, done for you article packs ranging from 8000-24000 words. For SEO purpose you really want an article to be minimum 1500 words. This means a 8000 article pack may get you 5 articles. If you know anything about contacting out writing work you would be looking at 1000 words for roughly $50-$75.
  • Monthly PBN back links: $249-$659, HPD builds links for you that are placed in a private network to create back links for your site.
  • Custom Keyword packs: $99, these are keyword packs that are custom picked for your niche that you can use to create content around.
  • Hosting: $100 a year
  • Domain registry: $14 a year

These are just the basic components you will need to keep your site fresh and running if you plan the hands off approach, which I mentioned earlier, doesn’t really exist!

Need A Side Of Training To go With Your New Site?

I have to say upfront I feel Human Proof Designs is a great offer, yes, I have been a Human Proof Designs affiliate for a few years now and have sent hundreds of prospects to their doorsteps. In all honesty, I didn’t get my training at Human Proof Designs!


The training at Human Proof Designs is damn good, very extensive and covers some great topics that are highly relevant to affiliate marketing, here’s the “but” a little too expensive in my opinion. I can get just as good or even better training elsewhere that includes everything I need with no extras for less! Here’s HPD training options…

  • $47 a month for a monthly membership
  • $33 for a monthly based on yearly

This in my opinion is way to steep of a price to pay for affiliate marketing training, especially when you still need to pay for hosting and other affiliate marketing tools and services. There are much cheaper, and frankly, better affiliate training platforms that offer everything you need under one roof for a lot less!

My Advice To You!

If you have some experience in affiliate marketing and can do a few things on your own, keep a Human Proof Design site up and running without having to farm out services, then this offer may be right for you. If you don’t know SEO, how to write content that ranks or create backlinks for your site, this offer will cost you a small fortune by the time you pay for farming these services out. I would be honestly “shocked” if you would get your return on investment back.

If you do have some experience in affiliate marketing, then I would say it’s worth a look at the least. If you are going to try out the $7/14 day trial, please check it out through my affiliate link below. I think you can see by my review I am honest and I am not just going to say anything for a commission.

If you are new to affiliate marketing ( very little knowledge), I don’t feel this is the product for you. All the extras you will need will cost you way too much and I wouldn’t want to see you leave affiliate marketing with a bad taste in your mouth. Get yourself some inexpensive affiliate marketing training and then maybe come back and look at Human Proof designs products, they are quite good. Trust me, the little guy on my shoulder is telling me to make some big commissions off you, the little guy on the other shoulder is saying, be good lol. My commission off of a $5,000 site is pretty sweet for one sale, that’s why you see lots of positive Human Proof Design reviews. My review is mixed for good reason. Human Proof Designs offers some great services, and their pre done sites are top notch, but this offer isn’t for everyone!

Have a great day, please leave me your comments, questions or contact me in person and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.


















If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing these sites may not be for you. I know that Human Proof Designs states in their sales pitch that their platform is Newbie friendly but this will come at a higher cost. The reason I say this is, if you come to Human Proof Designs with this idea that you are going to just pop in and buy a site you are sadly mistaken. Do you know what a good site entails? Do you know what the real income potential is? Do you know what it will take to keep your site ranking well in search engines? Below is a quick look at the details that a new site come with, do you know what this all means? If not, you will need some affiliate marketing training, and if you need affiliate marketing training, why would you buy a site? You could build one as you do your training, thats how most affiliate marketing platforms train you. You learn how to build a site and add content that ranks and every other aspect of building a profitable affiliate site.


The info above isn’t rocket science but for a beginner it may not make sense and would you know how to fact check this info? Is this annual profit or lifetime profit? If so, buying this site for $1300 doesn’t make a lot of sense

Affiliate Marketing Forums: Best Forums For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Forums: Best Forums For Beginners

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer or you are new to affiliate marketing, forums are a big part of finding success online.  When I first started out in affiliate marketing I know I couldn’t have done it without all the help I received from fellow community/forum members.

I was one of the lucky ones that was in the right place at the right time and stumbled upon a forum/community that best suited my needs when I first started out in affiliate marketing. I know from experience how invaluable being part of an affiliate marketing forum can be to an affiliate when they are struggling to find success online. Not only can you find support from fellow affiliate marketing forum members, you will find that, you learn from their failures as well as their successes. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and more importantly, money. I can’t stress enough how valuable an affiliate marketing forum is to an affiliates success. I haven’t talked to one successful affiliate marketer that didn’t belong to an affiliate marketing forum at one point or another. Hopefully this post will help you find the best affiliate marketing forum/platform and improve your chances of making affiliate commissions. Please leave me your comments or questions below or contact me directly through the contact me page on this site, have a great day Mike.

 Attributes That I Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Forum?

Affiliate Marketing Forums are not all made equal. There is a wide range of affiliate marketing forums you can choose from. Here are some of the most important attributes I feel you will need in your forum to get the best out of your forum…

No up selling allowed: No up selling is a critical component to finding the best forum that will help you find the best success as an affiliate marketer without the risk of being scammed. The last thing you want or need is to find out that you are taking advice from someone who is steering you in a direction solely to earn themselves an affiliate commission from some product or service they are affiliated with.  You need to know that the help you are receiving is genuine, not profit driven!

Number of members: When looking for the best affiliate marketing forum, numbers do matter. You need to have the membership to ensure you get the best cross section of answers to your questions.

There’s no substitute for Experience: I find with a lot of forums, you either get newbies that have very little to offer in the way of advanced knowledge. On the other end of the spectrum you may have forums full of experienced affiliate marketers. I have found that forums dominated by experienced affiliate marketers don’t seem to ever find time or have the appetite to help a newbie or less experienced marketer, you really do need a nice cross section of experience levels that will complement each other. The affiliate marketing forum I belong to, has affiliate marketers at all stages on the experience scale, you get a variety of skill levels helping each other which I find so cool.

Forum diversity: Diversity of knowledge I feel is one of the most important aspects that make or break an affiliate marketing forum. Having members that are experts in various disciplines of affiliate marketing ia an important resource for less experienced members. For example, I excel at writing content that ranks high in search engines, but I suck at programming the back end of my websites, so I rely quite heavily on fellow forum members to walk me through the process of setting up my affiliate sites. In exchange I find myself giving members quick lessons in writing content that will rank high in search engine results. It’s a really nice way for everyone to find answers in areas of affiliate marketing they may be a little weak in.

Lets face it, no one is an expert in all areas of affiliate marketing, anyone who tells you they are, well, their full of s–t, that’s why every affiliate marketer looking to find success needs the support of a great affiliate marketing community or forum.

Activity of membership: You go to some affiliate marketing forums and you can tell there quite stagnant, something you don’t want in your forum. What you do want to see is a plethora of questions, answers and engagement, these are all signs of a healthy and vibrant affiliate marketing community.

My Top Rated Affiliate Marketing forums:

Here is a list of my top rated affiliate marketing forums and some of the reasons you may want to choose one of them. I have ranked these forums based on price, diversity, membership, experience levels, activity and overall effectiveness.

