Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Review – Is this Your Pathway To Passive Income?

Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Review – Is this Your Pathway To Passive Income?

Thanks for stopping by to read my unbiased review of Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive. Will this be your blueprint for passive income or simply another time and money waster?

The architect Behind Pathway to passive

A well known affiliate marketer named Mark Ling is the man behind Pathway to Passive. Over the years I have had the pleasure of reviewing many of mark ling’s products, some good and some that I felt needed a little updating to improve the chances of finding success online. Pathway to Passive is a relatively new product launched in 2018 by Mark Ling and his staff at Affilorama. As I mentioned earlier Mark Ling has many affiliate marketing products to his credit but is best known for his current and longest running make money online/affiliate marketing training platform called Afillorama. Under the Affilorama umbrella you will find products such as Affilojetpack2.0, Pathway to success and educational solutions.

I hope you enjoy my take on whether Mark Ling’s latest creation Pathway to passive will help you find success online as an affiliate marketer. I have found a fair amount of success online over the years as an affiliate marketer, I hope to share my knowledge and shed some light on whether this product will help you find your path to passive income or just waste your time and money.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts on this post or any questions you may have at the bottom of the page. If you have a question you don’t want public or just want to chat in private you can contact me through the “contact me page” here on this site, I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

What Is Pathway To Passive?

Simply put, Pathway to Passive is a guide or blueprint that mark and his crew created that allows you to follow in his virtual footsteps. This guide will take you from the very first steps in creating an affiliate website to scaling your affiliate marketing business. Pathway To Passive is delivered in the form of a downloadable ebook. Pathway to Passive is sold through a popular online marketplace called Clickbank which Mark uses to sell most of the products he has developed or collaborated on over the years. Pathway to passive was created for both newbies with no experience or affiliate marketers that haven’t found their mojo yet when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer. Sounds kind of weird to think that there are seasoned affiliate marketers that are still struggling to find their path to passive income, unfortunately there are quite a few affiliate marketers out there that are still having trouble completing the loop between getting traffic and converting it.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of Topics Discussed In Pathway to Passive

  • Finding the right niche and relevant products
  • How to target the right audience, people who are ready to buy!
  • Build a sales funnel that works to convert website visitors
  • Learn how to create engaging content that people will want to share
  • You will get 11 of the top niches to participate in
  • How to build a website and make it stand out
  • How to find low competition keywords for your content
  • How to create content that will get seen
  • Get a blueprint for writing product reviews, even if you haven’t tried the product!
  • Learn what to say to make your visitors buy your affiliate products
  • How to effectively monetize your website pages
  • Structure your website so that you are leading your visitors to a sale
  • How to get people to click on your content and earn that commission
  • How to build links
  • How to learn what your audience really wants
  • How to attract authoritative links

What I mentioned above is just a quick overview of some of the topics that you will see covered inside Affilorama’s ebook. There’s quite a bit of good information in this ebook, even if you come out of this endeavour with just a few new ideas or a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works and the process that needs to be followed so that you can achieve the best results. Yes, I did call it afillorama’s ebook, because it is! You have to know that when you buy this ebook that you will eventually be pitched a membership into Afillorama which is totally fine, it’s a quality affiliate marketing platform. Ebooks are commonly used by outfits to promote up sell items, this isn’t some kind of scam tactic.

Could You Actually Make Money If You Follow The Guide To The “T”?

If you follow the Pathway To Passive to the letter there is only a “slim” chance in my opinion that you will find your path to passive income. I would say if you have no prior experience in affiliate marketing following an ebook won’t get the results you are looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Pathway to Passive is a well put together guide for newbies and struggling affiliate marketers alike but, your pathway to passive income will entail a lot more than reading a “blueprint” and implementing it on your own. Success as an affiliate marketer requires lots of patience, determination, structure, and most important of all support from a knowledgeable community/mentor or support staff, without this, most new comers to affiliate marketing will spin their heels online for eternity without making any significant income.

I have made a decent income as an affiliate marketer over the years and I can tell you from experience, even at this stage in my online career, support is the key to your success online. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of newcomers to affiliate marketing, I can tell you straight up, none of them would have made it by reading an ebook alone!

So What’s Next?

