10 places I Find Free Images For My Website

10 places I Find Free Images For My Website

When creating a website images in many cases tell a story better than words. Images are essential to providing an interactive environment for your website visitors. If you are surfing the internet looking for that special image that may spark conversation or tell a story I am here to give a word of caution, don’t!

Most bloggers find it convenient search for images through Google images or Wikipedia common, there right at your fingertips which makes it easy just not right. Unfortunately this convenience could potentially put you at risk of legal action or for lack of better words blackmailed for what you can afford to pay. Bottom line is, you are taking a unnecessary potential risk by turning to areas of the internet where images you use may not be royalty free.

Below are 10 places I feel are safe for images and where I find free images for my website. I like the convenience and piece of mind that I use from these sites will not get me into hot water down the road.

Here are my favourite 10 places that I go to find free images for my website, these are not listed in any particular order….


  • easy to find free images,
  • not pressured to buy royalty free images,
  • good quality images
  • Large inventory of free images to choose from
  • Clearly identified “free from copywriter restrictions”
  • Simple to sign up
  • Quality images
  • Easy to use platform for offering free images
  • Lots of categories to find free images
  • Some really interesting images to relate to almost any topic
  • Clearly state whether they are free without restrictions
  • Offer black and white images
  • Free videos are also available for free
  • By far my go to free image site


  • Lots of selection to choose from
  • High quality images
  • easy to navigate
  • Sign up take seconds
  • images are sorted by relevance to your search
  • Some pretty interesting images can be found on this site
  • Over 100 categories to choose from
  • Easily identifiable free images


  • One of the best places for that unique image
  • Clearly stated free without restrictions
  • high quality images
  • Easy to navigate
  • lots and lots of categories
  • no pressure to purchase premium images
  • In Beta right now so no membership options at this time
  • Hang their hat on being “non-stocky” which I feel they have done quite nicely

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  • Pretty ease to use platform, not as easy as some, but not bad
  • Clearly states free and what use the images are free for
  • Great quality images
  • lots of unique images
  • large inventory to choose from


  • Some pretty interesting images to choose from “quirky” is the word they use to describe images you will find on Gratisography!
  • Easy to navigate their site
  • weekly images emailed to you free
  • New images added to their inventory weekly
  • Large inventory of specialized images
  • High quality images
  • A little more complicated site for downloading images


  • Great site to find free images for your website
  • Good quality images
  • Lots of variety
  • Some uniques images to choose from
  • Easy to navigate site
  • No membership required


  • Easy to navigate
  • Free images are clearly marked
  • Restrictions on images are clearly stated
  • Good quality images
  • Quite a few categories
  • Not as much variety as some free image sites


  • High quality images
  • Easy to navigate site
  • No membership or signup required
  • Clearly marked free
  • No restrictions
  • Unique but not a large variety of images

Burst By Shopify


  • Easy to navigate site
  • Lots of categories
  • Large amount of inventory
  • Unique images to choose from
  • Not complicated to download images

All the sites I have mentioned above I traditionally use to find my free images for my websites offer. In most cases these sites offer free images to be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer. In most cases you are allowed to edit and alter the images. For example you can make Facebook or twitter posters or landing pages for your websites.

Finding free images for your website is just one way to keep your costs as low as possible when operating a blog. There are many cost saving services and tools you can tap into if you know where to look and know what actually works as advertised. I belong to a community of over 1.4 million members who share ideas on every aspect of blogging and affiliate marketing. Everything from monetizing your blog to having people right at your fingertips that know how to write relevant content for your blog if need be. Checkout the community that I joined over 10 years ago that helped me save literally thousands of dollars in blog related costs over my years of blogging. You will trade info on everything related to blogging/affiliate marketing, the latest trending niches, tools, services, search engine optimization and so much more!

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11 Replies to “10 places I Find Free Images For My Website”

  1. Hi Mike, thank you for this list. I used to search google for my images, but many times when I selected what I though was the right one, I would come upon a copyright notice, much to my disappointment. I have used Pixabay several times and I am quite satisfied to make it my ‘go to’.I have also used Unsplash a few times.However, I must admit there are times I wished I could look at other sites before making my final pick. This information is very helpful. Thanks again and best wishes

    1. Hi JJ, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am glad you liked the post and found some useful information. Have a great day mike

  2. The only website I know of from the list you have given up here is pixabay and that’s the reason this post has come very handy to me. Like you stated, getting free images might just be a simple way to cut costs on the budget of blogging and truly, pixabay does offer some very great images but I want more sometimes. Glad I came across here. With this, I would be able to navigate through the options to get the best pictures that suits my contents since images is as relevant as everything on the website to getting ranked by the search engines.

    1. Glad you found some resources other than pixabay, nice to have some choices especially when it comes to images. If you are like me I want to find the most relevant image that helps tell the story, cheers mike.

  3. Wow this is really good. I just started off my own website where I’ll be needing pictures for reference. Just have you said, it is really hard to communicate messages with mere words and so pictures are very important. For the niche I’m going into especially, I’ll be needing a good source to get the best images. Thank you for all the choices you’ve given here. I’ll bookmark this 

    1. I am glad you found the post useful Henderson, look around the site, you should find lots of information useful to help your blog, have a great day mike.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this great article about 10 places to find free images for website. I can’t explain how much help I found this article. Most of the places you recommended here I have heard about the first time. Normally I depended only two sites which I knew and sometimes that was so problematic that I can’t explain. I was struggling to find out proper images for my website. But thanks to you for this article which gonna give me the relief I am sure. 

    1. Glad I could be of some help Nazmun, check the sites out that I mentioned I think you will find they are great resources for free images for your website, have a good one mike.

    2. Hi Nazmun, I appreciate your positive feedback on my post, 10 places I find free images for my website. I am creating content every day on a lot of interesting topics related to blogging, stop by and check from time to time, have a great day mike.

  5. Thanks for the well done a page on Royalty Free images to use on pages and posts. You point out that images you find browsing may be copyright. That means big trouble if you post the wrong image. Some companies place copyright protection on all images of their product. Volkswagen has sued individuals for using images of their beetle, even when the image is taken by car’s owner. Not only do you describe that issue, you provide great resources to get great images and stay out of trouble.

    1. Thanks Dave for your comment on this post. Yes, you really do need to be careful when it comes using random images from various sources. If you stick to the free image providers I mentioned in this post you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to royalties. Have a great day mike.

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