#1) Wealthy Affiliate: This affiliate marketing training platform offers the largest community of aspiring and experienced affiliate marketers. The cost to join this community is $29 a month if you purchase a yearly membership. The community is very active and members are given incentives to help fellow members which works very well. The owners Kyle and Carson are very active in the forum answering questions. Questions I found, get answered in minutes. The community has roughly 1.5 million members which makes it the largest of its kind in the internet marketing world. There are many advantages to joining this community, live chat,  lots of relevant affiliate marketing training created by Wealthy Affiliate and its members. Website hosting, free access to WordPress website builder, weekly live webinars and all the tools you need to run an affiliate marketing business. Tools like keyword tools, writing platforms and templates and so much more all under one roof for a very low monthly fee. Here’s a snippet of what goes on in WA’s community. Members share their success so others can follow in their footsteps which is really cool. You can see live chat going on to the right. You can see my profile here in WA where I have been a member since 2010 and the amount of followers I have within the community. What does it mean to follow someone, this means that if you follow me I get notified if you ask a question, this gives me the opportunity to know when you need my help. You can see with close to 6000 visitors the forum keeps me extremely busy lol. Members post not only on their success but offer new training for other members which they also get incentives for doing. Great forum for newbies!

You can check out the Wealthy Affiliate community for free Here, Follow Me And Get My Personal Help!

#2) Affilorama: This affiliate marketing platform offers a forum or community with a nice mix of experienced and new affiliate marketers. The community consists of roughly 200,000 strong. The group is very active and questions get answered very quickly. Affilorama is another forum I am a member with and frequent on a regular basis. My passion is helping emerging affiliate marketers so I do my best to help where I can.

Affilorama offers a different experience than WA. You have free access to the forum and their blog, but that’s it, still a great forum in my opinion, and it’s free to join. You don’t have access to tools or services, these you must pay for on a one off basis. Training is extra, tools are extra, hosting for websites is extra. You do get access to Affiloram’s blog which offers information on some pretty interesting and helpful topics related to affiliate marketing. Below is an older post in Affilorama ,but it gives you an idea of topics covered. I have been a member at Affilorama for quite a few years and participate in their forum on a regular basis. Great forum for newbies!

Take A Tour Of  Affilorama’s Forum For Free Here!

#3) Affiliate Fix: This is an affiliate marketing forum that has a pretty active membership. Affiliate Fix has roughly 100,000 members and from what I can see there is a pretty good cross section of experience levels on the forum. This forum is free and offers an upgrade to a paid membership where you are offered a little more flexibility to drop links and such. You really need to be careful using a forum like Affiliate Fix, although there are some great topics covered I wouldn’t recommend it for a newcomer to affiliate marketing. There were a few answers I saw that were more like affiliate product up sells rather than authentic answers. Up selling can be problematic for new marketers. It’s hard to tell what is valuable info  and what is purely added for the up sell.  Here is a screenshot of a survey that I found when researching the Affiliate Fix forum. As you can see the reviews are split mostly between good and bad which isn’t a great result in my opinion. I won’t show you the comments associated with these ratings because they are R rated, lol.

You can get a free membership into Affiliate fix here!

#4) Wicked Fire: Not sure on the size of this forum but there are quite a few threads pertaining to affiliate marketing. Once again I wouldn’t suggest this forum for newbies. I read quite a few threads that looked safe on the surface but had the undertones of an affiliate product endorsement.  I joined a while back to check the quality of content out, some of the topics covered and the content looked pretty fresh. You will get prompted to go premium so that you can view threads in more detail and have more posting rights. Sign up was easy and the forum is pretty easy to navigate, not a forum I would frequent for insightful affiliate marketing info.

You Can Get A free Membership Into Wicked Fire Here!

#5) Warrior Forum: This is a similar forum to Wicked Fire in the sense that it isn’t that safe for newbies in my opinion. Warrior forum is very commercialized in my opinion, which means it’s hard to tell what is an authentic response to a question or a prequel to an up sell for an affiliate product. Warrior forum has been around for quite a long time, over 10 years I would estimate. No numbers on the size of the forum but its pretty big from the threads that are on the site and views. You can usually find some good topics covered in the Warrior Forum, just remember to keep an open mind about what you are looking at.

You Can Join Warrior Forum Here For Free!

My Advice To You On Choosing A Forum

Nothing is free in this world, this is also true for forums/communities, so be careful. You’re either going to pay a certain amount up front to get access to knowledge that will help your affiliate marketing career, or you’re going to take your chances that a free platform will offer authentic answers to your questions without steering you towards an affiliate product, it really boils down to what you want out of your forum/community.

My choice would be to find a reasonably priced affiliate membership/community that doesn’t allow up selling, this way you get real answers without risking your chances of being targeted by an affiliate. Look for communities/forums that give you the most for your money.

Hope you enjoyed my post on finding the best forum for beginners. Have any questions or comments please leave them below this post. You can contact me directly through the contact me page here on this site, have a great day and best of luck in your affiliate marketing success.

How To Write A Call To Action: Make Your Website Visitors Take Action

How To Write A Call To Action: Make Your Website Visitors Take Action

You do all that work, research your keyword phrase, Write content that ranks, research your topic and write engaging content. Best of all, you get lots of search engine traffic. That’s everything you did right, but you still have squat for conversions and sales!


You forgot one of the most important aspects of creating a popular post, get your visitors to do what you want them to do! This can be a tricky endeavour for any bloggers/affiliates unless you know how to write a persuading call to action. You can turn that well earned website traffic into affiliate sales by knowing how to create a call to action that will make your website visitors take notice and ultimately take action.

In this post I will lay out how to create an irresistible call to action that will have your website visitors eating out of the palm of your hand, enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments or questions at the bottom of this page, or contact me in private through the contact me page on this site. Have a great day Mike.

Lets Start At The Beginning: What Is A Call To Action?

Call to action is simply a word or phrase that asks your website visitors to perform a task Like “Click” or “Click Here to Receive This Free eBook, Start Here, buy now, call now or get your free trial here. These are just s few examples of common CTA’s or call to actions.

A Call to action can be used for a variety of reasons, such as, have your website visitors look at a certain offer, share your content on social platforms, Give up their email address, make a purchase, really the reasons for call to actions are numerous. Call to actions can come in all shapes and forms. You can create a call to action as a button, image or even just a simple link in the body of your text. One of the main reasons websites are not converting visitors in to sales are weak call to actions.

What Makes A compelling CTA

A call to action needs to be relevant to your marketing message or contents message. Your CTA needs to pique your visitors interest, speak to your visitors wants and needs, and above all, needs to be inspiring and motivational. If you have a home renovation blog you might use a call to action that plays to your visitors interests and desires, something like “enter here for your free book on designing your own dream kitchen on a budget”, or click here to receive our free design tips for small bathrooms, Read this and save thousands by avoiding 10 common mistakes that every DIY renovator makes. Subscribe here for our free newsletter. Its endless what CTA’s you can create, it really boils down to making your CTA’s relevant and enticing. Make sure that your CTA’s are concise and to the point, visitors need to know what they will get by taking action.

