Affiliate Marketing Forums: Best Forums For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Forums: Best Forums For Beginners

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer or you are new to affiliate marketing, forums are a big part of finding success online.  When I first started out in affiliate marketing I know I couldn’t have done it without all the help I received from fellow community/forum members.

I was one of the lucky ones that was in the right place at the right time and stumbled upon a forum/community that best suited my needs when I first started out in affiliate marketing. I know from experience how invaluable being part of an affiliate marketing forum can be to an affiliate when they are struggling to find success online. Not only can you find support from fellow affiliate marketing forum members, you will find that, you learn from their failures as well as their successes. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and more importantly, money. I can’t stress enough how valuable an affiliate marketing forum is to an affiliates success. I haven’t talked to one successful affiliate marketer that didn’t belong to an affiliate marketing forum at one point or another. Hopefully this post will help you find the best affiliate marketing forum/platform and improve your chances of making affiliate commissions. Please leave me your comments or questions below or contact me directly through the contact me page on this site, have a great day Mike.

 Attributes That I Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Forum?

Affiliate Marketing Forums are not all made equal. There is a wide range of affiliate marketing forums you can choose from. Here are some of the most important attributes I feel you will need in your forum to get the best out of your forum…

No up selling allowed: No up selling is a critical component to finding the best forum that will help you find the best success as an affiliate marketer without the risk of being scammed. The last thing you want or need is to find out that you are taking advice from someone who is steering you in a direction solely to earn themselves an affiliate commission from some product or service they are affiliated with.  You need to know that the help you are receiving is genuine, not profit driven!

Number of members: When looking for the best affiliate marketing forum, numbers do matter. You need to have the membership to ensure you get the best cross section of answers to your questions.

There’s no substitute for Experience: I find with a lot of forums, you either get newbies that have very little to offer in the way of advanced knowledge. On the other end of the spectrum you may have forums full of experienced affiliate marketers. I have found that forums dominated by experienced affiliate marketers don’t seem to ever find time or have the appetite to help a newbie or less experienced marketer, you really do need a nice cross section of experience levels that will complement each other. The affiliate marketing forum I belong to, has affiliate marketers at all stages on the experience scale, you get a variety of skill levels helping each other which I find so cool.

Forum diversity: Diversity of knowledge I feel is one of the most important aspects that make or break an affiliate marketing forum. Having members that are experts in various disciplines of affiliate marketing ia an important resource for less experienced members. For example, I excel at writing content that ranks high in search engines, but I suck at programming the back end of my websites, so I rely quite heavily on fellow forum members to walk me through the process of setting up my affiliate sites. In exchange I find myself giving members quick lessons in writing content that will rank high in search engine results. It’s a really nice way for everyone to find answers in areas of affiliate marketing they may be a little weak in.

Lets face it, no one is an expert in all areas of affiliate marketing, anyone who tells you they are, well, their full of s–t, that’s why every affiliate marketer looking to find success needs the support of a great affiliate marketing community or forum.

Activity of membership: You go to some affiliate marketing forums and you can tell there quite stagnant, something you don’t want in your forum. What you do want to see is a plethora of questions, answers and engagement, these are all signs of a healthy and vibrant affiliate marketing community.

My Top Rated Affiliate Marketing forums:

Here is a list of my top rated affiliate marketing forums and some of the reasons you may want to choose one of them. I have ranked these forums based on price, diversity, membership, experience levels, activity and overall effectiveness.

#1) Wealthy Affiliate: This affiliate marketing training platform offers the largest community of aspiring and experienced affiliate marketers. The cost to join this community is $29 a month if you purchase a yearly membership. The community is very active and members are given incentives to help fellow members which works very well. The owners Kyle and Carson are very active in the forum answering questions. Questions I found, get answered in minutes. The community has roughly 1.5 million members which makes it the largest of its kind in the internet marketing world. There are many advantages to joining this community, live chat,  lots of relevant affiliate marketing training created by Wealthy Affiliate and its members. Website hosting, free access to WordPress website builder, weekly live webinars and all the tools you need to run an affiliate marketing business. Tools like keyword tools, writing platforms and templates and so much more all under one roof for a very low monthly fee. Here’s a snippet of what goes on in WA’s community. Members share their success so others can follow in their footsteps which is really cool. You can see live chat going on to the right. You can see my profile here in WA where I have been a member since 2010 and the amount of followers I have within the community. What does it mean to follow someone, this means that if you follow me I get notified if you ask a question, this gives me the opportunity to know when you need my help. You can see with close to 6000 visitors the forum keeps me extremely busy lol. Members post not only on their success but offer new training for other members which they also get incentives for doing. Great forum for newbies!