To be honest, investing a few bucks into information on affiliate marketing isn’t a bad investment at any time, especially when it comes from a credible guy like Mark Ling. If you can afford to spend the $37, then have a look at Path to Passive, just know that it isn’t necessarily an exact blueprint to making money as an affiliate marketer, in my opinion it should be used as a resource to help you understand and implement the steps needed to one day become a successful affiliate marketer. Over the years I have purchased quite a few ebooks, programs and tutorials on various aspects of affiliate marketing through Clickbank, everything from email marketing, SEO techniques to paid traffic techniques, but none work on their own, and none work well without great support. I have always belonged to a community of experienced and aspiring affiliate marketers that I could bounce questions off of, I would suggest you look at this option also in combination with various guides such as Path to Passive.

Here’s A Little Insider Tip To End With

When I look at what is offered in the Pathway to Passive offer I feel you would be better served if you were to join Affilorama’s free starter membership. You will get everything you see in the Pathway to success offer plus the support to go with it, to me it just makes sense.

Another great affiliate marketing platform that I like to steer people towards is Wealthy Affiliates free membership, gave me my start online and I still use their platform today to keep me up to date with changes in the affiliate marketing world. WA offers everything you need at no extra cost all under one roof and the support is second to none. Both are great affiliate marketing platforms that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are looking to make your mark as an affiliate marketer. Hope you got something out of this post, any questions, comments or just need some free advice or help, just ask, cheers Mike.




12 Replies to “Affilorama’s Pathway To Passive Review – Is this Your Pathway To Passive Income?”

  1. Patchway to passive is a summary of things we need to know to get a very good foundation for creating an affiliate marketing business. In fact, this ebook’s content is all in the Wealthy Affiliate training program and more, They have a way of teaching the lessons in layman’s terms.  The pathway to Passive ebook is good reading as well as informative but you couldn’t learn affiliate marketing sole through using it. 

  2. Thank you for this unbiased review of afiloramaas pathway to passive income. It’s the first time I’m hearing about it honestly and I’m happy you can talk about it here on your site. For a beginner like me, reading an ordinary ebook will not do, I’d need adequate training like you said so yeah, I think I shouldn’t try out. Getting good training is very important. Are there any success stories with affiliorama?

    1. Hi John, thanks for taking the time to comment. Affilorama is a really credible platform but I do agree that learning through an ebook isn’t something that I would advise, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. Finding learning material in an ebook should only be considered supplemental training not something you will see results through on its own. 

      Affilorama is a well known long standing affiliate marketing platform that I am sure offers a good chance at success in affiliate marketing. I personally can’t tell you of any success stories but looking at the training I can say that the training looks good and offers opportunity for success. I do want to add that it takes a lot more than good training. It takes hard work, dedication and a really good support mechanism to get a break in affiliate marketing. You really need to look for all of these things when you are choosing an affiliate marketing platform. I would say if Affilorama has a weakness it would be in the support end of things. Have a good one Mike.

  3. Mark Ling is definitely an authority in the field of affiliate marketing, I have researched him and he seems to have accumulated a massive fortune by being an affiliate marketer. This pathway to success is in no doubt a legitimate product that lacks only one crucial aspect, support. I would have been very willing to give it a go but since there are better platforms where I can get the training from, then I’m better of with that. Support is integral and joking with it is like playing with one’s business.

    1. I agree that support is crucial to the success of affiliate marketers at any stage of their career online, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  4. This is a great review from you Mike and I learned quite some major tips concerning this affuliorama’s pathway to passive. It is interestingly good and can serve any marketers well because it seems to have a lot of valuable information embedded in it. But I am already a member on wealthy Affiliate and I don’t think I want to live that for any other platform because the support is really massive there. Thanks

  5. Going through their program I would said its really enticing for anyone who wants to go into business, and like you said everyone needs a bit of support in business. I have seen and heard of so many similar programs, but I believe they really need to do some more upgrading to meet my expectations. I would look at Lings other site and see how its operates. Thanks for the information

  6. Hello there, you have done a great job by bring this wonderful topic to our notice. I intend to go into affiliate marketing and it seems pathways to Passive has some of the things I would love to learn about. Although you have said we should visit the main site to get better understanding of affiliate marketing, can I check this out and get a bit of knowledge from it, or I can get all I want from affilorama’s main site?

    1. Hi Dane, yes, you can go directly to Affilorama and have a look at their free forum and blog. This will offer you some insight into what Affilorama is all about and at the same time learn more about topics related to affiliate marketing.

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