Words You Choose For Your CTA Make All The Difference

Action words: can be very helpful in getting your audience to take action. Words like, Read More, learn more, Signup here, start here, subscribe here, start a free trial now, are just a few action words that you will find in many call to actions that suggest that a certain action needs to be taken. Below is a call to action that follows information from human proof designs an affiliate marketing platform with done for you affiliate sites. See how they give you some relevant info and then prompt you to act on it.


Limited Time verbiage: Using words that instil a sense of urgency can be very effective when creating call to actions. Words like, limited time, limited space available, while quantities last, going fast, last chance. Words like these can make a website visitor feel a sense of urgency or feel like they may be missing out if they don’t act fast. Here’s an example of a CTA used in a  program that I reviewed a few weeks ago called affiliate bots.

Sensitive words: Words you may want to avoid are words that add a sense of unwanted pressure like, buy now, order now and submit are just a few words I would avoid using if possible. Words that create a sense of unwanted pressure could have a negative phycological impact on your visitors. There is a good read on soft selling on the Harvard Business Review site that speaks to how “low pressure marketing” has it’s advantages over high pressure marketing, not quite apples to apples because it deals with more face to face selling, but the principles are the same.

Create A safe environment: Use words like zero risk, 100% guarantee, no obligation, no risk free trial. These words will help to send a message to your visitors that they are safe performing a task you require. Here’s a CTA off of Wealthy Affiliates home page where they offer a free membership with no risk, no credit card providing a sense that you are entering a safe environment, which you are with Wealthy Affiliate I might add!

Offer value: Offering your website visitors something that is relative to your topic or product that is free or has some value can be a great way to gather emails or funnel your audience down a funnel that will eventually lead them to the purchase of your affiliate product. Offering a free subscriptions to a news letters, free eBook, free downloads, free product samples can be a great way of getting email addresses or simply getting people to take that first step that keeps them moving in the right direction. Here is a CTA from Authority Hacker an online affiliate marketing training platform…

Not everyone can give a way a free starter membership, but a good example of offering value while leading someone down a sales funnel would be Wealthy Affiliates and Affilorama’s free starter membership. These starter memberships offer great value for people looking at getting into affiliate marketing, but also have an ulterior motive,  giving people a taste of what a paid premium membership offers is the goal . These free starter memberships create an enticing call to action and at the same time buy the platforms time to pitch their premium products while offering something that their leads were looking for. This really is a win, win for everyone involved. Like I said, you may not have a free program to offer, but I am sure you can find something of value to give to your website visitors that will lead them towards doing what you enviably want them to do.

Invite your visitors to participate: Asking your website visitors to engage in something is a good way to make a connection and make them feel part of something like taking a survey, leaving their opinion, join our community, or even enter to win.

Give the personal touch: Encourage comments and one on one interaction by asking people to contact you in private through your” contact me page”.

I have received multiple enquiries through contact me pages over the years. This is always a great opportunity to connect one on one with your website visitors, many of which take this opportunity to tell you what they couldn’t in public. Participating in the make money online niche puts you in the unenviable position to correspond with people who have fallen on hard times they have turned to the internet to find answers to their financial woes. This offers an opportunity to make a personal connection with your website visitors, yes this is still a call to action, people still need to click on the contact me page, but for me it’s much more, its personal. I always make a point of telling people who are in a precarious financial position to look to more traditional offline sources for financial relief, the net isn’t a good place for the vulnerable. I have seen too many dubious online money making opportunities prey on the most vulnerable. Many of these people I find come back after they have gotten both feet on the ground and are more than happy to work with me and my affiliated products, given my honest approach. Short term gain isn’t worth your integrity, ah! I digress, affiliate marketing rules to live by, this is for another post lol.

Where Should You Place Call To Actions?

Call to actions come in all shapes and sizes, links in text, images, buttons, pop ups and sidebar widgets.  It only stands to reason that call to actions should be placed where they make the most sense. If you have a body of text ad a relevant CTA at the end, whether it be an image, or a button, if it is text add it to the body of text. The bare minimum you would want to add call to actions would be, towards the beginning of your web page, in the middle, end and sidebar. Other than these places you can place call to actions where they make sense. Many websites use a combination of text and image call to actions. hope you got something from this post on how to write a call to action, leave me any comments or questions below. Here is my example of a relevant call to action…

Want to Join An Affiliate Marketing  community Where Members Discuss Topics Like This In Detail!

It’s Free To Join Me And Other Affiliates Here!

The #1 Affilojetpack Review:A Truly Unbiased Product Review

The #1 Affilojetpack Review:A Truly Unbiased Product Review

Welcome to my site and another truly unbiased review! It’s really hard to find an unbiased Affilojetpack review on the net these days. This isn’t just an Affilojetpack review issue, but a systemic credibility issue with all reviews done on affiliate marketing training platforms. When you train to be an affiliate marketer you quickly learn that product reviews target people in the right stage of the buying cycle, this is why you see so many conflicting reviews, products pitched against other products. For example, you have probably noted that you will see many good Affilojetpack reviews as well as a ton of negative Affilojetpack reviews, this is mostly due to affiliates pushing their affiliate products by making another product look inferior, we have all done it at one time or another.

Hey, I am a fairly successful affiliate marketer and my goal is to make a commissions just like the next guy or gal, but I am getting older and for some weird reason I have developed this thing they call a conscience. I have managed to find a balance in life and business. What I have done differently in my affiliate marketing career of late is, I have changed my philosophy on how I participate in affiliate marketing. I look for really good affiliate products to promote, lots and lots of products and services, which allows me to be unbiased when I do reviews, my eggs aren’t all in one basket, and I can tell it like it is,  because I don’t have to bash stuff in one hand and offer an alternative in the other, classic affiliate review marketing. I now can recommend any product that looks worthy, hence, unbiased reviews. Just some food for thought if you are looking to getting into affiliate marketing and having some longevity and peace of mind at the same time. I realized in short time that it works pretty good if you want  to make lots of affiliate commissions.

I hope you enjoy what I consider to be the #1 Affilojetpack review (unbiased of course). Please leave me your thoughts or questions below. If you just want to chat in private or need any free help getting started in affiliate marketing, or want to boost your affiliate commissions you can contact me through the “contact me page” here on this site, I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

What Is Affilorama’s Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack is a digital product created by Mark Ling and his team at Affilorama. Other notable products created by Mark ling and his team at Affilorama are products and services like…

Affilojetpack was designed to help affiliate marketers expedite the affiliate website building process as well as earn commissions faster. Honestly if you already have access to a WordPress website building platform, which is what you get inside the Affilojetpack offer, then your already half way there. I can’t see how building a website in WordPress could get any easier, its pretty damn simple already, even for a non techie guy like me. The site you are on here is a WordPress site,  I built the basic structure in a couple of hours and then started the business of adding content like, my privacy policy, about me page, affiliate disclosure, contact me page and so on. So right out of the gates I am skeptical that I would need a product that creates affiliate sites faster when I can already build a site fairly fast, but wait, there’s more!

What’s Inside Affilojetpack That’s Worth The $997 Price Tag?

As you can see I can’t justify the cost of Affilojetpack simply on the pretence of building affiliate sites faster, but what else is inside Affilojetpack that might make me want to by this digital product? I was surprised to see that there was a decent amount of goodies inside the Affilojetpack offer.