You can check out the Wealthy Affiliate community for free Here, Follow Me And Get My Personal Help!

#2) Affilorama: This affiliate marketing platform offers a forum or community with a nice mix of experienced and new affiliate marketers. The community consists of roughly 200,000 strong. The group is very active and questions get answered very quickly. Affilorama is another forum I am a member with and frequent on a regular basis. My passion is helping emerging affiliate marketers so I do my best to help where I can.

Affilorama offers a different experience than WA. You have free access to the forum and their blog, but that’s it, still a great forum in my opinion, and it’s free to join. You don’t have access to tools or services, these you must pay for on a one off basis. Training is extra, tools are extra, hosting for websites is extra. You do get access to Affiloram’s blog which offers information on some pretty interesting and helpful topics related to affiliate marketing. Below is an older post in Affilorama ,but it gives you an idea of topics covered. I have been a member at Affilorama for quite a few years and participate in their forum on a regular basis. Great forum for newbies!

Take A Tour Of  Affilorama’s Forum For Free Here!

#3) Affiliate Fix: This is an affiliate marketing forum that has a pretty active membership. Affiliate Fix has roughly 100,000 members and from what I can see there is a pretty good cross section of experience levels on the forum. This forum is free and offers an upgrade to a paid membership where you are offered a little more flexibility to drop links and such. You really need to be careful using a forum like Affiliate Fix, although there are some great topics covered I wouldn’t recommend it for a newcomer to affiliate marketing. There were a few answers I saw that were more like affiliate product up sells rather than authentic answers. Up selling can be problematic for new marketers. It’s hard to tell what is valuable info  and what is purely added for the up sell.  Here is a screenshot of a survey that I found when researching the Affiliate Fix forum. As you can see the reviews are split mostly between good and bad which isn’t a great result in my opinion. I won’t show you the comments associated with these ratings because they are R rated, lol.

You can get a free membership into Affiliate fix here!

#4) Wicked Fire: Not sure on the size of this forum but there are quite a few threads pertaining to affiliate marketing. Once again I wouldn’t suggest this forum for newbies. I read quite a few threads that looked safe on the surface but had the undertones of an affiliate product endorsement.  I joined a while back to check the quality of content out, some of the topics covered and the content looked pretty fresh. You will get prompted to go premium so that you can view threads in more detail and have more posting rights. Sign up was easy and the forum is pretty easy to navigate, not a forum I would frequent for insightful affiliate marketing info.

You Can Get A free Membership Into Wicked Fire Here!

#5) Warrior Forum: This is a similar forum to Wicked Fire in the sense that it isn’t that safe for newbies in my opinion. Warrior forum is very commercialized in my opinion, which means it’s hard to tell what is an authentic response to a question or a prequel to an up sell for an affiliate product. Warrior forum has been around for quite a long time, over 10 years I would estimate. No numbers on the size of the forum but its pretty big from the threads that are on the site and views. You can usually find some good topics covered in the Warrior Forum, just remember to keep an open mind about what you are looking at.

You Can Join Warrior Forum Here For Free!

My Advice To You On Choosing A Forum

Nothing is free in this world, this is also true for forums/communities, so be careful. You’re either going to pay a certain amount up front to get access to knowledge that will help your affiliate marketing career, or you’re going to take your chances that a free platform will offer authentic answers to your questions without steering you towards an affiliate product, it really boils down to what you want out of your forum/community.

My choice would be to find a reasonably priced affiliate membership/community that doesn’t allow up selling, this way you get real answers without risking your chances of being targeted by an affiliate. Look for communities/forums that give you the most for your money.

Hope you enjoyed my post on finding the best forum for beginners. Have any questions or comments please leave them below this post. You can contact me directly through the contact me page here on this site, have a great day and best of luck in your affiliate marketing success.

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