  1. 5 niche (almost ready to go websites) that we already discussed. You can choose your niche sites out of 17 niches that have been determined by Affilorama. You can see your choices to the right. I am an experienced affiliate marketer and I have two sites which I can barely handle now, not sure how 5 is going to work for you
  2. Access to WordPress website building platform which we have already discussed is a good thing, best platform for building websites in my opinion.
  3. Affilotheme: This is an Affilorama product that essentially rolls 6 WordPress themes into one giving you a lot of versatility when building a WordPress affiliate website. Some of the features that are available with Affilotheme are affiliate link cloaking which allows you to make shorter and more attractive links. Pop over generator allows you to create pop overs which helps to increase opportunities to grow your email list. The Pop over generator also integrates with many autoresponder services such as Aweber. Affilotheme also offers a squeeze/opt-in creator which allows you to create squeeze pages as well as opt in forms, once again this allows you to integrate with autoresponder outfit such as Aweber. Affilotheme throws in access to a forum that is just for Affilotheme users.
  4. Free eBook give-aways to help you build an email list
  5. Keyword lists
  6. Content creation guides
  7. Affiloblueprint: This is a guide or blueprint for affiliates to follow, basically a step by step process chronicled to help guide you through niche selection to your first paycheque. You can learn more about Affiloblueprint by trying out Affilorama’s free membership, this isn’t a sales pitch, it will just give you a more in-depth look at the product for free, no pressure of buying.
  8. Traffic strategies
  9. 1 month subscription with an email service called Fluttermail ($17 value)

Of course there are always a few bonuses with any offer, so here are the Affilojetpack bonuses including Affiloblueprint I mentioned earlier. If you hit it right you may also get thrown in Affilo tools which is an SEO tracking tool for your website.

There’s lots of other free resources that Mark Ling’s crew at Affilorama create, down load the free resource below by clicking on the image if you are interested in Mark Ling’s 5 step formula to earn $10,000 a month.

Who Is Affilojetpack Best Suited For?

Honestly, if you have been participating in affiliate marketing and you aren’t a green newbie then you shouldn’t need Affilojetpack, that is, if you had any proper training to start with. If You are an affiliate marketer you should already know how to

If by chance you can’t and you are looking at Affilojetpack to learn all this, then I guess you should look hard at it, but I would say that Affilojetpack is more for new people to affiliate marketing (newbies). I know I am an affiliate marketer and I am supposed to sell you on this but I can’t with all good conscience, especially when I know there are cheaper and just as good  or in some cases better training resources for considerably less, like $29 a month for everything you need plus all your training. Yes, you should take a look, not because I want to sell you on it, but because it is the smart thing to do. The outfit I mentioned for $29 a month also offers a free starter membership so you can check it out without buying anything. Yes, I would make a commission if you bought a $29 membership but I would make a hell of a lot more if you bought Affilojetpack through this link, so please do lol!

So, What’s Your Final Cost For Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack comes with a nice list of features including all the bonus shite, it really is a good value when you look at what you get, I know, weird for me to say. At face value the offer looks great and I am a fan of Affilorama and mark Ling, but!!!!!

Here’s the deal, if I say this product is for newbies which I feel it is, then a problem arises for me, its to friggen expensive for a newbie! I have worked with quite a few new comers to affiliate marketing over the past 9 or so years, all of them I could say with confidence would crumble under the financial weight of footing close to a $1,ooo bill right out of the gates, and Affilojetpack costs don’t stop there. Remember that your email service was for only 1 month and your web hosting for your website which I forgot to mention is only included for 1 year, after that you are looking at somewhere in the $50 range for hosting, which is high for web hosting. That Affilo Tools bonus is only good for 1 website, yet you have 5, this will cost you more to get all 5 covered. The list of potential costs can creep up on you once you hit that 1 year mark.

My Advice To You!

I am a fan of Affilorama’s free membership and I like Affilorama’s Pathway to Passive eBook for $37 that shows you all the steps needed to make commissions as an affiliate marketer from Start to finish, but Affilojetpack seems to hefty of a price when I Question if you even need all that shit!

Really, you could be into this gig for some heavy coin if you aren’t careful, and I don’t care who you are, having a big overhead in affiliate marketing, especially when you are just breaking into the game, is affiliate marketing suicide.

Personally I would get a free starter membership at Affilorama or a free membership in the place that I hang out and just get the lay of the land. Learn all you can for free about affiliate marketing, get some free advice from affiliate marketers like myself and only then map out your affiliate business. Like I said I am not bias, so here is a free opportunity to learn from one of the best. Join mark Ling in a free webinar by clicking on the image below. See what the guy is all about and test his affiliate knowledge, its pretty extensive. Hope you got something out of this Affilojetpack review. Have any questions or comments please leave them below, cheers mike.

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? (Or Will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions)

Is Affiliate Bots A Scam? (Or Will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions)

When Affiliate marketers start looking to automated products to enhance their affiliate marketing results, I must say I am a skeptic at heart. I am a long time affiliate marketer, a little long in the tooth, so naturally I am skeptical of the claims that I read on the Affiliate Bots sales page. I am going to cut to the chase and dive into Affiliate Bots and answer the question, is Affiliate Bots a scam? I am hoping I am wrong and the end result is, that Affiliate Bots is the real deal and will help affiliate marketers achieve higher affiliate commissions. Enjoy my Affiliate Bots review and like always, I encourage you to leave your thoughts and questions at the bottom of the page. If you would like to talk to me in private please use the contact me page and we can chat, have a great day Mike.

The Mystery Man Behind Affiliate Bots

The person who reportedly created Affiliate Bots is a guy named Chris, yep, that’s right, just Chris! I can’t find a lot of info on this guy other than he may be referred to as Chris X and has made quite a few bucks as an affiliate marketer over the years. He also could be some 17 year old computer geek living in his parents basement pulling together all these products, you never know on the internet who’s the real deal. Looking at the lofty income claims and the low price point, Affiliate Bots kind of gives me a shitty feeling that Affiliate Bots may be just the scam I was expecting to find, but I can’t base my opinion on my lack of private eye skills, so lets dig in!

What Exactly Is This Affiliate Bots AI Stuff?

Affiliate Bots is supposedly a fully automated tool suite for internet marketers to give them that leg up on their competition, some type of artificial intelligence gig that puts Hal the rogue computer from 20o1: A Space Odyssey to shame. Showing my age there lol. The Affiliate Bots offer is made up of 37 tools that you have access to that will hypothetically give you that edge. There was a previous version of this tool suite that had 17 tools in it all together for $27. Chris has added 20 new tools at a lower price point. When you look at the list of tools they are all tools that you technically could use as an affiliate marketer, this definitely peaks my interest. Have a look at the list of tools below…

  • 17 software tools
  • CB250 – ClickBank software
  • AffiliateAds – CB banner ads software
  • King Of The Zon – Amazon software
  • Warrior50 – WarriorPlus software
  • Launch Pulse – Top launches software
  • King Of The Zoo – JVZoo software
  • IM affiliate software
  • Hosting affiliate software
  • Christmas affiliate Bot software
  • ResellDB – Resell rights software
  • DomianAveli – Domain name software
  • Click Video Pages – Website builder
  • FlipDB – 300 websites making $300 – $26k
  • Click affiliate – Script building software
  • Rapid video ranker – Video creation software
  • Automailer – Autoresponder software
  • Video Training
  • 35 Page quick start guide pdf
  • Quickstart training videos
  • All Mac/PC compatible software
  • $921 in daily commissions – I wouldn’t count on this one
  • Updates monthly

As you can see there’s actually quite a bit of AI stuff, some not worth the time to type out, but a few things, if they actually work may be worth the small investment. I am a little skeptical because I don’t use a lot of tools and have had a pretty good run as an affiliate marketer. I use very few tools to make a good income as an affiliate marketer.

So Whats The Cost To Buy All Of This Affiliate Bot Junk?

When you are on the sales page it looks well put together, the odd typo, but I definitely can’t complain about that lol. The sales pitch is pretty typical for a product like this. You get the up sell/down sell pitch, you know, it’s going to be a hundred and something for each item if you don’t buy now, and if you do buy now you get everything for an unbelievable low price, you see this all the time. There are many similar products that come out of marketplaces like JVzoo for example. The discounted price for the Affiliate Bot offer is only $17 which is pretty cheap. The nice thing with a product like this is, it comes out of a marketplace called ClickBank which you probably have heard of and promoted products from. ClickBank has a 60 day refund policy which is pretty loose, so I don’t feel there is too much risk as far as the purchase goes. The product creator is pretty smart highlighting the refund policy which he has no control over anyway, its ClickBanks policy, not his, but a good marketing tactic non the less.

To The Important Stuff, Will Affiliate Bots Increase Your Commissions?

Personally I am not going to say either way whether this will increase your affiliate commissions, you may find one piece of software that gives you that advantage you’re looking for, I am just saying it’s not my thing, content is king in my eyes. The income claims from using these tools I feel are insanely overstated. No, I don’t feel Affiliate Bots is a scam, it offers a product for a decent price point through a reputable marketplace like ClickBank. Albeit I feel there are more productive ways to increase, or even Start making affiliate commissions on a regular basis, but it starts with your foundation as an affiliate marketer which is a good affiliate marketing training platform. Look at who is giving Affiliate Bots glowing reviews, or who is bashing Affiliate bots. These are content marketers like myself who are the guys that are making the real money, not the guys supposedly using these products. I didn’t read one review where these products were tested and affiliate commissions were enhanced. The guys making money from Affiliate Bots are the guys good at SEO, Content Marketing, Social media engagement, youtube and yes, the people who launch these products, these are the people making the commissions. OK, I said what was on my mind so lets move on with the review.

Affiliate Bots offers a lot of interesting tools but the time it takes to fart around with these tools is time wasted in my opinion. Yes, you could get some benefit from some of the tools offered in Affiliate bots. For example you could get a leg up by using some of the marketplace specific tools like the JVzoo software (King of the Zoo), maybe even the Clickbank banner software, AffiliateAds. You may find a use for the odd other piece of automation but for me it’s really not worth the time, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you know that the day doesn’t have enough hours in it to get everything done you want, farting around with some of these tools in my opinion doesn’t make for good time management. If you are having troubles making great commissions online I would suggest taking that precious time and revisiting the basics of affiliate marketing. Surround yourself with experienced marketers that can help you reach the next level. I have belonged to the same community for over 9 years now and I still gain valuable insight and marketing techniques from the group.

If you are still set on trying Affiliate Bots, I wouldn’t blame you, its pretty cheap and comes with a credible refund policy through ClickBank.

If your intent on trying Affiliate Bots out to see what it can do for your affiliate business, then buy it through me. I tell it the way I see it. I am an affiliate marketer, I am not going to pass up a commission, even if it will only get me a cold beer lol.

Get your Affiliate Bots here!

Thanks for the beer, cheers Mike!


Lead Lightning Marketing Funnel-Will It Work For You?

Lead Lightning Marketing Funnel-Will It Work For You?

The longevity that Lead Lightnings Power Lead System has enjoyed in the make money online niche is impressive to say the least. Participants involved in the MLM industry, people looking to find customers for their products and people who are looking to make income by referring people to Lead Lightning have been lining up like sheep for years. Is this an authentic opportunity to drive traffic to a product or service, make money referring others to Lead Lightning, or is it simply a marketing funnel for a more expensive offer?

Today I am going to be digging into Lead Lightning and breaking down all the different components that the Lead Lightning marketing funnel has to offer.  Enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments and questions below. If you would like to talk one on one in private please contact me through the contact me page here on this site, have a great day Mike.

What Is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning serves itself up as a done for you marketing funnel for any product or business that wants to drive customers to their products or services using Lead Lightnings fully automated marketing system. This marketing funnel identifies buyers, captures their contact information and converts these contacts into potential buyers. Lead Lightning is pitched as a fully automated lead generation system which provides you with

  • Done for you sales funnel
  • Done for you autoresponder campaigns (pre done emails you can send out)
  • Contact management system that allows you to prioritize potential customers
  • Access to professional banners, links, email swipes and a list of traffic sources
  • Conversion tracking
  • Sales tracking
  • Affiliate Training

There’s a lot more to the Lead Lightning offer which I will get into a bit later, but as you can see for a mere $7 investment the Lead Lightning marketing funnel looks like a no brainer, but don’t get too excited yet.

If you want to promote your own product using the Lead Lightning marketing funnel then put your credit card away, given what I see I wouldn’t go into this offer thinking your product or service is going to take centre stage. The Lead Lightning marketing funnel is exactly that, a funnel to market Lead Lightning, you will find “your product promotion” with this offer is more like an after thought, you are given a low profile link on the lead capture page for your product or service saying “visit site here”, everything else on this capture page revolves around the promotion of the Lead Lightning offer. Most of the material like pre done emails, access to banner, links and email swipes are intended for the promotion of Lead Lightning, there is very little in this offer that I could find that provides specific promotional tools and services that are geared towards promoting products other than Lead Lightning. The Lead Lightning from what I can see as a” current  member”  it really is geared or designed to recruit people into your Lead Lightning downline first and foremost.

Learn How To Promote Any Product Here For Free!

I have been participating in affiliate marketing for quite a few years now, successfully I might add, and I don’t see a benefit to joining this program if you’re looking to drive potential buyers to your own products or services. Not only is the training and content geared to the promotion of Lead Lightning, but many of the services and tools Lead Lightning lists can be found for free on the internet. Zoho CRM is just one company that offers free CRM services that provide free of charge email automation, 10 email templates, social media management just to name a few services. Free email service providers like Mailchimp are also available for your automated email campaigns. To be quite honest I don’t see the upside to joining Lead Lightning unless you are prepared to promote their offer some extent.

The Man Behind Lead Lightning

I am not going to go into too much detail on who the man behind Lead Lightning is other than he is a gentleman called  Neil Guess. I didn’t actually see Neil featured inside Lead Lightning.

Neil was once partnered up with a well known affiliate marketer named Michael Force. Michael and Neil launched a program called The Power Lead System. You will see inside lead Lightning that their training platform and one of the main up sells you will encounter share the name of The Power Lead System. I had the pleasure of reviewing The Power Lead System quite a few years ago.

If you try and sign up for Lead Lightning by doing a Google search,  you will find that your search only brings up The Power Lead System. Michael Force eventually moved on to create a program called Digital Altitude, which by the looks of it didn’t end to well for Michael reading an FTC ruling and the eventual shutdown of Digital Altitude. Not that this has any bearing on Lead Lightnings offer, more of a note of interest.

Lead Lightning Has Many Up Sells In-store For You!

Back to that enticing $7 introductory fee to join Lead Lighting. This is what I would call a lost leader, get you through the door with a low price tag that literally anyone could afford, after that they have a captive audience, like shooting fish in a barrel. Lead Lightning sells you on the idea that you can pay a $7 onetime fee that gets you a fully automated marketing funnel that has the potential to not only promote your product but help you make multiple $6 commissions off that $7 onetime fee, is it possible? The $7 sale, Absolutely, if you already know how to market online.

As an experienced affiliate marketer I can tell you that selling a $7 product may sound like a simple task, but it really isn’t that simple if you don’t have the training to get your product in front of as many eyes as possible. The way that Lead Lightning promotes their offer is by selling you on the idea that anyone could be persuaded to buy a $7 product with the prospect of making a huge return on investment. My experience tells me it’s pretty hard to get someone to cough up their credit card number even if it is for only $7.

Working online trying to get exposure for your product isn’t easy, you need to have affiliate marketing training to compete in a competitive marketplace like the make money online niche. The basics in affiliate marketing will give you the best chance of getting your product in front of the internet audience, which is what you need.

In theory the Lead Lightning offer sounds great, but in reality,  it has quite a few holes that I can see. I do think you could sell the $7 package with the right training, but I don’t see the kind of training you would need to make multiple sales inside Lead Lightning. I did see 10 modules for promoting using Youtube which could be productive, but very little on affiliate marketing which you would need in my opinion.  If you click on the marketing tab you get redirected to a site called Site Ranks results .This site offers little bit of info on building a high performing website and SEO, but what was more interesting was the offer to help which refers to you as a “client” you know there is a bill coming when they use client!

There is training on email marketing, but email marketing only works if you can build a list and that only works if you can get you offer in front of the masses, hard to do in my opinion if you don’t have the basics in affiliate marketing. What I found strange for a done for you marketing funnel was the reference to many affiliate marketing terms such as SEO, keyword phrases, email scripts, and many more that if you didn’t have some knowledge of affiliate marketing you wouldn’t understand the relevance of these terms to the promotion of products.

If you look at the top Google searches for Lead Lightning you will see that out of 5 searches 4 are affiliate marketers sites. This isn’t a fluke, these are people who know how to get Lead Lightning in front of the masses online are affiliate marketers, these guys and gals are your competition for Lead Lightning buyers if Lead Lightning is what you are counting on selling.

I feel you might get some minor success promoting Lead Lightning dropping links on Facebook, but all it would take to have your account suspended by Facebook would be for someone to report your offer as spam or a scam, which happens quite often these days. You could get some traction with Youtube but there is a lot of competition and you really need to know what you are doing in this area to have any success.

Lead Lightning also mentions using paid for ads when promoting Lead Lightning which could cost you a nice chunk of change if you don’t know what you are doing, be very careful with this type of promotion!

If you have your own product to promote you will definitely need some basic affiliate marketing training which doesn’t take long and is inexpensive if you find an affiliate marketing platform that has everything under one roof and has zero up sells, worth the time to look into in my opinion!

Here Come The Up sells!

You get hit with an up sell right out of the starting blocks. The first up sell seemed a little strange to me seeing you really don’t know what you will need at this stage, yet they want you to super charge the system that supposedly works?

When you click on the “super charge my system” it brings you to an up sell offer called the Power Lead System. I found this up sell a little premature.

Why is this up sell premature? Well, remember that complete done for your Lead Lightning marketing funnel? Where is it now? I thought I was buying an all-in-one marketing system when I bought Lead Lightning for $7, I guess I didn’t after all.

This is your first up sell, what comes next is a barrage of up sells pitching different packages that if you were to buy would qualify you for higher commissions. The key here is, you have to buy these packages yourself first to qualify. This is another stage where I was getting mixed messages. If I have a $7 marketing system that works, why do I need to buy more? I guess you are buying the right to promote.

Let me give you a little insight into affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of thousands of online merchants looking for affiliates to promote their products and services for free, Oh, and guess what? They are willing to pay you big commissions to do so. Why would you buy Lead Lightning packages when all you really need from what Lead Lightning is saying is their $7 offer to effectively sell products, something doesn’t add up for me.

Learn How To Make Big Commissions With No Purchase Here!

The up sell packages that you can buy into inside the Lead Lightning offer are as follows

Silver membership: $29.97/month
Affiliate commissions: $15 monthly commissions on new memberships.

Gold membership: $53.97/month
Affiliate commissions: $20 monthly commissions on new memberships.

Diamond membership: $147
Affiliate commissions: $100 commissions on new memberships.

Platinum membership: $497
Affiliate commissions: $400 commissions on new memberships.

My advice to you!

If you are looking to promote a MLM product or any other product or service other than the Lead Lightning offer ,I feel you will be disappointed with your purchase, even though it is only $7, your time is worth something!

If Lead Lightning is what you are looking for and you want to give it a try, start by trying to sell multiple $7 memberships first, get an idea on how that will go before you reach in your pocket for more cash to buy a higher commission package. If that doesn’t work, get yourself some affiliate marketing training and give it another go. Hope this post helps you make an informed decision, have a great day Mike.

If your set on trying Lead Lightning join under my link here and I will give you the “FREE” help you will need to actually sell Lead Lightning with success.




Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Review – Is this Your Pathway To Passive Income?

Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Review – Is this Your Pathway To Passive Income?

Thanks for stopping by to read my unbiased review of Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive. Will this be your blueprint for passive income or simply another time and money waster?

The architect Behind Pathway to passive

A well known affiliate marketer named Mark Ling is the man behind Pathway to Passive. Over the years I have had the pleasure of reviewing many of mark ling’s products, some good and some that I felt needed a little updating to improve the chances of finding success online. Pathway to Passive is a relatively new product launched in 2018 by Mark Ling and his staff at Affilorama. As I mentioned earlier Mark Ling has many affiliate marketing products to his credit but is best known for his current and longest running make money online/affiliate marketing training platform called Afillorama. Under the Affilorama umbrella you will find products such as Affilojetpack2.0, Pathway to success and educational solutions.

I hope you enjoy my take on whether Mark Ling’s latest creation Pathway to passive will help you find success online as an affiliate marketer. I have found a fair amount of success online over the years as an affiliate marketer, I hope to share my knowledge and shed some light on whether this product will help you find your path to passive income or just waste your time and money.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts on this post or any questions you may have at the bottom of the page. If you have a question you don’t want public or just want to chat in private you can contact me through the “contact me page” here on this site, I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

What Is Pathway To Passive?

Simply put, Pathway to Passive is a guide or blueprint that mark and his crew created that allows you to follow in his virtual footsteps. This guide will take you from the very first steps in creating an affiliate website to scaling your affiliate marketing business. Pathway To Passive is delivered in the form of a downloadable ebook. Pathway to Passive is sold through a popular online marketplace called Clickbank which Mark uses to sell most of the products he has developed or collaborated on over the years. Pathway to passive was created for both newbies with no experience or affiliate marketers that haven’t found their mojo yet when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer. Sounds kind of weird to think that there are seasoned affiliate marketers that are still struggling to find their path to passive income, unfortunately there are quite a few affiliate marketers out there that are still having trouble completing the loop between getting traffic and converting it.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of Topics Discussed In Pathway to Passive

  • Finding the right niche and relevant products
  • How to target the right audience, people who are ready to buy!
  • Build a sales funnel that works to convert website visitors
  • Learn how to create engaging content that people will want to share
  • You will get 11 of the top niches to participate in
  • How to build a website and make it stand out
  • How to find low competition keywords for your content
  • How to create content that will get seen
  • Get a blueprint for writing product reviews, even if you haven’t tried the product!
  • Learn what to say to make your visitors buy your affiliate products
  • How to effectively monetize your website pages
  • Structure your website so that you are leading your visitors to a sale
  • How to get people to click on your content and earn that commission
  • How to build links
  • How to learn what your audience really wants
  • How to attract authoritative links

What I mentioned above is just a quick overview of some of the topics that you will see covered inside Affilorama’s ebook. There’s quite a bit of good information in this ebook, even if you come out of this endeavour with just a few new ideas or a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works and the process that needs to be followed so that you can achieve the best results. Yes, I did call it afillorama’s ebook, because it is! You have to know that when you buy this ebook that you will eventually be pitched a membership into Afillorama which is totally fine, it’s a quality affiliate marketing platform. Ebooks are commonly used by outfits to promote up sell items, this isn’t some kind of scam tactic.

Could You Actually Make Money If You Follow The Guide To The “T”?

If you follow the Pathway To Passive to the letter there is only a “slim” chance in my opinion that you will find your path to passive income. I would say if you have no prior experience in affiliate marketing following an ebook won’t get the results you are looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Pathway to Passive is a well put together guide for newbies and struggling affiliate marketers alike but, your pathway to passive income will entail a lot more than reading a “blueprint” and implementing it on your own. Success as an affiliate marketer requires lots of patience, determination, structure, and most important of all support from a knowledgeable community/mentor or support staff, without this, most new comers to affiliate marketing will spin their heels online for eternity without making any significant income.

I have made a decent income as an affiliate marketer over the years and I can tell you from experience, even at this stage in my online career, support is the key to your success online. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of newcomers to affiliate marketing, I can tell you straight up, none of them would have made it by reading an ebook alone!

So What’s Next?

To be honest, investing a few bucks into information on affiliate marketing isn’t a bad investment at any time, especially when it comes from a credible guy like Mark Ling. If you can afford to spend the $37, then have a look at Path to Passive, just know that it isn’t necessarily an exact blueprint to making money as an affiliate marketer, in my opinion it should be used as a resource to help you understand and implement the steps needed to one day become a successful affiliate marketer. Over the years I have purchased quite a few ebooks, programs and tutorials on various aspects of affiliate marketing through Clickbank, everything from email marketing, SEO techniques to paid traffic techniques, but none work on their own, and none work well without great support. I have always belonged to a community of experienced and aspiring affiliate marketers that I could bounce questions off of, I would suggest you look at this option also in combination with various guides such as Path to Passive.

Here’s A Little Insider Tip To End With

When I look at what is offered in the Pathway to Passive offer I feel you would be better served if you were to join Affilorama’s free starter membership. You will get everything you see in the Pathway to success offer plus the support to go with it, to me it just makes sense.

Another great affiliate marketing platform that I like to steer people towards is Wealthy Affiliates free membership, gave me my start online and I still use their platform today to keep me up to date with changes in the affiliate marketing world. WA offers everything you need at no extra cost all under one roof and the support is second to none. Both are great affiliate marketing platforms that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are looking to make your mark as an affiliate marketer. Hope you got something out of this post, any questions, comments or just need some free advice or help, just ask, cheers Mike.




10 places I Find Free Images For My Website

10 places I Find Free Images For My Website

When creating a website images in many cases tell a story better than words. Images are essential to providing an interactive environment for your website visitors. If you are surfing the internet looking for that special image that may spark conversation or tell a story I am here to give a word of caution, don’t!

Most bloggers find it convenient search for images through Google images or Wikipedia common, there right at your fingertips which makes it easy just not right. Unfortunately this convenience could potentially put you at risk of legal action or for lack of better words blackmailed for what you can afford to pay. Bottom line is, you are taking a unnecessary potential risk by turning to areas of the internet where images you use may not be royalty free.

Below are 10 places I feel are safe for images and where I find free images for my website. I like the convenience and piece of mind that I use from these sites will not get me into hot water down the road.

Here are my favourite 10 places that I go to find free images for my website, these are not listed in any particular order….


  • easy to find free images,
  • not pressured to buy royalty free images,
  • good quality images
  • Large inventory of free images to choose from
  • Clearly identified “free from copywriter restrictions”
  • Simple to sign up
  • Quality images
  • Easy to use platform for offering free images
  • Lots of categories to find free images
  • Some really interesting images to relate to almost any topic
  • Clearly state whether they are free without restrictions
  • Offer black and white images
  • Free videos are also available for free
  • By far my go to free image site


  • Lots of selection to choose from
  • High quality images
  • easy to navigate
  • Sign up take seconds
  • images are sorted by relevance to your search
  • Some pretty interesting images can be found on this site
  • Over 100 categories to choose from
  • Easily identifiable free images


  • One of the best places for that unique image
  • Clearly stated free without restrictions
  • high quality images
  • Easy to navigate
  • lots and lots of categories
  • no pressure to purchase premium images
  • In Beta right now so no membership options at this time
  • Hang their hat on being “non-stocky” which I feel they have done quite nicely

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  • Pretty ease to use platform, not as easy as some, but not bad
  • Clearly states free and what use the images are free for
  • Great quality images
  • lots of unique images
  • large inventory to choose from


  • Some pretty interesting images to choose from “quirky” is the word they use to describe images you will find on Gratisography!
  • Easy to navigate their site
  • weekly images emailed to you free
  • New images added to their inventory weekly
  • Large inventory of specialized images
  • High quality images
  • A little more complicated site for downloading images


  • Great site to find free images for your website
  • Good quality images
  • Lots of variety
  • Some uniques images to choose from
  • Easy to navigate site
  • No membership required


  • Easy to navigate
  • Free images are clearly marked
  • Restrictions on images are clearly stated
  • Good quality images
  • Quite a few categories
  • Not as much variety as some free image sites


  • High quality images
  • Easy to navigate site
  • No membership or signup required
  • Clearly marked free
  • No restrictions
  • Unique but not a large variety of images

Burst By Shopify


  • Easy to navigate site
  • Lots of categories
  • Large amount of inventory
  • Unique images to choose from
  • Not complicated to download images

All the sites I have mentioned above I traditionally use to find my free images for my websites offer. In most cases these sites offer free images to be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer. In most cases you are allowed to edit and alter the images. For example you can make Facebook or twitter posters or landing pages for your websites.

Finding free images for your website is just one way to keep your costs as low as possible when operating a blog. There are many cost saving services and tools you can tap into if you know where to look and know what actually works as advertised. I belong to a community of over 1.4 million members who share ideas on every aspect of blogging and affiliate marketing. Everything from monetizing your blog to having people right at your fingertips that know how to write relevant content for your blog if need be. Checkout the community that I joined over 10 years ago that helped me save literally thousands of dollars in blog related costs over my years of blogging. You will trade info on everything related to blogging/affiliate marketing, the latest trending niches, tools, services, search engine optimization and so much more!

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What Is Jvzoo? – Important Info For Future Jvzoo Affiliates

What Is Jvzoo? – Important Info For Future Jvzoo Affiliates

I will start of by saying when you are looking to promote products as an affiliate off of the Jvzoo marketplace you need to keep one very important thought in the back of your head, “Don’t sell your soul to the devil”. This may seem like an extreme type of statement but it is totally on point when it comes to promoting Jvzoo vendors products.

If you have read anything on Jvzoo prior to my post on “What Is Jvzoo” then you have probably already heard there are more than a few bad apples kicking around on that platform. Personally I have been an affiliate for a few Jvzoo vendors and to date I have never had an issue. Looking at some reviews and posts on Jvzoo I would say that hasn’t been the case for many Jvzoo affiliates. I will say the only issue I ever had with a Jvzoo product was when I purchased one, what a nightmare that was, had to file a complaint with PayPal before it got resolved. Vendors don’t like it when you go to PayPal, they can loose the right to use PayPal if they get too many complaints.

What Is Jvzoo?

Jvzoo is a digital marketplace trying to take a page out of Clickbanks playbook. Jvzoo is primarily known for its online business digital products, yes Jvzoo does have other catagories such as…

  • Business/Finance
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling Systems
  • Health/Fitness
  • Self Improvement
  • Writing/Speaking

What To Expect As A Jvzoo Affiliate

As a current Jvzoo affiliate I can tell you this, be very careful on what you promote on the Jvzoo marketplace. Do your due diligence and really study the product and the vendors integrity. There are quite a few spammy products hosted on the Jvzoo marketplace. If you have been in affiliate marketing and have established a website and built up some authority and credibility, this is of the utmost importance, associating yourself with some of these products could tarnish your squeaky clean image.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and you are looking to start making money promoting anything that will make you money, then you are really at a fork in the road when it comes to Jvzoo affiliate products. As a new affiliate you must make a decision whether you are going to go all in selling Jvzoo products and build your business around these types of low cost in and out types of products or you’re going to try and build credibility and authority. If you choose the later you will want to select your Jvzoo affiliate products wisely and sprinkle the odd one in to complement your line up of affiliate products. Commissions on average are a little less than other digital marketplaces like Clickbank. It’s quite normal to see 50% commissions and a little less on internal up sells. Clickbank you will see 75% commissions on many affiliate products.

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What It Takes To Become A Jvzoo Affiliate?

It isn’t a complicated process to become a Jvzoo affiliate, all you need to do is create an account by entering a few details and then apply with whatever Jvzoo vendors you are interested in to promote their products. You can create a Jvzoo affiliate account here!

What Are Jvzoo Marketplace Products Like?

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, you need to be selective in which products you choose to promote if you want to keep in good standing with the online shopping public. For the most part Jvzoo vendor products are very inexpensive one time purchase type of products. Usually if you are promoting make money from the internet types of vendor products they are one sale items, not usually recurring income streams. You will find when you participate in the make money online niche that the products use a cheap entry one time fee with multiple up sells to get deep into the pockets of their consumers.

Vendor spamming is also something you want to be aware of. Some Jvzoo vendors, and even Jvzoo itself, will badger past consumers with opportunities to purchase newly listed products that I have personally felt were not worth a dime. I am not saying this is the norm, but they are out there, and you need to find out if the products you are looking to promote will spam people.

Many of the vendor products for example in the self help niche come with “done for you” PLR material. If you aren’t up on what PLR material is you may want to take a minute and read this! PLR material is short for “private label rights”, this is licences content that is sent with your vendors product that will help you promote that product. The problem with using this content on an established website is, it can lead to being penalized by search Engines such as Google for using duplicate content on your site. You need to remember that all the affiliates that are promoting these vendor products with PLR packages could be posting that identical content on their sites also, which would constitute duplicate content in search engines eyes.

How Do You Get Paid Affiliate Commissions?

Commissions are paid by the vendor into your PayPal account or by cheque. Affiliates can also be paid via Stripe by invoicing the seller for their commissions. There are a few requirements that you need to fulfil to get your initial commissions as stated below..

In order to receive a distribution, there are certain requirements that must be met, such as:

  • You must have over $50.00 available for distribution.
  • You must select a JVZooPay Distribution Method
  • Required tax forms must be completed before payment is released
  • You have made sales from 5 unique customers.

The holdback of commissions can vary. When I started with Jvzoo I had a 90 day hold back on affiliate commissions that were payable to me. They say it is to cover off any refunds. Jvzoo also states that high volumes of refunds will affect the holdback time also, which is kind of ironic seeing they approve these vendor products in the first place. Personally I have never had an issue with vendors that I deal with, commission payments have always kept rolling in!

Could You Make A Living Promoting Jvzoo Products?

Hypothetically you could make a living selling Jvzoo affiliate products, but realistically I feel it would be a tough grind to promote Jvzoo products exclusively. Jvzoo products traditionally don’t have a long shelf, they are pretty well in and out types of products. I have 3 that have had good shelf life but most fizzle out with the next best thing. To be successful at promoting Jvzoo affiliate products you need to build campaigns to promote these products, this takes time and energy that you could put into a product that has an established reputation and is going to be around for a long time. You only have so much time as an affiliate so you really need to pick and choose what products are going to get your valuable time, not sure if in and out products would best serve your long term financial goals.

Do You Need Experience To Promote Jvzoo affiliate products?

Because Jvzoo affiliates products are typically in and out products with a short shelf life you will need to know your stuff when it comes to the basics of affiliate marketing. Here are just a few things I feel you will need to know before you jump into promoting Jvzoo affiliate products….

  • Build solid promotional campaigns quickly
  • Create effective sales funnels for your products
  • Build high converting sales pages
  • Have a solid background in content marketing
  • Know how to capture emails and build an email list
  • Know how to use an autoresponder

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My Parting Advice

You really need to decide what your path is if you are new to affiliate marketing. Promoting Jvzoo products I feel is a good supplementary income option but not a stand alone long term income stream. If you are at the other end of the experience spectrum you will want to be very careful to choose vendor products that have had some decent shelf life. Check the items out online and look at the type of sites that are promoting these products, if they are spammy it’s a good chance the products are also. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am here to offer help, yes, it’s free!